He Loves God and Money

BuzzFoto – This religious star might be a tad bit of a hypocrite…. he donates heavily to his church but cheats on his taxes. 458

TV Actor Spends His Raise

CDAN – This B- list actor is on a hit network television show right now. He used to be on another hit show back in the day, but was not the star like he is right now. Anyway, he recently got a very large raise and decided to spend a portion of it doing good. » Continued

What Really Happened to His Car

CDAN – Money is obviously not a problem for this B list movie and television actor who has serious hair issues to go along with his bad attitude. He had so many parking tickets for one of his cars that he just walked away from the car rather than pay the accumulated $10,000 in fines on the car.

TV Actor’s Wife Pocketed the Money

CDAN – Speaking of money, this actor from a hit cable show is getting a divorce and one of the reasons is that his soon to be ex-wife pocketed about $200K of his money and won’t tell him if she still has it or spent it.

Movie Star’s Wife Charges Him for Sex

CDAN – This A+ list movie actor gets charged by his wife each time they have sex. If he wants it, then he needs to give her the cash upfront. Well, if I had to have sex with him, I would probably want to get paid too. I wonder how much she charged him for the kid.

Singer Gives Him Ten Thousand a Month

CDAN – This former A list singer is providing her boyfriend with $10,000 a month living expenses. You know, in addition to everything else she pays for.

TV Actor Has No Class


CDAN – Another classless no tipper today. This formerly B list television actor is known more now for trying to break Scott Baio’s record of most people to have sex with in Hollywood without actually doing anything anymore. Sure, our actor was once on a hit show but that was ages ago. Apparently he is still enough of a draw that a club in LA recently comped our actor 15 bottles of booze. At the prices they charge for bottle service that is like the national debt of some countries. Anyway, our actor occupied the services of two waitresses and other staff for several hours while he and his party partied. At the end of the night, our actor just walked out into the night. No tip, no thanks and has not been back.

BG Note: Although we didn’t write this item, we definitely know that it is not about Tony Danza!

A Very Expensive and Stingy Haircut

CDAN – This reality star, well not really anymore thank goodness. Anyway, she recently got a $2,000 hair cut and did not tip anyone. She also said thank you to just one person and that was her bodyguard when he opened the door for her. Classless.


» Continued

Sweet or Racy Magazine Cover

BlindGossip – This actor is scheduled to appear on the cover of a major magazine soon. The photo was planned well in advance, and the magazine shelled out a lot of benjamins for the privilege. But now there’s a big old hairy problem.   » Continued

They Look Alike and Sound Alike

BuzzFoto – These two singers are always compared to one another in the press. They look like each other, sort of sound the same, and are going for the same target audience. You’d be surprised to know however, that both are perpetuating this public ‘competition’ because it boosts the sales of both.

Butter Knife Will Cut a B*tch

EOnline – Before you start feeling too sorry for poor, mixed-up, closeted celeb Butter P*ssy and how the babe’s scared coming out will affect her and her loved ones’ incomes, listen up. Butter’s hardly a saint.

Far from it.

Sometime ago, Ms. P*ssy, who’s really fabulous at her very celebrated career, came home from a hard day’s work and her man happened to be home. But he wasn’t alone: » Continued

Actress Scams Target and Walmart

BuzzFoto – This C List actress leaves LA for Thanksgiving to be with family in the Midwest. This year she did a little Black Friday scamming/ shopping with family. She went to Target and » Continued

She’ll Dump Fiance for a Richer Guy

CDAN – What do you do when your network reality star fiancee lets it be known to a very very wealthy businessman that she could be persuaded to dump her current fiancee if the businessman was to make her an offer. Oh, and she did it while her fiancee was 15 feet away.

This TV Cast is Falling Apart

BlindGossip – The cast of this successful ensemble television show is totally falling apart! Star 1 and Star 2 mistakenly thought that they were the biggest and most irreplaceable stars of the show, and demanded pay raises disproportionate to the rest of the cast. Not only did the producers call their bluff, they threatened to write out their characters if they didn’t back down immediately. As of today, Star 1 and Star 2 aren’t backing down, so the producers have ordered rewritten scripts – including one in which one of their characters is killed off and » Continued

Where the Actor Buries His Treasure

BuzzFoto – Someday this elderly A-list-in-his-day Actor is going to make some treasure hunters very happy » Continued

Chester is One-Upping Secretia

EOnline – As we told you a while ago, Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off were developing a couple of cracks in their very liberal (and licentious) love agreement. And we’re not just talking random butt crack, babes.

Nope, Secretia was becoming a bit careless in her private hookups » Continued

Dad Shares With His Singing Son

CDAN – More familial sex fun today. Despite his B- list pop singer son being a minor, there is nothing this dad likes more to do than pay for his son to » Continued

Singer Doesn’t Care About Her Cat

BuzzFotoThis B List singer who has been in the press lately, had her cat declawed recently and refused to pay the extra money for the pain medication. Her friends were mortified when she told them, to which she replied, “It’s just a cat.” 334

Shorty Didn’t Know About Stretch’s Matrix

BlindGossip – Don’t believe the publicist’s denials and the retractions. Even though Shorty and Stretch always  look so happy together, the marriage is totally over. » Continued

Athlete Used to Pay by the Hour

CDAN – This new romance is based less on love then good old financial convenience. Our athlete was tired of paying by the hour or day so decided to pay this celebrity by the month. Both are very happy.



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