This Beauty Cost Him a Lot of Cheddar

NewYorkPostWhich high-profile society beauty was set up with her new boyfriend by a “fixer” paid by rich New York men to find them beautiful girlfriends?

How to Succeed in Public Relations

NewYorkPostWhich junior publicist at a management firm p*mped out his well-connected boyfriend for $10,000 a pop? The executive offered access to his mate’s Rolodex and publicity power to prospective clients, promising exposure to fashion’s elite for a five-figure price.

How Hills Star Spent All Her Money

CDAN – This former Hills star, or at least she thought she was is spending what is left of her money on » Continued

Flaky Rapper Down Under

CDANThis B list rap star who also acts in movies and even on Broadway was scheduled to do a tour of Australia. The thing is he told the promoter one thing who went out and sold a bunch of tickets and then two days before the show said he was not going to be able to make it and could the promoter reschedule the entire festival for our rapper. Umm, no.

Our rapper has his tour rescheduled to fit his new dates. The problem is he decides he does not want to get on the plane in the US so the dates are postponed again and again and again. A few of the shows which had to be postponed are charity concerts that the rapper wanted set up in the first place. Meanwhile, our rapper did find time to dance on stage with Prince in New York. When the rapper finally did make it to Australia he would show up late despite strict instructions he must be on time because of curfews. He also canceled random shows and has just been the biggest pain in the butt ever and caused the promoter of all these shows to shut down his business.

Mistress Plays Moneyball

BlindGossip – This athlete and his celebrity wife spent a lot of money on attorneys over the past year in a desperate attempt to cover up the athlete’s cheating scandal. Everyone got paid. Except the mistress. That wasn’t smart. Because now » Continued

Kirk and Teddy Are More Than Friends


[EOnline] It isn’t a crime to be gay and in love, so why should we keep it a secret? Which is why we’re tres tickled to reveal one of our fave lovey dovey Vicers: Kirkland Dogmatic. Even tho his tale isn’t exactly debauched, we’re sure you remember Kirk, right?

Look, our Blind Vices aren’t always about cr*ck, her*in, *rgies and selling your soul to the fame devil. Sometimes we have a happy little love story for ya! Today, we’re celebrating—and encouraging—hot-ass stars Kirkland Dogmatic and Teddy Big-Treat and their new-found affair! “They are so into each other,” say close mutual friends. “And very protective of each other.”

So much so, that Teddy, who is out, is going along with Kirk’s very insistent advice from his team…

“We’re just good friends,” is what T has been blabbing to industry folks, protecting his BF, who has one foot in the closet, and who also just happens to have one of the cutest, most seductively unusual pusses in town right now.

» Continued

This Wife Tells Three Lies

BlindGossip – She says she does not like to talk about money. She actually talks constantly to everyone around her about how much she has and how much she wants. She says that there is no sex tape. There is, and her husband’s in it. She says she doesn’t know if she is coming back next season. She does know. And she is.


» Continued

Three in Paris for Fashion Week

CDAN – What former very high B list movie actress who is now the answer to one messed up career via booze and dr*gs is at Fashion Week in Paris where she » Continued

Cheap Jock at Sundance

BuzzFotoWe’re getting lots of good blinds from our Sundance source this year. Our source has another interesting piece of info about the Olympian we told you about earlier. This time, she claims that whenever he and his ‘crew’ are in Vegas partying at a famous club the athlete only tips 2% of his bill. The owner of the club is very frustrated with him and has told the servers to avoid his table when he comes in. He expects freebies and gives very little for what he gets. 476

Why The Wife Stays With Pervy Actor

BlindGossip – This actor from a network show has gotten all fired up and pervy at the clubs over the years. He purposefully » Continued

Chef Serves Old Bread

NewYorkPost – Which celebrity chef has had his reputation put at risk by the penny-pinching owners of an Upper West Side bar and restaurant who have left the kitchen so bereft of fresh bread that patrons have been served aging scraps?

Billionaire Juggles Multiple Women

NewYorkPostWhich extraordinarily wealthy jet-setting businessman has a wife and two girlfriends on different continents but refuses to be seen in public with any of them for fear that the others will go crazy with jealousy and sue him for his billions?

He Got a Gag Order on His Mistress

Which married British TV star with a cult following on this side of the Atlantic recently won a gag order in England to keep his cheating under wraps?  The love rat claimed it would be “very distressing” to his family if his extramarital affair was uncovered.  A judge agreed after a woman he’d cheated with tried to extort a bundle of money from him by threatening to go public with their dirty dalliance!

They Skimped on Paying for Music

VillageVoiceWhich show skimped on paying an orchestra, but still, poetically enough, lost half a million bucks?

A New Year’s Eve Bacchanal

NewYorkPostWhich well-known moneyman had sex with four young and attractive Asian women within five hours at his New Year’s Eve bacchanal?

Rich Actress Has Visitors Waiting

BuzzFoto – Picture this female actress, born in the early 80′s, surrounded by all her money. She’s known for being super wealthy and bringing in the big bucks at the box office. Now picture seeing several cars parked outside her house each day. » Continued

He is Still Too Fat to Sit

CDAN – This former A list movie and television actor, recently lost a great deal of weight. Apparently it was not enough though. At a recent party, he sat his still large frame into an antique chair and it promptly collapsed under his weight. Damage? $35,000.

Princess Powder Puff Betrayed by Mom

EOnline – Poor Princess Powder-Puff, the put-upon young star hasn’t exactly had an easy time of it with the fame game. Dr*gs have been a staple for the talented girl, let’s be honest. If you had her high-pressured life, you’d probably resort to chemical add*ction, too, right?

Well, that combined with your mom scr*wing your friends » Continued

Mommy The Enabler

BlindGossip – This mother of a troubled star is not helping her child’s chance of recovery. Mommy’s idea of celebrating her daughter’s release from r*hab is to do shots with her darling daughter.  She was also fully aware that her daughter was moving next door to another enabler and put up the money for the deposit. And now she’s paid off a worker whose accusations could have landed Mommy’s meal ticket behind bars. Well done, Mommy! You really should be given an award for outstanding parenting. Oh, wait.


» Continued

Kids Love Barbie and Bondage

BuzzFoto – This D list star from a cable competition show was recently asked to leave a grocery store after she was seen donating to the poor, er, sort of. The store had a bin where you deposit toys for underprivileged kids and the star decided to » Continued

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