Reality Show Is Stooping Even Lower

[BlindGossip] Season 5 of Celebrity Rehab has just started airing, but the producers already have their eye on a recruit for Season 6. She is the ex of someone who was previously cast for the same show. The show really seems to be stooping lower and lower for celebs, so this woman would certainly fit in there.

Although she comes from an entertaining family, she has always wanted the spotlight to shine on her, so reality television isn’t too big a leap for her. At this point, the only thing that’s » Continued

Oscar Guy Is A Street Busker

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar-winning actor has a new hobby playing blues guitar on street corners? The good-guy actor – looking grubby and disheveled – picks a random location in the Santa Barbara shopping district and then wails for hours while collecting money from passers-by. At the end of the day, he donates his take to local homeless shelters.

Scorned Talk-Show Queen Is Downright Furious

[EOnline] Hostess with the mostess Anita Sunshine is known for her strong views and mostly cheery disposition.

And while the chatty Kathy has been known to spar with her fellow showmates, nothing has ever been this big of an issue behind the scenes of the chatfest.

Well, until now, that is.

You see, these très-loyal cohosts used to be practically inseparable, even hanging out when the cameras stopped rolling! But it appears the glory days are over… » Continued

What She’ll Do For Free Coffee

[BuzzFoto] When this C List, once B list actress wasn’t given a free coffee at her favorite java joint, she began to loudly pout to other customers because she didn’t have any money on her. When no one stepped up to buy her a drink, she » Continued

Oscar Winner Won’t Pay For Prenatal Care

[NationalEnquirer] What Oscar-winning actor is already being blasted as a deadbeat dad BEFORE his baby’s even born?! The brooding actor hasn’t ponied up for his baby mama’s prenatal care because he’s been too busy romancing a hot new gal!

Selling Out For Love And Reality Television

[CDAN] Which celebrity has basically signed his life away because he is in love. The thing is he has agreed to have himself portrayed however the Executive Producer wants him portrayed in a reality show. Whatever it takes for ratings. Oh, and if the ratings do not improve, then he will be saying goodbye very soon. One more thing. He is getting paid scale. The minimum. Hardly anything. Tip money at the places she makes him go.

Hunky Star Has Baby Mama Drama

[NationalEnquirer] This hunky star of a new NBC hit sitcom is having a dual drama with his battling baby mamas! Now that the star’s series has been renewed, his ex is asking for more child support – and his current squeeze is demanding a wedding ring!

Five Women In One Day

[CDAN] What former B list television actor and now, a C- list wannabe who lives off his residuals and what he did before, recently made a bet with his friends that he could have s*x with five different women in one day. Hey, when you have nothing else to do with your day, I guess you come up with these things. The sad part is that he had no problems at all meeting his quota. Do women think they are going to be with this guy permanently? Do they want to say they had s*x with a has been? Is he somehow going to help their career when he cannot fix his?

Keeping A Promise To His Non-Wife

[Bossip] Okay, so we always hear stories about how dudes love to dog chicks out, but today we have a goodie. According to a very well-placed source there’s a popular entertainer who recently got hitched and is keeping a woman on the side — but not banging her. Apparently, the dude was dating two main chicks at the same time, picked one, but decided to keep his promise to take care of the other.

Each month he sends his ex a cushy stipend to support herself and child » Continued

Juggling BET Star Is Racist and Sexist

[BuzzFoto] This entertainer/actor primarily on the BET network is juggling a family and two mistresses. Now one is threatening to release both racist and sexist texts that he has been sending her if he doesn’t pay her some hush money. We might be hearing about this in the next few months. 562

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