Singer is Actually Hiding Two Secrets

woman hiding faceDailyMirror – In today’s Daily Mirror, we asked: Which singing sensation with a cleaner than clean reputation is actually hiding a dirty little secret? She’s » Continued

The New Pop Star and Her Special K

special kPopBitch – Which new pop star is already knocking back enough » Continued

Musician Helped Heal Her Broken Heart

broken heart bandaidNYDaily News – Which supermodel mended her recently broken heart over the weekend with the very-engaged bassist of a hot rock band?

Pop Star is His Private Dancer

la danceNYDailyNews – Which two pop stars made sweet music on Sunday night after the gal gave the guy a private lap dance? Hope his longtime girlfriend doesn’t find out.

The Secret Password is Popcorn

popcorn 2BlindGossip – This up and coming actress chills out in her trailer in between takes. She listens to some music, chats on her phone, and pops bag after bag of microwave popcorn. She doesn’t actually eat the popcorn. Rather, she » Continued

Rocker Spends a Lot of Time in Traffic School

traffic light 1BillyMasters – Could it be that a certain rocker of yesterday has traded in life on the stage for life in traffic school? His inability to tell green from red has landed him in hot water twice in the past couple years and has most certainly not filled him with glee. It’s not always about the destination. Sometimes it’s about the journey.

Rock Icon's Son Has A Slavish Imposter

feet 3NYPost – Which son of a beloved rock icon has an impostor? The lookalike goes to » Continued

Hop Hop Star Has That Plastic Look

plastic surgeon 1Downfront2 – This Hip Hop Star looks different. Now that he is a TV Star, did he have plastic surgery?

Festival Singer Stiffed Working Girls

alcohol 2PopBitch – Which hard-drinking bluesy singer asked the promoters of the festival he was playing to direct him to the nearest brothel the night before the gig? He left without paying, leaving his security guards to fight it out with the brothel’s bouncers.

Sponsor Has to Watch Out for This Musician

wrist watch 2StyleList – Which internationally famous solo musician, who is paid a small fortune to be a face of a luxury watch manufacturer, actually prefers to wear one made by the competition? His endorsement contract includes a handler whose sole job it is to stop him before he goes on stage to replace his wristwatch with one made by the sponsor.

Her Outfits are So Much Smaller on Paper

gown redVillageVoice – Which soul legend approves outfits after being presented with drawings of them in a size two? (If she says, “Uh-huh,” her designer proceeds to make them in a size 2000.).

Rocker Rejected Superstar on Hygiene Issues

woman-armpit1VillageVoice – What married rocker with big hair spurned that superstar’s attempts to » Continued

Broadway Diva Got The Smackdown


VillageVoice – Which Broadway diva who didn’t get the part in that movie musical eventually » Continued

Country Singer Profits from More Than Music

CDAN – This isn’t so much of an example as bad drug behavior but it is drug related. This A list country music singer with a sterling reputation is also a » Continued

She Enjoyed Some Hip Hop on The Side

woman-crossing-fingersNYDailyNews – Which recently single celeb wasn’t so faithful to her last boyfriend? She’d been sleeping with a big-name hip-hop artist for the last four months of her relationship.

Aging Actress Appreciates Tween Culture

tweens-1CDAN – Although it pains me to admit it I guess this aging television actress is B list. It is more because of her show than any real acting talent on her part. I mean it is a hit television show. Anyway, our actress has child/ren and because of that our actress found herself at a recent concert by this tweener star. » Continued

Former Singer Doesn’t Pay for Designer Wear

marc-jacobs-1StyleList – Which wealthy, » Continued

Pop Star Ignores Fan’s Request

man-hand-stopDailyMirror – Which pop star turned down a pretty fan » Continued

She Calls Him The Weeping Willow

weeping-willowDailyMirror – Which British solo singer has moaned to pals about her man’s ability in the bedroom and has dubbed him “WW”, or the Weeping Willow?

Singer Joins Mile High Club

airplaneDailyMirror – Which pop star joined the mile high club when she got down and dirty with a fellow muso? The shameless babe didn’t even stop when the flight attendants came down the aisle…

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