Mad Men Actress Buys Buys Buys

[CDAN] #4 – Which Mad Men actress buys and returns thousands of dollars worth of merchandise each week just so she gets attention from the staffs at stores. She loves when they swarm all over her.

Dancing Away With The Money

[NationalEnquirer] This reality show mom stole money from a relative to put her daughter through dance class. The thieving stage mom’s family is livid with their greedy relative and on the verge of pressing charges! Who is she?

Oscar Winner Has Issues With Women

[CDAN] Let me tell you about this man who is an Academy Award winner. No fussing or messing about determining whether he is a nominee or winner. He is a winner. He is also alive and not that old. I would say that most of you would have dated him until you read about him right here. A bo*zer of epic proportions, he is apparently generally a nice guy until he gets some bo*ze in him. Over the years he has destroyed not only his share of marriages, but also put dates into the hospital and paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep himself out of the spotlight. » Continued

Actress Made $20 Million Blackmailing Actors

[CDAN] It is amazing to me to see how this B- list always movie actress is trying to change her image. She thinks that one thing she has going on in life will change the way the public perceives her and suddenly make them like her. They probably won’t and if they knew what else she did, she would rush into hiding for the rest of her life.

This actress has never been known for being respectful of others or their relationships. She has no qualms about doing what she wants, when she wants it and in her mind she always comes first. She has destroyed several marriages and made way more money » Continued

Top Actress Is A Racist Backstabber

[CDAN] This actress is A list through and through. She has achieved about the most success an actress can receive. Money, fame and awards. She wanted to be the world’s sweetheart, but if they knew how she got to her lofty position they would be rethinking their judgment.

When Backstabber came to Hollywood she thought she was hot and that she could make it on her looks. Back home she was always the prettiest and she figured she would be here too. Nope. Not even close. She was smart enough to figure that out and also learned about the casting couch really quickly. Her first roles were secured via the casting couch and also led her to do some things she has never done since on film. It is true that she has attempted to buy some of those earlier films and then make sure no new copies are ever released.

In one of her casting couch experiences she met » Continued

Why This Actress Crashed And Burned

[CDAN] It was not that long ago that this actress was headed for A list status. She kept getting the female leads in movies and was getting her name above the title and then one day it just seemed to vanish out of nowhere. The biggest clue I can give you is that she dated someone who also dated a blind item star of the past few weeks. She also has starred in a very big franchise.

This actress is probably a C- right now for what she is doing now, but still has great name recognition. She might even have an A list name recognition. Before our actress hit the big time, I knew her and she was just someone who was trying to make it. Her only vices were shots and chain smoking. When she began to hit it big she got introduced to c*ke. She told me about the first time she did c*ke and said she wanted to stay awake for days on end and never stop doing it and she felt like it was her best friend. This was after just one night. Our actress got so hooked on c*ke that she spent an entire paycheck from a movie on c*ke. Over $1M in just a few months was gone on c*ke. Then, still add*cted, but not really able to pay for it, she » Continued

Daddy Ignores The Baby

[Hollywood Dame] What celebrity father hasn’t seen his kid since she was born? He showed up for the birth and wrote a big check to keep the mother happy, but has been too busy dating models almost half his age to spend time with the tot. It seems cruel, but at least the child support checks still show up.


Actor Makes Kids Happy

[CDAN] I thought I would tell you about one of the good ones. Oh, he has his faults, but he definitely makes an effort to help others. He is an A lister on television on a very hit show and was in one of the best and most popular movies of the year last year.

Anyway, without any publicity on his part, our actor has made arrangements to » Continued

Why Manager Puts Out Stories About The Ex

[Downfront2] The jig is almost up for this manager… take the spotlight off of her and her dirty deeds, she keeps putting out stories about her former client’s ex-husband. All the while, she » Continued

Half The Rent And Separate Bedrooms

[BuzzFoto] This celebrity couple have been living together for the last three years. They’ve become more like roommates, rather than lovers. He demands half the rent each month from her and they now sleep in separate rooms. The arrangement seems to work well for both, since they reportedly have no plans to change. 628


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