Behind The Vacation Photos

couple beach 5

[BlindGossip]  You probably saw lots of photos of celebrities on vacation over the holidays. For example, there were photos of this attractive acting couple, relaxing together, all cozy and kissy and handsy. Sweet, right? Well, the real gossip is in what the cameras didn’t show [More...]

Actress Is The Talk Of The Sticks

[NewYorkPost] Which C-list actress was flying so high while on location at a small-town bar that she wet herself before making it to the bathroom? It was the talk of the sticks when the actress posed for pictures with fans during her shoot the following day. [More...]

His Current Wife is Struggling

family photo

BuzzFoto - This famous celeb lost a wife to illness several years back and is still trying to pick up the pieces even though he’s been remarried. His current wife is struggling with pictures of his dead wife in the home and all of the other reminders that he is holding on to. She [More...]