Beggar Was Wearing A $50K Wrist Watch

[NewYorkPost] Which hip-hop artist drove up to his agent’s office in a $200,000 car, wearing a $50,000 wristwatch, to beg for money because he’s “dead broke” and needed $5,000 for child support?

Leaving A Hit Franchise

[Downfront2] This Reality Star is leaving a hit franchise, but will the right price and publicity tempt this Star to reveal behind the scenes secrets that could hurt the show or its other Stars?

Network Jump Doesn’t Pay Off

[NewYorkPost] Which television pundit who jumped to a competing network is only getting a pittance for his appearances?

Better Than A Tupperware Party

[BuzzFoto] A big trend in Hollywood right now are celebrity » Continued

Jilted Girl May Be Looking For A Photo Payday

[Slate] has an advice column called “Dear Prudence”. Today’s dilemma will likely be something in which BlindGossip readers will be interested: » Continued

Lord Tripp And Lady Unzipped

[EOnline] No Taming This Royally H*rny Sl*t!

There’s something about living a fairy-tale life that just dares you to screw it up—or so one would think watching Lord Tripp Unzipped and all his dalliances. Despite having many high-profile affairs, Tripp has never seemed able to find the right looker to settle down with, that is, until he met the gorgeous Lady Unzipped.

And my, how the world ate it up, watching Lord and his pretty partner in marriage settle down—with lots and lots of future poshly positioned heirs to look forward to.


No. Quite wrong, in fact. The only thing that’s really a stunner here is » Continued

Singer Threatens To Walk

[CDAN] Which former almost A list singer threatened to walk off the show for which she was recently hired, unless she got a raise and top billing. She did this because of a new hire to the show she cannot stand.

Actor Controls Everything His Wife Says And Does

[CDAN] Being married to a wealthy actor probably has its benefits, but as this bride is learning, it can also be a pain in the butt. Our actor is a solid B lister, probably forever because of all his television work. Although lately it has been slacking, he had a very, very good run. His forays into movies have always s*cked. Our actor requires his wife to » Continued

Baby Daddy Is Making New Mommy Cry

[BuzzFoto] This new mom is trying to balance her acting career and family life. Right now she is totally enamored with her new baby but her deadbeat baby-daddy is putting incredible pressure on her to go back to work ASAP. He has even » Continued

Recording Artist Pulls A Rent And Dash

[NationalEnquirer] Name the major international recording artist who rented a crib in New York City, skipped out on the $6,000 monthly rent, and is now facing a court battle with the furious landlord!

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