Hip Hopper Slips Mommy The Tongue

VillageVoice – Which hip-hop lady came on to a married mother of three, ripping » Continued

Girl Singer Waits for the Premier League

HolyMoly – Which girl band spent many of their formulative hours shagging Charlton Athletic players. When one member was asked why she didn’t partake, she said: “I’m waiting for the Premier League.” Oh to have the benefit of hindsight!

Publicity Guy Does a Buff Bellyflop

DailyMirror – Which famous showbiz PR “treated” onlookers to an impromptu skinny dip during a swimming pool photo shoot with an all-girl band? He bellyflopped in and yelled, ‘Come on guys, join me…’

Singer is Clueless About Racist Remarks

HolyMoly – Guess the singer who’s not racist: Which singer once said to a studio engineer: “I don’t know why they’re calling me racist, I’ve shagged loads of black blokes.”

Singer Manages to Mess Up a Patch Up

DailyMirror – Which singer – who is already struggling to patch things up with the mother of his child – slipped up at London’s Mandarin Oriental by snogging a gorgeous brunette publicist?

Say Hello to My Special Friend

DailyMiror – Which ladies’ man pop star has a penchant for pulling out his (excited) “special friend” and waving it in front of his (male) gay best friend, demanding favours.

The Boy Bander and the Fashion Designer

CDAN – This former A list boy bander is struggling to stay in the closet, but he might be emerging thanks to his affair with this male A list fashion designer who is supposedly very attached to his current boyfriend.

What Bears and Pop Stars Have in Common

HolyMoly – Do bears s* in the woods? Yes, but other animal-surnamed pop stars s* on stage. In their pants.

Morning Show Cast is Afraid of Singer

VillageVoice – Which fiftysomething singer supposedly threw a fit over a technical problem on a morning show and, as a result, other such programs are terrified to book her?

Band Members Play Musical Beds

HolyMoly – Which long running feud between band members could have something to do with the fact that one of them has slept with the other’s husband?

She Tried to Fix Celebrity Apprentice

PopEater – Are the rumors about ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ being fixed true? Absolutely not, an NBC source tells me, although that doesn’t mean several celebrities haven’t tried. “You would be shocked at how many star’s producers invited to be part of the cast came back with a whole bunch of demands, including hair and makeup requirements and even what sort of flowers they needed in their dressing rooms,” laughed one producer. “One certain D-list personality who was divorced from an A-list musician overestimated her level of star power so much that she told Mr. Trump she would need to guaranteed to win if she agreed to participate!” Needless to say, she never got cast because we all know that the biggest ‘Apprentice’ star is already guaranteed to make it to the final episode. That would be Mr. Trump and his impossibly glorious hair.

Rock Star Shocks Fashion Week

CDAN – This former A list rock singer and now a shell of his former self was given a seat in the front row of a show. When he saw who he was going to be seated next to he yelled out, » Continued

Why This Small Rapper Gives Big Gifts

DailyMirror – Which rapper is secretly dating a member of his all-male entourage? The small fella in question gets big favours in return for showering him with lavish gifts.

He Booked a Big Boobed Babe for the Bash

DailyMirror – Which star lined up a mega-boobed babe to b**k with at every record label bash? The cheeky fella obviously wants to have his cake and eat it.

Why All His Money is in His Wife’s Name

CDAN – This member of a singing family has not always made as much money as he is making right now. He is probably the most famous of the remaining brothers. Anyway, since he has always tried to dodge creditors he has all his bank accounts and credit cards in his wife’s name. Apparently the whole asking for i.d when using a credit card doesn’t apply to this guy. Nothing has his name on it.

R&B Singer Divorcing and Cougaring

Downfront2 – This R&B Singer is divorcing her husband, and she’s about to release a new album. In the meantime, she’s making a fool out of herself with a variety of young men. She comes across as a desperate cougar.

This Musician is Reading This Post Right Now

BuzzFoto – This musician is a very sensitive soul. Apparently, although he pretends to have a very stoic public persona he is actually obsessed with his public image. He follows every possible blog and article written on him and takes it all very personally. When someone comments on a blog, he reads it. He even takes to commenting himself. He does not take criticism well and does all he can to shift with the wave of public opinion. Although this is difficult to those around him, he has found someone who wants just as much attention as he craves, so it works out pretty well. The only sad thing is, if we, the fans were to tell him we thought he should change in any way, he’d probably do it. Not John Mayer.

SOLVED! » Continued

Young Star Trashes Carrie and The Who

BlindGossip – Which young star embarrassed themselves at a Superbowl party yesterday? Not only did they have way too much to drink, they were also very loudly critical of both musical guests that performed. During Carrie Underwood’s singing of The National Anthem, they started to howl and clutched their ears as if in pain. During The Who’s halftime performance, they talked loudly about how stupid it was to have some “Grandpa  Band” that nobody ever heard of playing. When someone at the party asked them to pipe down because they actually did want to hear the music, the young star responded by saying that it was a waste of time to listen to music that sounded like crap they had heard a million times before. It will be interesting to see how much our star enjoys people critiquing their singing in a an upcoming film.

Actor Tells His Wife She is Worthless

CDAN – This A list comedy actor was having a party at his house. The intercom system was on so music could be listened to throughout the house. Unfortunately for our actor the music stopped just as he was berating his B- list actress wife for embarrassing him in front of his friends. He also called her worthless. Nice huh?

How She Scored Five Film Roles in One Month

CDAN – This former B list female tween singer with one hit is now an actress/singer who probably gets more auditions than anyone in town. Why? Well she is still very young although now legal, and is known for being very very accommodating to producers. So accommodating in fact that she went from barely getting any work to getting parts in five different movies all within about a month.

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