Future Prez Needs to Pay Off Mistress

CDAN – So, this is not really celebrity gossip per se, but it is tabloid fodder, so I think it works. There is a Republican out there who is in the top 3 or 4 potential candidates for President. He wants to desperately run, but is trying to come up with a payoff for his mistress. Cheating is not unusual for him considering he even married a mistress in the past.

I Demand to Speak to Ralph Lauren

NewYorkPost – Which Hollywood actress went on a recent Ralph Lauren shopping spree in New York and flipped out when the store didn’t give her the discount she wanted? She even demanded the staff get Lauren himself on the phone, but ended up storming out in a huff without her dress.

The Price of a Producer’s Baby

BuzzFoto – This 40-ish star known for her television work, but not much else lately has been out of the media for a while because she was secretly pregnant with a married and powerful producer’s baby. He was trying to » Continued

How She Funded Her Lavish Lifestyle

BuzzFoto – This D List actress, only known for one movie, bragged to friends that she supplied her dr*g habit last year and lavish lifestyle by skimming people’s credit card numbers in a card scam. The ring was broken up, but it was never linked to her. 526

Not So Sweet 16

NewYorkPost – Which female rapper, who was paid big bucks to play a sweet 16 party, blew a gasket when the sound system wasn’t up to snuff? The diva stomped off-stage, ending the show and breaking the hearts of her teen fans.

She Should Treadmill Carefully

Which highly paid actress/athlete couple plans to make even more money by opening a gym together? The fit duo is in discussions about developing a beachside fitness center. However, pals of the leggy star are warning her to “treadmill” carefully because of her hunk’s notorious wandering eye.

Exposing Family Secrets for Money

Downfront2 – A certain Reality Show Star must really need the money. Family secrets are being exposed left and right on the show. This would otherwise be a big no-no, but those reality checks are much needed.

Katie’s Price

PopBitch – Which tabloid recently requested to do a Q&A with Katie Price only to be told that her rate per question was ten grand?

The Actor and The Millionaire

NewYorkPost – Which actor in a seemingly settled and long-term relationship with a beautiful woman is having a secret affair with a married millionaire?

Actor Forgets to Strap Up

Bossip – We all know that marriage isn’t always happily ever after — especially when one person is in the industry. Dating a baller seems all good…until you have to handle the consequences. Apparently, Cookie Johnson isn’t the only woman who has had to deal with the very real repercussions of a cheating spouse. According to a well-placed source a popular entertainer’s significant other recently paid a visit to doctor’s office to get some things checked out.

Rumor has it that this actor scored a seven-figure deal » Continued

Dirty Mouth Overseas

BuzzFoto – Which C list celebrity who just starred in a commercial overseas made so many racial slurs during the taping of the bit that the manager waived their fee out of embarrassment? 517

Rich Boy is Going to Be a Daddy

Which dr*g-addled son (of a late TV star mother and a former hunk father) is about to become a daddy? He isn’t married and definitely wasn’t planning on getting his gal pregnant. He is running through his inheritance so fast that his family fears he won’t have anything left for the baby.

Virile Actor Gets a Job at a Bar

LaineyGossipIt’s not just the super elite actors, the film stars, who need to beard and pretend. Even the lower ranking ones do too. Calling him B List might be a little generous, but he has had his share of magazine covers, is the face of a few shows, and is surprisingly entrepreneurial, with successful projects across several other platforms, all banking on looks and virility. » Continued

Actress Gives Homeless a Hand Up

CDANThis B list television actress on a hit network show has gone from one hit show to another. Both of them are still on the air. She also does movies, but they are not usually box office hits. Anyway, with her very nice weekly paycheck instead of spending it on p*rn stars and blow, she uses one paycheck each month to » Continued

Baby Intentions are Questionable

BuzzFotoThis famous celebrity baby mama is currently trying to adopt a child from another country. She’s doing it with good intentions mostly, but we hear she will be trying to broker a deal with the mags for the first photos in order to use the money to fund her already existing children’s college funds.

She Has to Choose Between Scandals

BuzzFoto – After years of being the face for a hit label, this musician (once A list, now slipping to C list) was given an ultimatum by her label. Either come up with a scandal that will bring her more record sales or they would come up with one for her and release n*de pics of her when she was younger.

How She Met Her Future Husband

CDANOld Hollywood Blind Item: This Golden Globe winning actress was A+++ list. She was primarily known for television and comedy and for a very distinctive voice. Prior to hitting it big though, our actress made ends meet not in the odd jobs she always claimed in her authorized biographies, but turning tr*cks. Supposedly it is also how she met her future husband.

Actress is a Black Widow

BuzzFotoThere are rumors circulating in Hollywood right now that this aging, beautiful actress is more of a Black Widow than a widow. The rumor is that she had a hand in one of her husbands de*ths. The rumor is filled with sordid tales of money, deception and infidelity, but it has earned her the nickname of “Black Widow” amongst Hollywood elites. It doesn’t stop the men from flocking to her though. 510

His Oscar Isn’t Really In Storage

CDANOne of the things about winning an Academy Award is that you are never supposed to sell it. Well, this actor who won sometime in the past 20 years hit hard times and sold his Academy Award to a private collector. When someone comes to his house and wants to see the award our actor tells them it is in storage.

Snorter Wore a Pink Tank Top


RadarOnlineThe drama surrounding a young Hollywood actress caught on camera snorting c*caine may be moving into the legal arena.

RadarOnline.com broke the news that a mystery star was seen snorting c*ke in a sensational video that made a brief appearance on YouTube and elsewhere on the Web before being taken down.

And while that report sparked a frenzied guessing game about » Continued

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