Old Broad Is Messing With The Music

[VillageVoice] Which old broad messed up so many songs during a big concert engagement that some people were buzzing that it was “a career killer” (though she got the obligatory standing ovation)?

His Girlfriend Is Having An Affair

[BuzzFoto] This B list hip-hop artist, who won an award this last year, is planning a big surprise bash for his girlfriend soon. He’s enlisted his best friend to help him with the festivities, but doesn’t realize » Continued

This Pregnancy Will Create Huge Headlines

[Buzzfoto] Over New Years, this C list actress told her A/B list musician boyfriend that she is pregnant. The pregnancy would probably cause huge headlines and » Continued

Daughter Is Hitting The Bottle

[NationalEnquirer] What famous daughter’s boozing is getting so out of control that her actress mother is threatening to stage an intervention? The wannabe singer and mother of four has been so stressed over her kids and music career that she’s hitting the bottle.

Rock Star Reeks of Playboy

[EOnline] You’d think that buckets of moolah, tons of adoring fans and a hot chick at your side would be enough.

Not so for Lesley Grotto, one of those swoon-worthy rock star types with the slick moves and killer abs. See, Les has all of that (including a knockout gal most dudes would kill to canoodle with) but—surprise! surprise!—he wants more, more, more.

Especially when it comes to chicks. ‘Cause let’s be honest…

Lesley is a » Continued

She Kept Her Composure

[VillageVoice] Which TV star used to regularly service the composer of the project that launched her? (Relax, it was just for fun. She’d already nabbed the part.)

The Drunken Harmonica Scuffle

[NewYorkPost] Which too-cool-for-school magazine editor got into a drunken scuffle while playing the harmonica onstage at Art Basel and was embarrassingly bounced by security in front of gobsmacked guests?

How Music Honcho Got His Start

[NewYorkPost] Which music honcho had to sleep with his male boss back in the day to get his start in the business and get a record deal?

Wild Performer Has Been Diagnosed

[NewYorkPost] Which performer announced to his record label that he’s been diagnosed with » Continued

Big Music Man Has Big Money Troubles


[BlindGossip] This music guy is in big trouble. Although he has had an impressive number of hits over the past 10+ years, he never got the hang of managing his money. He is now so broke that he is turning to his famous ex for a handout.

» Continued

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