The Replacements

menudo 3SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] We know that some of you are upset over changes in your favorite band. However, if you can stop crying for five minutes, you’ll want to know what’s next!

Management is now » Continued

Music Man Got A Beat Down

hospital 1Note: BG Translation available at the end!

[Hollywood Street King] From the sound of his name alone, some may view our blind item subject as a majestic music man » Continued

Pay For Peepee Pics

man money 6[Pop Bitch] Which Grammy winner used to pay ordinary civilians who took his fancy 200 quid a pop to » Continued

Grammy Handcuffs

handcuffs 1[Blind Gossip] While you debate the winners and losers from last night’s Grammys,  we have a private rant to tell you about. This very famous musician – who was part of last night’s telecast – » Continued

No Hello and No Goodbye

records 1[Hits Daily Double] What superstar near the end of his/her current record deal was spotted in the midst of » Continued

Ladies Man Bags Two Female Stars

ladies man 2[Bossip] Which black actor has been sleeping with two big name stars?

This successful showbiz player » Continued

Blank Proximity Starts Tonight

couple standing apart[Blind Gossip] Let’s begin filling in those blanks! We told you that the “relationship” between these two musicians will be starting this week. Well, here we go!

If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading now! » Continued

Grammy WTF

wtf girl[Blind Gossip] This under-35 music artist just found out that she will NOT be receiving the Grammy nomination she really wanted… and boy is she » Continued

From Baby Daddy to Mayday

mayday[Hollywood Street King] This femcee may claim to be a Queen but that doesn’t exactly mean she’s acting like one » Continued

Lady Gaga Was Assaulted By A Music Producer

lady gaga howard sternUPDATED!

[Blind Gossip] In an interview today for The Howard Stern Show, Lady Gaga revealed the horror of being » Continued

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