Black Out Dates

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SOLVED! [Blind Gossip] This pretty actress has been missing in action for the past week. While she should have been out promoting her new project, she has been claiming that she can't because of the weather in New York. That's odd. Other cast members have managed to get [More...]

Funk Legend Struggling

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[Hollywood Street King] He’s a 56 year old funk legend – a drummer, and former frontman for a ’70s New York City Funk band. That Big Apple band originally started out with more than a dozen members. Two of the members of the band – Aaron Mills and Kevin Kendricks – now work as [More...]

Save Yourself

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[Blind Gossip] He was supposed to be the “good one” among his group. However, the peer pressure is really starting to get to this young performer. He went out for a night of fun with some friends in New York City last week. While they were drinking heavily and doing dr*gs, he [More...]

Night Grind

Men and women grinding on dance floor, low section

SOLVED! [Blind Gossip] She may be in a committed relationship, but this multi-hyphenate girl sure isn’t acting like it! She has been out partying practically every night. And although she isn’t drinking in public, she is certainly acting like she is under the influence of some [More...]

It Wasn’t A Dine And Dash

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[Hollywood Dame] This established actor in multiple franchise films was dining out with his wife in Manhattan. The two kept things as low key as possible, but snuck off to the bathroom together. The waiter feared they dined and dashed, but they returned about fifteen minutes [More...]