Heartbreak Hotel

heartbreak hotel

[National Enquirer] Which married-with-kids singer/actor has been living in a Hollywood hotel after a HUGE falling out with his sexy wife/former lingerie model? The handsome crooner – he’s been married for almost 20 years – has been popping up to parties solo and NEVER mentions [More...]

Supermodel Ready To Kick

woman kicking 3

[NationalEnquirer] This semi-retired supermodel is finally ready to kick her cheating, good-for-nothing husband to the curb! The still-sexy catwalk queen and mother of two has turned the other cheek for many years, but the last straw was when her hunky hubby started canoodling [More...]

Heidi Klum Would Be Furious

heidi klum victorias secret

[CDAN] This up and coming B list actress really needs to go to rehab or lay off the booze and whatever else she is taking. Not even out of her teens, the actress is out of control. So out of control that a recent event she was overheard more than once calling this current (so not [More...]

The Bus Dash

greyhound bus 2

[CDAN] It has been awhile since I have had a kindness to report, but I think the wait was worthwhile. This is a great one. This one involves an actress who I had no idea was capable of such great lengths of kindness. She mostly stays out of the limelight. She has had a nice [More...]