The Scheme To Marry An Actress

[BlindGossip] This very successful television host has a boyfriend. Before the host became very successful, they were both just getting by financially, and decided to give themselves a hand up by engaging in some shady dealings a few years back. The host orchestrated a scheme where the boyfriend would befriend and hopefully “marry” » Continued

She Is Trying To Land A Big Fish

[CDAN] This foreign born actress/model who always seems to stay in the spotlight without actually doing much other than occasionally dating a celebrity spends most of her time now » Continued

Cheater Had To Pay Her To Attend Event

[CDAN] This A list everything actor made his significant other come to a huge event with him even though the A list everything was just caught cheating. The rumor is our actor even paid for the significant other to be there so as to not embarrass the actor or have people ask questions.

He Can Stretch Out And Relax

[Downfront2] This first time father is the husband of a reality star, but money ain’t a thing for them. She’s bringing in cash from TV, music, and child support, so it looks like he can stretch out and relax.


She Hired Paparazzi To Look Important

[CDAN] This huge celebrity in England is visiting the US. When she heard that no one cared about her here or even knew who she was, she hired 10 paps to meet her at the airport and to cause a scene. She wants to be noticed and has the money to make it happen.

Selling The Opposite

[CDAN] What former child actress who continues to still act and do a bunch of other things is trying to keep her separation a secret until after her latest promotional push because it is kind of the opposite of what she is selling.

Model Makes More Being A Beard

[CDAN] This B- list model is not used to actually having to do anything for the money she is paid. Oh, not for modeling, but for being a girlfriend. See, our model previously was the girlfriend for an A list » Continued

Comedian Trashes Set After Wild Binge

[BuzzFoto] Today we’re talking about a comedian on an East Coast cable show. He makes a lot of good money and a lot of good jokes but what he hasn’t been making lately is a lot of good decisions. Apparently he recently trashed the set of his show after going on a three-day dr*g binge. The network is now considering getting rid of him. 605

Everybody’s Getting Fired

SOLVED! (partially)


[BlindGossip] We’re sure that these five women will each offer up a creative excuse for not returning to their respective shows next season. “I’ve decided to devote more time to my family/ my charity work/ my other professional projects/my navel lint collection/ whatever.” But the truth is that they are all getting fired.

Woman 1 is a reality show cast member. She’s getting fired because she’s brunette and nasty and nobody likes her anymore. At least she has her husband’s money to fall back on.

Woman 2 is another reality show cast member. She’s getting fired because she’s brunette and boring and nobody has ever liked her. She’ll be fine, though, because she actually has a job to which she can return.

Woman 3 is a TV personality. She shouldn’t be too shocked, given the demonstrable lack of » Continued

Charity Begins At Home On TV

[BuzzFoto] This D List star, who was once B list on his TV show was asked to attend an event and give to a local charity that helps impoverished kids. He committed some money just so he wouldn’t look bad, but at the last minute took the money and bought a big screen. He claimed he was sick and bowed out. 602

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