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[Hollywood Street King] Our blind item [subject] today is clueless. Her divorce from Emmanuel Xuereb, two-years ago, came after claims of a marriage filled with vi*lence and ab*se. That’s why she filed for a restraining order against Xuereb.

After the split was finalized, our blind item began a publicized relationship with Jamie Foxx. That’s because she wanted to get back to work as an actress. She became a Single Lady, but that didn’t last long. Know why? Because » Continued

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Why This Actress Is Being Political

[Downfront 2] Is this Actress using her voice to further her politics…..or her own career. Nobody was talking much about her until she pulled off a political surprise.

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Blonde Busty Bombshell

[Blind Gossip] Which Governor needs to be more careful about his extra-curricular activities? Although he is married, he just can’t seem to stay away from » Continued

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Lose Dad Lose

[Blind Gossip] Which politician does not have the support of his family? While this Democrat is running for reelection, his wife and kid/s are nowhere to be seen during his campaign.

That’s because they miss their old home and old friends and old school/s. They are also very sensitive to people publicly criticizing their family member. They really want Dad to lose so they can get out of the public eye and resume their previous life.

However, don’t expect him to drop out of the race. He is committed to public service, thinks that his desire to be a career politician outweighs their desires and opinions, and his campaign is moving full steam ahead.

UPDATE: Not Barack Obama.

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Not Exactly Right To Life

[Blind Gossip] Which grey-haired politician is a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to right-to-life issues? He is very vocal about every baby being given the chance to be born, and has even tried to cut funding to women’s health clinics, but he’s not exactly practicing what he preaches. His » Continued

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Punk Ass Politician

[Blind Gossip] This high-ranking politician has had a very successful political career. His mother-in-law, however, doesn’t think so highly of him. She tells her friends that despite his power and money and success, he is » Continued

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Senator Freak

[Blind Gossip] Which conservative Senator is actually a freak in the bedroom? His wife has told her college friends that he is into » Continued

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BG12345: Thursday

Dear Blinders,

We have a very special BG12345 for you today!

All of the blinds are quickies. And they are all about politicians and their families.

Quickies and politicians. It’s a winning combination!

We’ll start promptly at 1:00 pm EST.

By the way, who do you think won the presidential debate last night?

[poll id="14"]

Your comments about last night’s debate are welcome.

Love, Ace

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Happy Birthday Mr President

[National Enquirer] Which former A-list actress embarrassed her B-list actor hubby when she got drunk and flirted with President Obama during a fundraiser? The blonde 50-something star was so tipsy that she » Continued

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Major Role Is Being Recast


[Blind Gossip] When someone gets fired, how obligated is the person who gets fired to make the person who did the firing look good? This boss is really pissed off at his subordinate for acting like an ass, and wants them to step aside to allow someone else to step in. But he’s got a delicate balancing act to pull off.

If he fires the subordinate for » Continued

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Political Star Is A Misogynist

[Star Magazine] Which political diva was overheard bitching about her famous reality-star daughter at a Bevery Hills event? The controversial brunette told a celebrity father-to-be that she’s glad he’s having a boy because “girls are a nightmare – from toddler to teen and beyond!”

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Actriz Is Dating Un Alcalde Americano

[National Enquirer] This famous Latina TV actress is secretly dating the popular mayor of a big U.S. city. She’s in her 30s and has been divorced twice, and she’s desperate to be half of a power couple with the handsome politician! Who are they?

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Why Oscar Guy Is Talking About POTUS

[Downfront2] Is this Oscar Winner putting down the Commander In Chief to make people think, or is it to distract from his own headlines issues?

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Mystery Time Off

[BlindGossip] If you called up your boss and said , “I have a health issue, so I won’t be in to work for the next month”, would your company keep paying you with no questions asked? Would they hold your job open for you indefinitely?

When someone who is actively working in Hollywood mysteriously disappears for a month, it means one of three things: » Continued

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Politico Gets Tucked And Sucked

[National Enquirer] This prominent lady politico is frantic to keep news of her recent tummy tuck and liposuction procedures out of the media. The conservative mom wants her fans to believe she’s all natural and stays trim by exercising daily! Can you name her?

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Ali Wentworth’s Classy Engagement

[BlindGossip] Before Alexandra Wentworth met and married George Stephanopoulos, she dated an comedian. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday night, the funny actress described one particularly eventful date with the comedian. » Continued

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Bombshell Wants To Be Romney’s Marilyn

[BuzzFoto] Which blonde bombshell celebrity is obsessed with Mitt Romney? Although she has never identified her political beliefs publicly (that we’re aware of), she apparently is in love with the candidate and told friends that if he becomes president, she someday plans on becoming his “Marilyn Monroe.” 755


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Megastar Has Become A Neocon

[PopBitch] Which Hollywood megastar is very keen to keep one story out of the media – that they’ve become a strident, libertarian Neo-Con?

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Hollywood Democratic Leader Has A Secret

[BlindGossip] In Hollywood, it’s popular to be socially liberal and a Democrat. This handsome American actor is an industry leader in supporting Democratic Party candidates. He has donated his time and money and creative fundraising ability to many Democratic causes. However, he has a secret » Continued

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TV Talker Strikes Out

[NationalEnquirer] What rising TV talk-show co-host – who has finally landed her own gig on a major network – is down in the dumps because she’s fallen for a high-profile politico who » Continued

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