This Pooch Is Screwed

dogs surprised

[BlindGossip] A visitor to a film set brought their dog with them. One of the lead actors (who is very well-known) chatted briefly with the dog owner, whom he had previously met. The actor told the visitor that he actually owned a similar dog years ago, and that he really missed [More...]

The Next Aaron Carter

boy and girls

[Blind Gossip] Despite his enormous success, there isn't one person in the industry who thinks that this superstar is talented. Not one. Even his own people don't think he will successfully segue into other genres or creative endeavors. They just know that for the next two or [More...]

Taxing Reality

taxes 2

[National Enquirer] Which huge reality star is scrambling to get her failing finances in check before cameras start rolling on her popular show? The usually bossy lady is pleading with producers to help her get out from under the $20,000 she owes in back taxes! [More...]

Obvious Randy

money sex

[Celebzter] He is known for being wayward, that is nothing new. But what is surprising is just how randy this young man is. But what is even more intriguing about this  character is how obvious he is about his sexual  tendencies– this is despite living his life in the glare of [More...]

Klepto In Training


[Blind Gossip] This famous celebrity couple may have a little klepto on their hands! Every time they take their child/ren shopping, they seem to emerge with an item that wasn’t paid for. Usually it is a small item that can be easily tucked in a pocket, but occasionally it has [More...]

No One Wants To Wait On Her

waiter restaurant

[Hollywood Dame] This B list beauty has the staff at one of her favorite restaurants arguing over who has to serve her. She is snotty to the point of dismissing waiters by waving her hand and she is notorious for being a terrible tipper. If she is in a particularly superior mood, [More...]

Turning Tricks In Thailand

thailand women

[National Enquirer] This former famous mistress, who helped send her ex-lover to jail for m*rdering his wife by testifying for the prosecution at his trial, is now turning tricks for money in Thailand! She’s so broke that she’s telling friends she had to turn to the world’s [More...]

Child Fears For Her Life

girl afraid 1

[Celebzter] Had we have known that blind items drew such intrigue, we would have posted them earlier. However, we like to get our fix over at BlindGossip,com because they do it best! But let’s mull over a scenario of a wicked, wicked sister, in a famous family who is [More...]


dollar toilet

[Blind Gossip] This youngish, humorous  actor is fairly modest in public, but not so modest in private. He has been bragging to his friends that he was so rich that he could “wipe my ass with twenties” and “light my joints with ones”. At a recent informal barbecue at his home, [More...]

The Stingy Singer


[Star Magazine] Which young singer-actress is known around town for being the worst tipper? When she gets manicures, she’ll tip the nail technicians just $1 on a $30 bill, and massage therapists are lucky to get a few bucks – far from the customary 20 percent gratuity. Her [More...]

Baby Daddy Is Draining

money down the drain

[Downfront 2] This Oscar winning beauty is seething... her baby daddy is draining her pockets and won’t go to work because he wants to be a stay at home dad and raise their daughter. She wants him to get a job and stop milking her for her money. [More...]

Mogul Versus Mogul


[Downfront2] Mogul vs. Mogul! This legendary Mogul says his younger counterpart doesn't show enough interest in learning the craft that made them so rich. The legend says the other mogul may know business, but falls "B" flat when it comes to learning the craft that fuels it. [More...]

The Contract Numbers

marriage money 2

[BlindGossip] So how much did she get paid to be his wife? How much will she be getting in the divorce? We know that many sources have reported that her contract stipulated for her to be paid $X per year of marriage, but the formula is actually more complicated than that. The [More...]