Music Feud 5

[BlindGossip] Male Singer J has a steady girlfriend named K. He also has a professional relationship with Female Singer L.

K does not feel very secure in her relationship right now. She doesn’t like the fact that Singer J and Singer L spend lots of time together talking about their singing careers and speaking so highly of each other in interviews.

So K is doing everything she can to get rid of L. She » Continued

Music Feud 4

[BlindGossip] These two female singers actually used to work together, but they aren’t exactly friendly anymore. It’s all about jealousy. » Continued

Music Feud 3

[BlindGossip] Male Singer E is trying to make a comeback after stumbling a few years ago. His music is fine, but people aren’t so forgiving of his personal transgressions. One of these people is Male Singer F, who is going around telling people that » Continued

Music Feud 2

[BlindGossip] Female Singer C is blaming everyone except herself for her latest album’s poor sales. She’s taking out her frustration by mocking Singer D, who she tells friends is a low-rent ripoff of herself. The reason this is laughable is because there is a song on Singer C’s own current album which was clearly ripped off from a third singer.  We’re going to roll our eyes at the hypocrisy and throw a flag on this play.



Music Feud 1

[BlindGossip] Female singer/rapper A wouldn’t even speak to female singer/rapper B, even when they were at the same event. It all stems back to a feud they had in their early days when A tried to help B get a record produced. It didn’t sell well, B blamed A, and has been throwing shade on her ever since, including in her lyrics. However, we don’t really think that shade is the reason that A is getting so bleached out.



Lighting Up At The Billboard Music Awards

[Hollywood Dame] This rapper started smoking weed backstage at the Billboard Music Awards. Most were trying to simply find the source of the smell to end the situation while a member of a certain band was trying to find the source to join in.

Such A Cow

[Hollywood Dame] This hot headed pop star was complaining backstage at the Billboard Music Awards because Adele nabbed most the awards but didn’t show up. The star snapped, “It’s fitting that she always wears a muumuu because she is such a cow!”

Behind The Scenes Of A Music Split

music group 4SOLVED!

[BlindGossip] This music group recently left their record label. They publicly announced that they had outgrown the label and were moving in a new direction. Everyone thanked each other for their years together and wished each other well in the future. Blah, blah, blah. Lies, lies, lies.

Do you want to know what really happened?

Well, the truth is that the music group was totally fired. Yes, fired! » Continued

Dorothy Is A Difficult Guest

[BlindGossip] This fashionable diva is very particular when she travels. Staff records across one hotel chain include the notation “difficult guest”. When she stays at one of their hotels, she has her assistant call down to the front desk dozens of times each day and night to demand things that she doesn’t want to handle herself. The caller ID always shows her name as Dorothy (the alias she uses when she travels).

When the staff person rings the doorbell to the suite, they have to announce their name, their position with the hotel, and why they are there. When they enter the room, the staff person is not allowed to look Dorothy in the eye or to » Continued

Caught With His Pants Down

[BuzzFoto] This C list musician in an A list group, was recently caught with his pants down when the lead singer of the band walked in to his own living room and found him and the lead singer’s wife in flagrante delicto! 758

Musical Group:


Lead Singer:

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