RipYa’s Man Berates Her in Public

EOnlineLast time we checked in on Strippa Rip-Ya, her sad story was getting worse.

That ab*sive hubby of hers, Caesar Anchovy-Arse, was causing a dr*nk ruckus by showing up to a photo shoot where he proceeded to take his verbal barrage semi-public by pointing out all her flaws in front of work colleagues.

So did Rip-Ya’s shocked acquaintances ever say anything to her? » Continued

Ceasar Controls RipYa

EOnline – Last time we checked in on poor Strippa Rip-Ya, the usually outspoken babe had told her close pals that she was staying with » Continued

Gross Details Behind the Mexican Standoff

BlindGossip – It was big news when this couple broke up, and now you’re going to hear some of the grossest behind-the-scenes details. » Continued

The Football Player and the Reality Star

CDANThis star NFL wideout was showing off naked photos of this network reality star over the weekend to anyone who would look.

Caring Father is Really a Phony

NewYorkPost – Which TV star is so desperate to milk his image as a caring father that he tips off fotogs to catch him being a doting dad in public places — then hands the kid back to its mother once the snapper has his shot?

Premier League Star Goes Wild in Vegas

DailyMail – A Premier League footballer is caught up in a bl*ackmail plot after an *rgy with three Swedish blondes in a Las Vegas hotel room was filmed on a mobile phone.

Police are investigating the report that film and and photographs were made and that they form the centre of an attempt to bl*ckmail the star.

The player, who is in his 20s and enjoys a clean-cut image, is » Continued

Signing Autographs and Keying Cars

BuzzFoto – At a club just last week, these network reality costars were partying together and having a good time….. at first. They were signing autographs and taking pictures with fans and all seemed to be going okay. As the night wore on » Continued

She is Old Enough for Playboy

Which hugely popular reality star is desperately trying to get onto the pages of Playboy? The barely legal gal » Continued

Sweet or Racy Magazine Cover

BlindGossip – This actor is scheduled to appear on the cover of a major magazine soon. The photo was planned well in advance, and the magazine shelled out a lot of benjamins for the privilege. But now there’s a big old hairy problem.   » Continued

He Studied the Brett Favre Playbook

BuzzFoto – Recently ‘let go’ from this television show, this star is now desperate to make money and is complaining to anyone who will listen about being out of a job. Aside from all of his other behavior that led to his firing, maybe he shouldn’t have » Continued

Everybody’s Sleeping with Everybody

BuzzFoto – A/B list actress, dating a C list star. The two were recently photographed together. One has a movie coming out soon. She just slept with his best friend. He forgives her because she was drunk and he sleeps around all the time with his costar.

Two Celebrities Create One Great Photo Op

BlindGossip – This rumored couple-of-the-moment isn’t really a couple. They’re actually just spending time together and rehearsing for an upcoming film in which they’re going to be playing a couple. But they are » Continued

Global Pop Star Blackmailed

DailyTelegraph – The ‘instantly recognisable’ celebrity received a series of threatening letters from the blackmailer demanding cash in exchange for 27 images stored on one of two Apple Mac laptops » Continued

Poor Photographer Flies First Class

CDAN – Despite her well documented financial woes, this world famous photographer still manages to find a way to fly first class. Of course to save some money, she does relegate her assistant to economy.

Young Singer Planning Scandalous Photos

BuzzFoto – This young singer is so desperate to prove herself as the real deal, she’s planning a very sexy and scandalous photo shoot soon. The only reason this is a blind is because the source that tattled said it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet and the hype needs to be handled by her PR. 413

Pop Star Goes Plastic

BlindGossip – This pop star recently had some facial work done. It wasn’t a huge secret, but it was assumed that she had done it on her own initiative. Turns out that » Continued

That Snot Nice

DailyMirror – Which grotty celeb was snot on his best behaviour when doing a photoshoot at a swanky store? An onlooker told us he was constantly “picking his nose and wiping it on one of the most delicate designer pieces on display. Urgh!

Everyone Wants to See These Photos

BlindGossip – Big dilemma over at a major magazine. They are the first to receive multiple photos of a very famous actor in compromising positions with other men. » Continued

She Was a Tween Success Story

CDAN – This one is kind of sad. Hopefully there are some cheery ones for tomorrow. Back in the day this tweener singer/actress was pretty big. Not like Miley Cyrus big, but in the world of tween music and acting was probably like the equivalent of 98 Degrees in the boy band archives. Last to the party, but still had a couple of hits with her group. Anyway, she was making a decent wage had a boyfriend who was famous enough that the pair would get in the tabloids. » Continued

Oscar Guy Trades Pics for a Boat

CDAN – Old Hollywood – This gruff, hard drinking, A++ Academy Award winning actor who generally played one type of role once traded some pictures he took of another A++ Academy Award winning actor having sex with a teen boy and girl for a boat. The gruff actor took the pictures and was there but was smart enough to stay out of the frame.
Gruff, hard drinking AA actor:
AA actor:

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