When Your Boss Owns Your Butt

[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which well-known female TV executive forced her assistant to » Continued

News Anchor Berates CNN Reporter in Blind Item

korina sanchez[iu.ibtimes.com] Philippine broadcaster ABS-CBN is known for its network war with another local broadcasting company, GMA, that the two stations often pit against each other from their news to entertainment.

However, on Wednesday morning, an ABS-CBN newsreader found a new competitor in CNN which is represented in the Philippines currently by Anderson Cooper. PEP.ph reported that ABS-CBN newsreader Korina Sanchez read a blind item in her morning radio show that » Continued

Cat Q and A

cat 2[Blind Gossip] An anonymous assistant who worked for an executive producer of a major national news show told Fortune in 2009 about the bigwig’s strange requests. » Continued

News Mistress Defects To Another Network


[BlindGossip] Another staff change at this newsy national television show. One of its presenters is out the door. In fact, she is so far out the door that she is going to a competitor network.

Here’s why: She had an affair with the show’s big star. She expected that an affair would lead to a move up the food chain… eventually leading to the seat next to his. Wrong. He is married, she was just a fling… and there was already another mistress ahead of her coveting the same seat!

She was so mad when she found out that she confronted him at work. Bad move. He holds a lot of power at the network. Whoever he wants to stay, stays. Whoever he wants to go, goes. If you annoy him, you’re shown the door. She annoyed him. Buh bye! » Continued

Greetings From New Jersey

[VillageVoice] Which cable anchor craftily ships all her designer duds to New Jersey to avoid paying sales tax?

He’s Peeking Out Of His Foxhole


[BlindGossip] Not all celebrities burst out of the closet. Some just peek out to see if it’s OK to tell the truth. Such is the case of this gay news personality. Even though he’s not an atheist, he has reported from plenty of foxholes. On his new show, he will actually » Continued

Celebrity Does More Than Google Herself

newspaper-clippingsBuzzFoto – We hear all the time about Celebs googling themselves and even John Mayer recently admitted in an interview that he votes for himself on online polls. If we were all honest with ourselves, we could admit we might do something similar. But would you do this: This B list Celeb in recognition but C list in work was at a party the other night. Our spy asked to borrow some aspirin from her and was told to look in her bag. » Continued