We've Always Wondered If She Vajazzled

Crushable – Which A-list pop singer gave her pedicurist an eyeful during a a recent appointment?

A source close to said pedicurist tells Crushable this world-famous singer called an emergency treatment last month in New York, and opened the door » Continued

Leading Man Vocalizes His Desire

NewYorkPost – Which leading man has a thing for his co-stars? And not just the current one he was caught kissing. A few years ago, this handsome actor arrived quite drunk in the wee hours at the Mercer Hotel—where his lovely co-star was staying—demanding to be allowed up to her room. ‘She said she could hear his shouts all the way upstairs,’ said one friend. ‘He was tossed out.'”

Mommy Makes a Noisy Cell Phone Call

NYPost – Which Park Avenue mother, now in the process of divorcing her wealthy husband, inadvertently shared her passionate lovemaking? She accidentally touched her cellphone and called a business associate one night while she was putting her young boyfriend through his paces in a duet of grunting and moaning.

Married Oscar Winner Likes It Rough

VillageVoice – Which married Oscar winner gets regularly serviced by a female d*minatrix in a West Village b*rdello?

Hamptons Man Drinks Alone

NYPost – Which Hamptons hotelier was at his bar drinking with more than 20 patrons one weekend night at 12:45 a.m. when he suddenly stood up and ordered everyone out, “Now!” — told them they didn’t have to tip or pay their tabs, just get their coats and go, and ‘then sat there drinking by himself,’ said our source?

Blonde is Back to Blow

PopBitch – Which once-hot Hollywood blonde has kick-started her lapsed c*caine habit so well that she’s seldom seen without one of New York’s top dealers at her VIP table? “Let them eat c*ke!” is her motto.

Rock Star Shocks Fashion Week

CDAN – This former A list rock singer and now a shell of his former self was given a seat in the front row of a show. When he saw who he was going to be seated next to he yelled out, » Continued

That Wasn't a Sewing Needle at Fashion Week

CDAN – This sometime model with a very unique look/sometime publicity hound and sometime girlfriend of an A list celebrity was spotted backstage at a show sharing a needle with a model after a show. And no, the needle was not being used for sewing.

Ice Girl Gives The Cold Shoulder

StarMagazine – Which TV cutie is cold as ice off-screen? Insiders at her man’s NYC pad say she’s a total diva whenever she visits, avoiding eye contact and snapping at doormen for no reason. We’ve got news for her: That’s rude.

Actress is a Monster Behind the Scenes

BuzzFoto – This popular show, filming in New York has an actress that is a huge diva. She pretends to be kind when the cameras are snapping, but when she’s out of the limelight, she’s a real monster to those around her. She » Continued

A TV Man Walks Into a Gay Bar

VillageVoice – Which “man on the street” from TV went to View Bar (a gay establishment in Chelsea), but fled out of view the second he was recognized by staff and customers?

He Changes Teams While Drinking

CDAN – This A list television star has a bit of a drinking problem. More than a bit, but it definitely isn’t blind item worthy. What is though is that while drinking our actor loves to switch teams. Get him dr*unk and he shifts from women to men in a flash. One of his favorite places for a quick hookup is a bar in New York he frequents which closes down just for him and his friends.

Actor Lost Spouse and Changed Teams

gay men 1JanetCharlton – After this actor unexpectedly lost his wife, he had a major life change. Now that he’s single, he’s considered to be a great catch, but it’s unlikely that any lucky ladies will “catch” him. That’s because he now prefers » Continued

New York Socialite Didn’t Write Her Memoir

woman yoga 1NYPost – Which memoir by a 92-year old, yoga-practicing East Side socialite was actually written by the lover of her walker?

Huge Lips to Match Her Huge Sports Star

lips 7NYPost – Which knock out party girl, a mistress of a huge sports star, has her lips plumped at the SmoothMED clinic on East 59th Street?

Your Fake ID is Profitable for Them

mclovin drivers licenseNYPost – Which Meatpacking nightclub has bouncers who have come up with a new revenue source? When underage patrons present fake ID, the door guards threaten to turn them over to police, then offer to give back the IDs — for a fee.

Horsey Set Balks at Bedford Bridle Block

horse and rider 1NYPost – Which Wall Street wheeler-dealer and his wife have infuriated their horse-riding neighbors in upstate Bedford by closing off the bridle paths that riders had used for generations? “It’s really galling because they are weekenders who aren’t even here most of the time,” said a neighbor.

Plays One Role on TV and Another in Real Life

man flirting barStarMagazine – Which actor plays a loving dad and hubby on TV, but likes to play the field in real life? While his wife cares for their kid, he hits NYC hot spots, trying to pick up young chicks.

Two Men Getting Kicked to the Curb

woman kickingCDAN – Two marriages. Two cheats. Two men kicked to the curb. Actually from what I heard the first one may have been literally kicked to the curb. The first marriage involves » Continued

Peacock has a Penchant for PVC

latex suit 3BillyMasters – Could it be that a prior peacock has a penchant for PVC? So say several sources who ran into the openly-gay gent at NYC watering hole The Eagle – on rubber night! Yes, our natty Nancy was in full rubber regalia. And he didn’t go home alone. But the first rule of The Eagle is you do not talk about The Eagle. You got that, Jonesy?

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