BBC Lonely Hearts

heart british[Pop Bitch] Which recently-in-the-news, high profile BBC journalist once had their phone line disconnected by BT because of the phone bills they ran up as they were so addicted to phoning dating and lonely hearts phonelines?


Freaking Out Over iPhone

iphone 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which big time star is freaking out because she has lost her IPhone?

She isn’t worried about someone finding » Continued

Bond Girl Gets In A Screaming Match

[NationalEnquirer] Which still-gorgeous, 60-something star – a former Bond girl – got into a huge screaming match over the phone with her husband at a recent Washington, DC, political function? The actress, who’s on hubby no. 4, was so loud that other guests at the event stopped and stared before she stormed off!

Oscar Guy Is A Dirty Talker

[NationalEnquirer] Which former A-lister and Hollywood womanizer – he supposedly sowed his wild oats before getting married and raising a family – hasn’t been that loyal? The Oscar winner has been having phone sex with a C-list celebrity for years behind his famous actress/wife’s back!

Oscar Guy:

His Actress Wife:

C List Celebrity:

People Had To Settle For Big Bucks

[PopBitch] Which embarrassing court case did the People have to settle for big bucks with A-list combatants when their lawyers discovered they got the story from phone hacking? Not surprisingly, they thought that sharing this with the court was probably unwise.

Actor Turns Stalker

BuzzFoto – We have a D List Actor with add*ction problems that has a new obsession. He met a beautiful, young C List television actress at a recent Red Carpet event and maybe spoke two words to her. He was somehow able to obtain her personal information from a friend. He’s now » Continued

She’s So Cute and Giggly On Screen

BlindGossip – If you write something about this very famous actress that she thinks makes her look bad, she’ll just skip her publicist and phone you directly. If you don’t pick up the phone, she’ll start drunk-dialing everyone at your company » Continued

She Called The Tabloids Herself

LaineyGossipEveryone’s expecting the next wave of straight up psycho to hit any time now, or at least just as soon as her current romance sours. Especially those who had experience with it last time, seeing as she » Continued

King Can’t Keep It In His Pants

EOnline – Oh King Schl*ng! How happy you’re about to make many of your groupies all over the world, when they find out that high profile relationship you’re in don’t mean a thang.

See, King is king for a reason. He’s charming, knows how to command a room, and is good looking in that yeah, I know I’m the s–t kind of way.

So, it only makes sense he found an equally yummy counterpart whom he has flaunted all over the world. » Continued

Cootie Guy Woos a Girl

CDAN – Last night at a party, this former B list television actor and now a guy who just screams cooties and sleaze when you look at him, was doing his usual pick up game. » Continued

He Begs Nanny to Save His Show

CDAN – Nothing juicy about this, or particularly blind worthy, but it is funny so thought I would make it a blind. This fantastically funny talk show host who is now an actor on a struggling to stay on the air television show called up a friend of his. The friend was not home or the friend’s wife, but the nanny was. Instead of just leaving a message, our talk show host decided to talk and talk and talk. It kind of went like this. “This is ______ calling, have you seen my show [the talk show, not the sitcom]? You should tell all of your friends to watch, and then I will have one million viewers. And can you call the president of __ and tell him that you love it? Thanks!” He kept going on and on even after the nanny told him she would take a message.

The Talk Show Host and The Rapper

CDAN – This female talk show host called, texted, and e-mailed this A list male rap singer constantly everyday for weeks until he finally broke down and went on a date with her. And more.

Actor Needs Call Waiting Instructions

CDAN – This C+/B- list television actor is on one of the most popular network ensemble shows. Yes, the show you are probably thinking. Anyway, our actor was on the phone having » Continued

Her iPhone Makes Us Grin


BlindGossip – A paparazzo from a website with high internet traffic was peering into this b-list TV and movie actress’s car a few days ago and snapped a photo of her iPhone. The front screen had the name of her ex-boyfriend and the rehab facility where he is currently staying. So, despite pretending that she is no longer in contact with the ex, her phone seems to tell a different story.

Of course, she doesn’t want her contact with the ex to get in the way of her divorce settlement with her husband – nor does the website want to find itself on the other side of a lawsuit with the very litigious husband – so it looks like everyone will simply keep quiet about this one for now. Just knowing that this relationship is coming to an end is enough to make us grin. » Continued

If The Trailer is Rocking

TheGossipBoy – Which television actor was in his trailer during a break on filming when the crew began hearing some moaning come from his direction? After a couple » Continued

Female TV Talker Oblivious About Hubby

CDAN – This female television talk show host spends so much time on the phone yelling at her husband to do a million things a day that you would think she would catch on to the fact he is cheating on her with her assistant.

Her Limo Driver had an Accent

CDAN – This B list actress from an NBC drama was at the Golden Globes on Sunday. It turns out she had forgot her little bag of white powder in the limo. So there she was after the show started wandering around on her phone trying to find her limo. When someone tried to help her all she could remember was her driver had an accent. Out in the rain with an umbrella, getting splashed she spent 30 minutes looking before having success.

Two Men Getting Kicked to the Curb

woman kickingCDAN – Two marriages. Two cheats. Two men kicked to the curb. Actually from what I heard the first one may have been literally kicked to the curb. The first marriage involves » Continued

How to Make Money Off of Your Daughter

man money happyCDAN – You won’t be able to get the name of the subject but you can get the name of his father. The subject is a teenager and and is the son of a singer. The singer » Continued

Freaky Actor Likes More than Your Blue Jeans

blue-jeans-1NYDailyNews – Which freaky actor – who currently has a girlfriend – hit on a wardrobe consultant on the set of his latest film with the line, ‘I like those jeans. Can I have your number?’