Fashion Designer Has a Date for Cartier Party

cartier-watchesPopBitch – Which fashion designer was set up on a date with a model by an actress who used to be nicknamed The Coke Fairy at Cartier Polo day? The designer left with the model in his limo, looking very happy.

Married Designer Humiliates Model Date

model-5StyleList – Which cheating designer humiliated a “model” date he brought to a party when he was still supposed to be married to his wife? Having paraded the poor girl in front of his friends, he turned on the aspiring model and told her she was too fat, couldn’t “walk” (meaning the runway), and “looked like [bleep].” His New York pals were mystified by the crass behavior.

Her Former Boyfriend Says She’s Nuts

nutsStyleList – Which bi coastal businessman who used to date that internationally famous model-actress (who’s now engaged to someone else) says that she’s completely nuts? That might be because of her largely-unreported-on fondness for the booger-sugar.

Calendar Boy’s Career Takes a Dive

calendar-boy-1StyleList – Which former male model and calendar favorite’s career switch into being a singer doesn’t seem to have worked out? He’s currently listed on a gay prostitution web site serving Las Vegas.

Troubled Celebrity is Riding the White Horse

horse-whiteNWMagazine – Which celebrity model is on the verge of losing all of her big campaigns? It appears she’s channelling the » Continued

Rapper Tweets About Surprising Dog Treats

dog-surprisedStyleList – Which unsavory former model turned actor-rapper has been Tweeting about feeding drugs to his dog?

Actor Likes a Big Lipped Singer

lips-4NYPost – Which  sexy leading man, known for his wandering eye, recently hooked up with a pouty songstress? The raven-haired rocker is a big change from his usual choice of supermodels .

Top Model Survives on Appearance Fees

models-2StyleList – Which former top model, still internationally famous but now out of work, now survives on $500-a-time fees to turn up to nightclubs and hang out at the bar?

Redhead Gets Casual When Boyfriend Travels

redhead-2HolyMoly – Which flame-haired supermodel/actress is open to a bit of ‘hows your farver’ with City types when away from her transatlantic boyfriend, especially around her birthday? “A good effort,” is how they described her. The poor boyfriend had recently been in the press, bemoaning the fact they don’t live closer to each other. Sadly, it doesn’t sound like she’s too arsed, mate!

New York Model Busted for Baking Soda

baking-sodaStyleList – Which skinny NYC model busted on a night out with a bag of white powder in her purse, who claimed it was baking soda, was actually telling the truth? The bulimic girls believe that rinsing with it after vomiting neutralizes the effects of the stomach acid on their teeth.

Swine Flu is Her Excuse of the Month

pigStyleList – Which notorious British druggie model who failed to attend an international photo shoot earlier this month cited “fear of swine flu” as her reason for not getting on the plane? In fact she was bundled off for a few days of emergency detox.

Supermodel Will Fire You for Having Sex

condo-2StyleList – Which super-famous European supermodel fired her NYC apartment-sitter when she came home after an international job and found a condom at the foot of her bed?

Model Dumped Before She Jumps the Couch

tom-cruise-couchNY Daily News – Which top model was dismissed from her agency – all because she became a Scientologist?

Books are the Perfect Gift for a Model

books-2NY Daily News – Which top model’s hubby is hoping some sexy literature will spice up their love life? He recently gave her a graphic tome and asked what she’d be into most.

This Model Has a Racist Dog

dog-barkingStyleList – Which top British model (slash idiot) tells friends “my dogs are racist, they only bark at black people”?

Reality Hits Hard for These Three Ladies

women-threeBlindGossip – Here’s the inside scoop on three women with floundering careers. Actually, the word “career” when used in connection with any of the three is debatable, because none of them has a job that requires anything remotely resembling skills. If you ask them, they like to say » Continued

Model Needs Two Jobs in This Economy

model-4StyleList – Which aspiring model had an awkward moment when she was introduced to a fashion editor by a trying-to-be-helpful friend? Turns out the editor had already met the young lady at a restaurant when she was on a paid date with an older male companion, and using a different name.

The Married Singer and The Supermodel

model-3Holy Moly – Which boring married singer has been having an affair with a married ex-supermodel who has a penchant for rock stars? Hope the wife doesn’t find out.

Her Ex is Spilling the Beans About Her Habits

spilling-the-beansStyleList – Which male model who used to be involved with an A (well, B+)-list Hollywood actress is telling anyone who will listen about her shocking booze and drug habits?

He Throws Parties and Goes to Hospitals

hospital-bed-1Star Magazine – Which actor needs to give his nose a break? His coke-heavy ‘model parties’ have already sent him to the hospital once recently, but he can’t stop being host to starlets.

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