Co-Star Actors Surprise a Group of Golfers

golfer-happyCDAN – These two actors were once co-stars in television and at least one movie. One is now A list and only does movies, while the other has dropped from an A list movie star to a B- list will take anything actor. Anyway, the two were at a » Continued

Unclear on the Concept of Parenting Teenagers

parents-and-teensBlindGossip – Which celebrity couple seem to be unclear on the concept of parenting a teenage child? Given that at least one member of the couple struggled with substance abuse in the past, you would think that they would be extra vigilent with their own kid/s. Not so. The underage teen in question was spotted out last weekend at a party  3 am. It’s not like the parents didn’t know about it. One of them was actually there at the party earlier in the evening and had even kissed the child good bye when they left at 2 am.

Wolverine Steps Out With Drunk Guy in NYC

hugh-jackman-1NYPost – Which reporter with a history of substance abuse was hammered at a benefit at Cipriani 42nd Street the other night? The unsteady scribe stumbled over Hugh Jackman as they were exiting and the gallant Aussie helped him out the door.

Maybe He Was Just Helping With a Stuck Zipper

zipper-1DailyMirror – Which naughty celeb was caught out in the VIP room following his partner into the toilets? Hmm, we wonder what they got up to…

Actress Enjoys Driving Her Co-Star’s SUV

suv-1CDAN – This former B list television actress was on a hit initial show and now has said goodbye to that and has dropped to a quick C. Anyway, she is known for her love of » Continued

Up and Comer Lighting Up Out in the Open

lighterNYDailyNews – Which up-and-coming film star was smoking an alien substance out in the open at a recent NYC party?

This Housewife Wanted to Show You Something

mardi-gras-beadsCDAN – This Real Housewife was asked to leave a recent high profile charity event because of inappropriate behavior. She got really drunk and kept thinking she was at Mardi Gras and people were throwing her beads.

Dreamy Actor Embarrassed to Admit Fling

dreamy-1NYDailyNews – Which dreamy-eyed actor is embarrassed to admit he’s hooking up with a hard-partying starlet?

Actor Demands Entrance to Private Club

man-yelling-1NYDailyNews – Which heartthrob actor nearly cried bloody murder when he couldn’t get into a private lounge?

Top Model Survives on Appearance Fees

models-2StyleList – Which former top model, still internationally famous but now out of work, now survives on $500-a-time fees to turn up to nightclubs and hang out at the bar?

TV Actor Asks Women to Dance on Tables

women-dancingCDAN – This actor is C list, and has done 90% television. At one time in the not too distant past he was B list and decided to roll the dice for A list and came up empty. Since that roll of the dice it has been all downhill at a very fast rate. Even though our actor barely works, he was on a very big hit show for several years. People recognize him. He doesn’t have » Continued

Macho Actor Won’t Talk Without Makeup

man-makeup-2NY Daily News – Which macho A-list actor was annoyed to find press at a recent gala because he hadn’t “put on [his] makeup yet”?

Sexy Rapper Rolling on E

ecsNY Daily News – Which sexy rapper was rolling on Ecstasy during a recent VIP event?

Her Cute and Cuddly Persona is Only an Act

teddy-bear-1EOnline – No » Continued

Her Husband Spoiled Her Book Party

miley-cyrus-bookVillage Voice – Which hubby didn’t want to pose for photos with the wife at her book party because, as he mouthed to her, “It’s your book”?

No It’s Not: Miley Cyrus

Soho Told Him No No

soho-grand-hotelStyleList – Which (straight) male designer had a major hissy fit with the security of New York’s SoHo Grand Hotel on Saturday night when he was denied access to a V.I.P. party happening in the penthouse?

A Very Very Expensive Taxi Ride

taxi-2CDAN – B list movie actor. He did the whole popcorn flick thing and it didn’t work out so he is back to the co-lead or second lead in movies. He is definitely a dramatic looking guy. He doesn’t really have that comedy vibe. So, he and his girlfriend » Continued

This Event Caused Two to Fall Off Wagon

wagonNY Daily News – Which two rehabbed actors were both recently back to being addicts at the very same event?

Besties Share at a Hot New York City Club

statue-of-liberty-1NY Daily News – Which troubled young starlet was caught doing lines with her new bestie at a hot NYC club?

Short Actor Doesn’t Want to Remove His Shoes

shoe-liftsCDAN – Today is nothing juicy or earth shaking but it cracks me up so thought I would share it. I almost didn’t because there have been a lot of stories recently about actors and their lifts, but this one is too good to pass up because it’s so funny. » Continued

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