We Imagine They're Teabagging Each Other

cup of teaDailyMirror – Which comedian has a penchant for rent boys? The comic regularly orders £1,000-a-night lads – but is always polite enough to offer them a cup of tea after…

Your extra clue: Not many funny men could afford this.

Creators of Hit TV Show Cooked the Books

cooking the booksBuzzFoto – When the idea for this show was invented, there were a lot of people who believed in it. They were worried about getting the concept out there, and even more worried that the networks wouldn’t think it worth their time to produce it. To get this new show off the ground, the creators did a little ‘creative accounting’ to fund the project. They cooked the books a little in order to get the network to pick up on it. Now that this show is a hit, the Production company is scrambling to pay off debts and get things back in order before someone finds out. Not an NBC show.

Trying Too Hard to Imitate His Idol

raining moneyPanacheReport – This less than (lukewarm) but well known artist idolizes a super wealthy hip hop affiliated man from a distant. He tries to keep his fascination with this man’s swagger a secret because he doesn’t want to be known as a mere follower but behind closed doors, he » Continued

His Wealth is Just an Illusion

money 5PanacheReport – He’s a ladies man and he’s known to lavish his women [with gifts,] but when the newness of the relationship wears off, he’s abrupt and kicks them to the curb. He gives the impression he’s a big time baller and he’s had some recent big paydays. This is nothing but an illusion. Allegedly, four of his luxury cars have been » Continued

Pay Me or I'll Throw a Tantrum

girl tantrumBuzzFoto – At a recent store opening, this C/D list celeb was offended when she found out that other stars were there and being paid to do so. After several angry calls to her agent that proved fruitless, she went to one of the employees of the store and threw a giant tantrum, demanding freebies to make up for her shame. The store employee held her ground and didn’t give out anything. So our star began threatening to destroy merchandise if she wasn’t offered something. That night she went home with some coupons to neighboring businesses and a free t-shirt and a warning to never return to the store. Not Paris Hilton.

SOLVED! » Continued

How to Make Money Off of Your Daughter

man money happyCDAN – You won’t be able to get the name of the subject but you can get the name of his father. The subject is a teenager and and is the son of a singer. The singer » Continued

He Ordered Up a Hit on His Gay Ex-Wife

hit manPanacheReport – Under the influence of » Continued

An Actor On Line at A Bakery

bakery pastry 2CDAN – I was picking up food … and a B list television actor with A list name recognition on a hit network drama walked in and was standing next to me » Continued

Where the Actor Left His Wallet

wallet 2CDAN – This C list movie actor has been in some great movies. Very good looking. Married. He is married to a B list movie actress with impeccable movie credentials. Well, a slip up now and then. Anyway, our C list actor left his wallet behind » Continued

Dinged Five Times at the Hotel Counter

credit card cut upDailyMirror – Which over the top spender is so skint that all five of her credit cards were declined when she tried to pay her hotel bill? Your extra clue: We dread to think what’s she’s been buying.

This Soccer Star Works It With The Ladies

soccer ball 2DailyMirror – In today’s Daily Mirror, we asked: Which footballer would infuriate his wife after he was overheard » Continued

Restaurants Ban Demanding and Stingy Celeb

maitre dDailyMirror – Which stuck-up celeb is going to struggle to find a restaurant table as her demanding reputation and stingy attitude is getting her banned from top places around London? Your extra clue: Perhaps the money’s starting to dry up—it would explain a lot.

Cheap Starlet Unwelcome at This Restaurant

waitress angryStarMagazine – Which starlet is Hollywood’s worst tipper? After a restaurant comped her $2600 meal, she left an 8% gratuity. What kind of warped reality is she living in?

Put Those Sofas in a Swag Bag

sofa roche boboisBlindGossip – A youngish film actress we all know did a bit of furniture shopping over the weekend. She was in several high end stores – accompanied by a designer – focused specifically on purchasing a pair of modern sofas in the $10,000 and up range. She » Continued

Why This R&B Legend is Always on the Road

earphones black and whiteDownfront2 – This R&B singing Legend is not happy with his life. Despite having worldwide fame and a great singing career, his family and hangers-on are wearing him out. He has to constantly stay on the road to support over 50 family members and leeches.

Reality Show Star Cooks the Books with Staff

housekeeperNYPost – Which reality show star refused to put a housekeeper on the books, worked her like a slave and paid her spottily in cash with no regard to her Social Security or her husband, who was being treated for cancer?

Love and Money and Carrots

Sam TrammellEOnline – Nothing refreshes us on a moody Monday morning like a Bonus Blind Vice, and we’re all in luck, babes! This one’s full of sex ‘n’ love and secondhand embarrassment for » Continued

Three Reasons for a Fast Wedding

bride and groom runningBlindGossip – Don’t believe the stories you hear about how happy her family is that she is marrying her boyfriend. Exactly the opposite. Yes, they are publicly supportive of the relationship. Privately, though, they are desperately scrambling to figure out a way to get through to her that she should wait. Why is she so insistent on getting married so quickly? She is a very competitive girl, and actually has three reasons for running to the altar: Attention. Money. Baby.

Rich Europeans Keep Supermodel Company

european flagsPopBitch – After a fantastic ad campaign, which supermodel was rumoured to have worked through her fortune so fast that she was discreetly letting it be known in the circles of Europe’s super-rich that she could be “accompanied” for $100,000 a night?

TV Actress Voices Her Opinion at Fashion Show

fashion show 3CDAN – Currently, and I mean only currently this television actress is probably a B-. As soon as her show gets canceled, and it will, she will be thrown back into obscurity. Hopefully. She does have a fairly famous boyfriend so she might stick around to torture the world. Anyway, she was at a show and was overheard saying how she hated 95% of the crap that the designer showed but that she would still like to get the other 5% of the stuff for free and that is the only reason she was there. Unfortunately for the actress, the designer heard every word and made sure to tell our actress that her work was 100% crap.


» Continued

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