In The Back of A Limo

NYPost – Which former supermodel who has a long-term boyfriend was spotted getting hot and heavy with a gorgeous, leggy female blonde in the back of a limo on the way to Atlantic City, causing blushes from the driver who politely “raised the partition”?

A Green Car and a Friendly Chat

Which A-list actor gets his kicks driving his eco-friendly car through the gay mecca of West Hollywood, stopping to chat and flirt with star-struck male fans? Even though he is straight – and dates supermodels – he says he loves to keep his gay admirers guessing.

Go Get My Bentley Back

CDAN – This thought provoking A list television talk show host and stand up comedian recently broke off a relationship he was having with a model barely out of her teens. About 30 minutes after they broke up, he arranged for a towing company to find the Bentley he had leased her and have it towed to his place. His words to his assistant were, “If she ain’t f**kin’ me, than she isn’t driving the Bentley. When it comes back, get it washed, because I will have a new driver for it by the end of tonight.”

Titchy Presenter Having an Affair

PopBitch – Which titchy, irritating, married BC presenter has so far managed to persuade one of the tabloids not to reveal his affair with a glamour model?

She is Dating her Former Stalker

BuzzFoto – This D List star/model who is always hungry for attention, met her boyfriend in the strangest of ways. He was a longtime fan of hers, bordering on stalking her at some points in her career. He kept locks of her hair and ran a fan site. He sent her fan mail every week and at a point of desperation, she agreed to meet up with him. She claims it was love at first sight and the two have been dating ever since. 398

You Should Be a Model

CDAN – Fashion Week: This very good looking male model and actor used the following pickup line about 20 times. “Are you a model in the show? You should be. I can help you.”

Model Finds Seat at Fashion Week

CDAN – Fashion Week: No sex this year. So far. But this A list model did decided she wanted to sit in her boyfriend’s lap during the show. Each of them did their fair share of moaning.

Baldy Just Needs a Hole

CDAN – This follicly challenged C+ actor from a hit cable show is notoriously heterosexual. When he was spotted making out with a male model and his companions started talking smack, he turned to them and said, It doesn’t matter to me. If it has a hole, I will f* it.” Oh, and he is a dad. Nice.

Bad Hairdo and Bad Temper

VillageVoice – Which ex-supermodel once threw a pair of scissors at her hairdresser because she didn’t like her ‘do? (She wisely handed him some settlement cash on the spot to avoid any judicial vengeance.)

Lawyer Can’t Control His Druggie Wife

NYPost – Which top defense lawyer is having trouble with his wife? The former model/ actress goes to various doctors for prescriptions for painkillers, uppers, downers and gets them filled at different pharmacies.

He Changed His Number to Avoid Her

CDAN – This male, married, A list, mostly movie actor, but famous for television was at a party recently when he was confronted by a female model. It turns out the actor had sex with the model a few times and blown her off and changed his phone number and there the model was confronting him about he just screwed her and left. Lucky for the actor, his wife was not there, but 50 other people were there and heard every word.

Tails The Models and Stiffs The Waitress

TheGloss – This model turned musician (aren’t they all?) is slightly known more for his dalliances with tabloid-favorite starlets than for his face. He was spotted last night at the East Village’s Lil’ Frankie’s traipsing after a gaggle of those low-end, bottom feeder models that no respectable designer would hire. From their table, to the bathroom, to the sidewalk and back again, he followed the leggy (and clearly starving) models for a couple hours much to the disdain of they eye-rolling fellow patrons. The beautiful and classy brood also failed to tip their waitress…guess models aren’t making that $10,000 a day anymore.

Rock Star is Cheating on Celebutante

CDAN – This B list rock star might be rethinking his long term relationship with his A list celebutante girlfriend. It seems that our rock star has been spending some quality time with a wannabe model he met not too long ago. And when I say quality time, I mean what you think I mean.

A Summer Job as a Poolboy

Gawker – A reader has brought to our attention this Craigslist ad [below], posted by an “actual, real movie producer” looking for a 25-or-under actor/model to clean his country house pool, while looking young and sexy. Pics or you can’t get the job. » Continued

Waitress Serves Up More Than Food

CDAN – This is a bathroom quickie story for the ages. This foreign born female model and now a C/D list movie and television actress who had her big break last year was caught in a bathroom at an event the other night getting » Continued

Get An Acting Job The Old Fashioned Way

BuzzFoto – This model is hoping to cross careers and make it into the movie biz. She’s done some television  work, but reality stuff doesn’t really count. Her plan to get a role is to do it the old fashioned way, by sleeping with a married famous director. So far no roles, but we’ll see if her labors pay off in the future. Not Kelly Bensimon.

Model Warns Others About Actor

CDAN – I don’t know how one would define models on a list, but this model has been in all the big magazines and is well known in the modeling world. Anyway, last night at a party she told everyone that she had been out to a party with this B list actor from a hit television show that is on an almost network. She says that he » Continued

She Will Leave Husband for Rich Model

BuzzFoto – This C List actress from television is married to a man that has his hands full. He is head over heels for the C lister but his marriage has been threatened. The hubby to this star has been presented with a challenge: The C Lister has been cheating with a no-name model and she has told her husband that if he can’t make as much money as her lover by the end of the year, she’s going to leave and marry the model instead of staying in the marriage. The poor man is scrambling to come up with ways to bring in some extra dough. Funny thing is, she doesn’t need the cash, unless the white powder rumors are true. Not Mariska Hargitay.

Pushing Baby Sister Into Plastic Surgery

StarMagazine – Which fading starlet is trying to force her younger sister into plastic surgery? She told the young wanna-be model that she’ll never make it in the biz unless she goes under the knife, so the little sib is set to get a nose job and breast implants, ASAP.

A Hospital Instead of A Nap

StarMagazine – Which multi-tasking actress needs to take a break? With her acting, directing, spokesmodeling and more, it’s no wonder she’s exhausted. But her recent hush-hush hospital stay was a major sign to slow down.

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