Model Dialed Her Ex From The Oscars

[CDAN] Oscars: This former A list model and currently a reality star and single was not really ready to mingle. After getting way more drunk than she usually does she started making some calls and ended up calling her ex. Turns out he was » Continued

Swigging Blonde At The Golden Globes

[NationalEnquirer] Which leggy blonde actress is bo*zing again? The never-married former model raised eyebrows as she swigged champagne and partied with her new rapper boy toy at the Golden Globes after-parties.

Pet Shop Cougar

[National Enquirer] What blonde, B-list movie star—she’s a former beauty pageant winner and model—was recently spotted at a Beverly Hills pet shop hitting on some guy half her age after he told her he was a huge fan of her ’90s films? The three-times-divorced single mom of three may be in her early 60s, but her cougar instincts are clearly still intact!

Their Long Marriage Is Over

[National Enquirer] This former-model-turned-actress has all but split from her husband after a lengthy marriage. She’s happy working in New York while he’s content being a producer and flirting with starlets in Los Angeles! Who is she?

Socialite’s Brother Starting His Own Career

[NewYorkPost] Which younger brother of an infamous socialite appears in a » Continued

Misguided Fun Takes A Bad Turn

[CDAN] What started out as misguided fun has turned into a really precarious situation for this one celebrity couple. She is a sometime model and sometime reality star. He is pretty much an A list movie actor. They have been together for awhile. When they first got together the woman was recovering from a » Continued

Heidi Klum Would Be Furious

[CDAN] This up and coming B list actress really needs to go to rehab or lay off the booze and whatever else she is taking. Not even out of her teens, the actress is out of control. So out of control that a recent event she was overheard more than once calling this current (so not Heidi Klum) Victoria’s Secret model a » Continued

Shouldn’t Have Bothered To Get Engaged

[CDAN] I don’t even know why this couple even bothered to get engaged. You would know the female. Actress/model/foreign born. Oh, and getting older. She is cheating with her ex-boyfriend who is an A list actor and of course was having » Continued

The Bus Dash

[CDAN] It has been awhile since I have had a kindness to report, but I think the wait was worthwhile. This is a great one. This one involves an actress who I had no idea was capable of such great lengths of kindness. She mostly stays out of the limelight. She has had a nice career as a model and actress, but it has never been spectacular, although she can look pretty spectacular at times. I think her name puts her higher on the list than she otherwise would be. That and her choices for significant others who have been B list actors. She is probably a C+, but with all the bonus points is a B-.

Anyway, the other day, our actress was with her child/ren and had just put said child/ren into the car when a woman approached her. » Continued

This Is Going To Be Quick And Dirty

[CDAN] It is not like this should be surprising, but it is kind of sad. This actress is probably C list. She has really only had one big role. It was a huge movie. Not necessarily dollar wise, but awards and publicity wise. She also models and has been in a long term relationship with another C list actor and former co-star. Apparently though he has been getting the lies and excuses lately about why they cannot spend more time together even though publicly she says all the right things about how great their relationship is. She tells the boyfriend that » Continued

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