Watch Out for This Guy’s Hobbies

man cameraBlindGossip – It’s great to have hobbies. This guy loves to sing and he loves to take photos. All of those girls whom he has bedded over the past few years should pay attention to the second part of that statement. If you wondered why he asked you to » Continued

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Actors Refuse to Promote Film Together

couple arguing 4CDAN – What do you do when you are promoting a movie and two of the biggest names in the movie can’t stand each other? Well usually they just smile and pretend, but this B list movie actress and B list movie actor dislike each other so much they refuse to even be at the same premiere let alone walk the red carpet together or pose for any pictures.

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Men's Relationship Turns Romantic

BuzzFoto – We have heard from a friend of this gay male escort that the escort is claiming to be involved in a romantic relationship with this Television and Film actor (whose sexuality remains ambiguous). The escort has been snapped with the star before, and even gone to events with him, but is claiming to have been in a relationship, one that is on and off. Not Chace Crawford.

SOLVED! » Continued

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A Day at the Beach With a Bearded Actor

man beach 1CDAN – Apparently this former B list movie actor and now probably a C, although with close to A name recognition has been scrambling because his beard relationship with his C list movie actress could be sinking quickly. The reason? Our actor thought he was » Continued

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She Just Wants to Know Who's Going to Pay

pregnantbelly 5CDAN – This long haired B-/C+ list movie and television actress kind of hops between one and the other. She is also a huge publicity hound. She loves to see pictures of herself. Anyway, at a party over the weekend she was » Continued

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Victoria's Secret is on the Wedding Registry

man lingerieDailyMirror – Which British singer, set to marry his long-term girlfriend, is hiding an embarrassing cross-dressing secret? He’s terrified pictures will emerge before the big day. Your extra clue: Bet his mates up north don’t know about this either.

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This Celeb is Ratting Out Their Rival

the hills cast 1BuzzFoto – We know plenty of Celebs call the paps or give them a heads up to where they’re going to be. That happens all the time. Sometimes, they even pretend like they are annoyed by it. What is a little more unusual is when a celeb alerts the paparazzi that they are going to be somewhere, and instead of showing up, have their unsuspecting rival caught in an unflattering situation, say with no makeup or with caught in a scandalous affair. Can you guess the caller and the rival that has been snapped lately? It won’t be too hard if you keep up on your Celeb gossip. No one from The Hills.


» Continued

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We Want to See The Photos on His Cell Phone

man angry – Which west-coast actress had to file a complaint against her co-star when he flipped out and » Continued

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Actor Has a Problem with Sweaty Meatballs

cloudy meatballsStarMagazine – Which actor refused to take pictures at the premiere of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs because he thought he was too sweaty? Hyperhidrosis or hyperdiva?

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Media Guy Should Expect Poolside Surprise

poolsideEOnline – There’s a pretty successful media dude who’s become awfully adept at peddling the gossipy side o’ life via his electronic media kingdom. His name is » Continued

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Aussie TV Star’s Trashy Behaviour – A high-profile former television presenter has been accused of dumping household rubbish on a Lilyfield building site.

The personality, no stranger to controversy and a known hoarder, » Continued

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She Asked the Paparazzi to Erase the Photos

hayden-panettiere-2EOnline – Most featured Blind Vice babes just guest star in this blolumn, but Morgan Mayhem’s practically a series regular here at the Awful Truth. Truthfully, she should be happy for the work, especially since she’s favored her drama and » Continued

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He Remembers the Headshots and the Sharpies

jackson-5CDAN – What grieving brother is carrying at least two pens and a stack of headshots to sign for fans when they approach him? His only problem is that despite him probably being the best known brother no one is coming up to him asking for his autograph or headshot. He is ready though.

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Lobster in Drag will be Missing in Action

woman-sunburnedBlindGossip – Don’t expect to see any new photos of this paparazzi favorite this week. She will be in hiding for several days and is not expected to give a public statement with the reason. While some may report that she is having cosmetic » Continued

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Magazine Cover Will Exclude Cast Members

cast-photo-1CDAN – In two weeks this magazine I love to hate is going to have a cover reuniting the cast of a popular 80′s-90′s tweener comedy. Well, almost the entire cast. It seems that the bigger stars from the show would only agree to pose for the cover if two of the members of the cast were not involved. The magazine agreed.

#1 – Magazine
#2 – Show
#3 & #4 – The two cast members excluded.

People Magazine July 2009

Screech excluded

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This Actor Fools with Jewels

jewelsBlindGossip – This young couple turned a work relationship into a romance. There is lots of paparazzi evidence of the two spending their off-screen time together. So there was naturally a  considerable amount of buzz when the actor was seen shopping alone for a very beautiful and rather expensive piece of jewelry. A few weeks later, the jewelry was spied being worn… by another actress on the same production. Oops.  It looks like the couple we all think is a couple isn’t very exclusive.

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She’s Just Pretending to be a Good Mommy

demi-moore-1EOnline – Celebs aren’t exactly known to be truth tellers—Toothy Tile continuously lying to himself and every ridiculous excuse Lindsay Lohan’s made to get out of pretty much anything are proof enough of that. But » Continued

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Reality Couple Wanted Photographer to Lie

paparazzi-flashBuzzFoto – This reality TV couple offered a photographer recently an EXCLUSIVE shot if the photographer claimed in his caption how in love the couple were. The photographer would have gone for it, had the couple not also demanding a 5 figure sum for the set up! Not Jon and Kate Gosselin.

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Actress Pretends She Can’t See or Hear Fans

woman-fingers-earsCDAN – While shooting on the set of their latest movie, these two stars have a completely different way of interacting with their fans. Well, I should say one interacts with fans, and one pretends » Continued

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Three’s a Crowd in This Singer’s Marriage

two-men-one-womanCDAN – There has been a great deal of speculation lately about this married couple. She is a singer and he is not. She is B+ list and he is not. She has been rumored to be the cause of the break up talk because of her indiscretions. However, » Continued

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