Vampire Or Werewolf Star Gets A Reality Beard

[NationalEnquirer] Which handsome star of a vampire/ werewolf series is secretly gay, but his handlers are busy pushing a straight romance with a sexy reality star? It’s only a matter of time before » Continued

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Designer Opines On Models And Mobsters

[CDAN] Apparently Russian mobsters are out in force this week and were also at Paris Fashion Week. They basically threaten every Eastern European model with bodily harm unless the model gives up almost everything they make during the shows. When one A++ list designer was told about the troubling trend, he said » Continued

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Model Makes More Being A Beard

[CDAN] This B- list model is not used to actually having to do anything for the money she is paid. Oh, not for modeling, but for being a girlfriend. See, our model previously was the girlfriend for an A list » Continued

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Tech Billionaire Is An Asiaphile

[NewYorkPost] Which tech billionaire who rolls up to parties with a slew of leggy models always turns down their advances because he only has eyes for Asian women?

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Up In The Air With A Fashion Heir

[NewYorkPost] Which heir to a luxury fashion house has been rounding up a bevy of models to fly to St. Tropez aboard his private jet?

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King Schlong Is Texting Dirty

[EOnline] King Schlong is at it again, folks.

Same old cheating crap, new gorgeous gal-pal getting duped by his charming ways.

See, K.S. swapped one chick for another (as he does so often), but this time he actually seemed to be into his gal of the moment. And stupidly, we thought the King may have turned over a new leaf for a hot second there. But turns out this Hollywood playboy can’t change his spots.

Like at all… » Continued

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Supermodel’s Hubby Is Resentful And Cheating

Which supermodel’s hubby is back to his notorious philandering ways? The spouse, who’s always been resentful of his wife’s success, is in full cheating mode again and the missus has finally had enough – she’s threatening to take the kids and catwalk away!


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Fireworks Are Coming to Ten-Year Affair

[CDAN] This married A list singer/rapper extraordinaire may want to be very careful right now. There is a French model he has been with for the past ten years and as they approach that first decade mark, she wants much much more out of their partnership. If our singer says no, the fireworks will be loud and spectacular.

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Send Me Three Supermodels

NewYorkPost – Which artist, after a long recording session, demanded that three supermodels be sent to his bedroom? The sleeping beauties were awakened and dispatched to the hotel with a promise that they would be featured in his next long-form music video.

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Lesbian Lovers for Years

CDAN – When you think of two female lovers, I am not sure these are the two who would first pop into your mind. But, for several years this foreign born Academy Award winning actress had a love affair with » Continued

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