Keeping A Promise To His Non-Wife

[Bossip] Okay, so we always hear stories about how dudes love to dog chicks out, but today we have a goodie. According to a very well-placed source there’s a popular entertainer who recently got hitched and is keeping a woman on the side — but not banging her. Apparently, the dude was dating two main chicks at the same time, picked one, but decided to keep his promise to take care of the other.

Each month he sends his ex a cushy stipend to support herself and child » Continued

Juggling BET Star Is Racist and Sexist

[BuzzFoto] This entertainer/actor primarily on the BET network is juggling a family and two mistresses. Now one is threatening to release both racist and sexist texts that he has been sending her if he doesn’t pay her some hush money. We might be hearing about this in the next few months. 562

Billionaire Threw Wife Out of Mansion

[NewYorkPost] Which billionaire has thrown his wife out of their uber-luxury mansion after learning of her cheating, but hesitated on a divorce because it would cost too much? Instead, he’s moved her out to the guest house and gone off to sunnier climates with his nurse.

How TV Actress Pays Her Mortgage

[BuzzFoto] This B list television actress trying to break into film can’t pay her bills or her mortgage and has been sleeping with ‘fans’ for money. She can never get ahead of her bills, but perhaps her dr*g habit has something to do with it. Sad. 552 b

Super Sexy Star Is Broke

[Bossip] Guess what super sexy star is almost out of cash. After a long run in Hollywood the entertainer is coming to close friends asking for loans after grossly mismanaging their funds. Sadly, their lack of moolah isn’t due to drug abuse, gambling or even tricking out on the opposite sex.

The person invested the lion’s share of their booty in projects that went bust. Now green lighters have little faith in the famous face’s ability to show them the money. Don’t be surprised if you see them hocking goods Tori Spelling style on eBay soon. Going from the champagne life to beer bottle days will be hard.

Designer Drives Up The Price

[VillageVoice] Which seasoned designer who goes to South America upsets some of the sauna-going locals because, as one of them told me, ‘He makes the price of the rent boys go up from $20 to over $100?

Wealthy Widow Shunned By Society

[NewYorkPost] Which wealthy widow is so obnoxious that she has to take her maid to lunch because she’s now totally avoided by the Hamptons social set? She was recently seen dining at an outdoor restaurant in Southampton with her maid—who was still wearing a work apron.

How Actress Lost The Hosting Gig

CDAN – This C list mostly television actress has been known more for her beauty than her acting talent. However, she recently had a chance to land one of the most coveted positions that as available. With her current network show not doing so well, our actress as offered the host job for this talent competition. Pay? $250,000 per week. It as all hers. Then » Continued

Chopping Down The Money Tree

BlindGossip – Family feuds can get really ugly, and this one is no exception. These two siblings absolutely despise each other. The more successful sibling has been giving money to their parents every month for years. The parents have » Continued

Let’s Crush This Celebrity

BuzzFoto – This Blind today is brought to you by a foreign, non-acting Celebrity who has a strange f*tish. An illegal one. This Celebrity has too much money and must be evil, because they are » Continued

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