Fake Friends

man back 2

[Hollywood Street King] This pair of leading rappers would have you believe they’re homeys — but we’re told the Blueprint behind their reported fake friendship is solely based on business. That’s why one of our [More...]

Roses and Screaming

red roses

[Hollywood Street King] HSK Exclusive - Long before this New York rapper got rich, and didn’t die trying, a broken heart is suspected to have pushed him to the brink of madness. That’s because sources say our seemingly sentimental mystery man had no shame when he once carried a [More...]

Questionably Queer

studio 54

[Hollywood Street King] The questionably queer signs may have been there from the very beginning of our blind item’s spinning career. Know why? Because this Bronx B-Boy made his first big break after banging beats (and possibly other things too) at Studio 54. That’s where this [More...]