Megastar Has Become A Neocon

[PopBitch] Which Hollywood megastar is very keen to keep one story out of the media – that they’ve become a strident, libertarian Neo-Con?

Hollywood Democratic Leader Has A Secret

[BlindGossip] In Hollywood, it’s popular to be socially liberal and a Democrat. This handsome American actor is an industry leader in supporting Democratic Party candidates. He has donated his time and money and creative fundraising ability to many Democratic causes. However, he has a secret » Continued

TV Talker Strikes Out

[NationalEnquirer] What rising TV talk-show co-host – who has finally landed her own gig on a major network – is down in the dumps because she’s fallen for a high-profile politico who » Continued

Name Actress Collects Government Benefits

[BuzzFoto] This D List actress has a stage name that we know her by, but under her real name, she is managing to collect government benefits by fudging the numbers on her income. 654

Keeping Quiet About Medical Insurance

[Buzzfoto] This starlet has a lot of siblings. The oldest sibling has a couple of kids and just recently lost their job. The starlet doesn’t have a ton of cash to throw around but is helping the older sibling (who is not famous) pay for medical insurance for the family. She doesn’t want anyone to know because some of her business dealings are with staunch Republicans, a rarity in H-town. 630

Conservative Talker Enjoys Overseas Travel

[BuzzFoto] Rumor has it that this very conservative talk show host goes over seas to » Continued

Political Power Couple Has Separated

[NewYorkPost] Which political power couple is on the outs and living separately? Despite denying it, they’re distraught as they try to pick up the pieces of their marriage.

The Political Heir And The Actress Mistress

[NationalEnquirer] Which famous political heir dumped one actress mistress for another while still living with his soon-to-be ex-wife? The serial cheater may have finally found true love, because he’s already talking marriage and his kids adore her!

Politico Is Feeling Nervy Over News International Flap

[PopBitch] Which politico might be feeling a bit nervy this week as old rumours which linked him VERY closely to the News International CEO are circulating around disgruntled hacks in Wapping?

Politico Is Glad It’s Over

[VillageVoice] Which ousted politician and his wife tell friends they’re thrilled it’s all over for them because they were put under a microscope and misrepresented at every turn? (Good, then that works out for everyone, I guess.)

Head Of State Is A Hypocrite

CDAN – What male head of state who is outspokenly anti-homosexual is actually gay and having an affair with his male secretary?

Politico’s Spouse Hits The Gay Bars

NewYorkPost – Which right-wing politician’s spouse bats for the other team? The pol’s Bible belting can’t keep the other half from the gay bars.

Politician’s Wife Is A Shady Lady

NewYorkPost – Which potential political candidate is agonizing over his decision whether to run for public office because of his wife’s shady past?

Republican Comments on Donald Trump

NewYorkPost – Which high-ranking Republican was heard saying, ‘Donald Trump is a jackass,’ to his table at the White House Correspondents Dinner?

Future Prez Needs to Pay Off Mistress

CDAN – So, this is not really celebrity gossip per se, but it is tabloid fodder, so I think it works. There is a Republican out there who is in the top 3 or 4 potential candidates for President. He wants to desperately run, but is trying to come up with a payoff for his mistress. Cheating is not unusual for him considering he even married a mistress in the past.

Politician Trolling on Grindr

NewYorkPost – Which politician trolls for encounters on Grindr, a social networking site that connects gay men to other gay men? The lawmaker isn’t even discreet — he uses a profile photo of him self at the gym in a tank, showing off his torso.

TV Girl Had a Relationship with This Politician


BlindGossip – It’s not unusual for Hollywood types to align themselves with politics. It makes for unhappy bedfellows, though, when one is doing all the giving and one is doing all the taking. Such is the case of this sweet, young TV girl, who is co-star of a popular television show. She has recently  stopped bragging about her relationship with a certain high-profile political figure. Why? Because, although they used to be close, the politico has gotten stars in their eyes and deems themselves a little too self-important to take TV girl’s phone calls anymore. TV girl has told her co-stars that she feels like she has been “used”.

TV Girl:


SOLVED! » Continued

Actress Thinks You Are An Idiot

BuzzFotoThis comes as a shock to us, since we’ve heard info on this very conservative, mostly network Television actress before. Apparently, this actress claims to be extremely politically conservative in print and in interviews, but is really ambivalent about politics in real life. She only claims to hold her political beliefs to ‘stand out’ amongst the crowd in Hollywood. She gabbed to our source that she’s been so successful in network TV because ‘conservative idiots’ think she’s like-minded and watch her show because of it.

Reality Show Has Its Own Democracy

BuzzFoto – We’ve been saving this one for US Election Day. This group of Reality celebrities performers have a democracy all on their own. Before they compete, five of them meet and take a little vote who will be in charge of » Continued

Having Tea with Another Woman

BlindGossip – Which Tea Party favorite is hiding a secret from his family? He has a mistress on the side. His wife recently found out about her and is set to destroy the mistress’ reputation before she spills the beans on her husband’s extra-curricular activities.

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