IPhones In The Bedroom

NewYorkPost – Which Hollywood power duo should keep iPhones out of the bedroom when they’re sw*nging? The fit couple, who already have a reputation for inviting others into their sex life, were recently the subject of a camera-phone photo shoot that’s being passed around at swanky New York dinner parties. Hopefully for them their compromising pictures aren’t coming soon to a computer near you.

Cookie Muncher Has a Taste for Lady Parts

EOnline – Last week when we told you King Schl*ng had fooled around with another male celeb for a bit when he was younger, many of you were shocked. Our King is gay?

Just because he diddled a dude once or twice doesn’t mean he’s a homo, folks. As if! Sometimes fooling around with the same sex is a way to pass the time.

Just ask Cookie Muncher. This superstar has everything: a hunky husband, flawless bod, perfect face…and a taste for women. » Continued

Priscilla’s Ex is Holding a Grudge

EOnline – Who Is Priscilla’s Burnt-Up Ex? Priscilla Desert may have dated more gay men than most gay men have, but she has a few semi-straight ones under her belt.

Ms. P was in a relationship a few years ago with an equally talented and age-appropriate counterpart, but things didn’t exactly end so smoothly.

So are the two cool now? Um, hardly…

While out at a Hollywood party recently, Desert’s ex was hanging with a bevy of beauties.

“Isn’t my friend cute?” one of the babes hanging with the dude asked him. “She looks just like [Priscilla Desert]. People tell her that all the time.” » Continued

Just Another Saturday Night

BlindGossip – This actor’s words and actions don’t exactly match up. He spent Saturday night partying with friends until the wee hours of the morning. During that time, he managed to consume an alarming amount of » Continued

In the Middle of the Dance Floor

NewYorkPost – Which female publicist ruined a friend’s birthday party at a New York club last weekend by urinating in the middle of the dance floor, causing guests to slip and fall in the mess?

This is My Half of the Room

BlindGossip – These two female celebrities are approximately the same age. Both have starred in multiple films, have been married more than once, and have more than one child. They also share the same religion and some significant business contacts.

You would think that with so much in common, they must get along, right? » Continued

Oscar Girl Kissing at Grammy Party

CDANThis married Academy Award winner/nominee actress was spotted last night making out with one of her former co-stars last night at a Grammy party. I’m sure she will blame booze.

Pretty Boy Always Cries Afterward

LaineyGossipYoung pretty star lives the fast life, parties hard on the circuit. A lot of access, a lot of money, not much responsibility, not unlike so many privileged twentysomethings, only his problem is that the rage comes out when he uses. On several occasions, he’s been so vi*lent, they’ve had to hold him back from causing serious damage to his friends. On one occasion, » Continued

Things Went Very Wrong in Vegas

BuzzFoto – On a recent trip to Vegas for a fun get away, this cable show cast decided to hit up the casinos and party together. (Two costars are publicly involved on and off the set.) The romantic leads on the show agreed to » Continued

Promising Career Goes Up Her Nose

EOnlineRelationships are hard, nobody know that more than I do, as I divorced last year. Certainly one big reason why I started smoking again (a habit I will no doubt kick, yet again. It’s hideous!). So, it’s with more than a bit of sympathy I present to you the sad, sad tale of Vicky Vamp-Void, a gal who knows her way around c*caine far better than she does how to make a successful marriage (or career?) work. » Continued

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