Control Freak Housewife

[Blind Gossip] This Real Housewife is completely delusional. She freaks out over every item and photo that’s published about her, furious that the blogs and magazines don’t “clear them with her first”.

She then has the nerve to contact them and say that she would like to give them an interview. But only if » Continued

Always With Younger Men

[Village Voice] Which media mogul cheats a whole lot, always with younger men (big surprise)?

News Mistress Defects To Another Network


[BlindGossip] Another staff change at this newsy national television show. One of its presenters is out the door. In fact, she is so far out the door that she is going to a competitor network.

Here’s why: She had an affair with the show’s big star. She expected that an affair would lead to a move up the food chain… eventually leading to the seat next to his. Wrong. He is married, she was just a fling… and there was already another mistress ahead of her coveting the same seat!

She was so mad when she found out that she confronted him at work. Bad move. He holds a lot of power at the network. Whoever he wants to stay, stays. Whoever he wants to go, goes. If you annoy him, you’re shown the door. She annoyed him. Buh bye! » Continued

Married TV Executive Is Having An Affair

[NYPost] Which on-the-rise married TV executive is having a very public affair with a staffer he’s openly trying to promote? His newsroom is buzzing like a high school cafeteria.

Harriet Isn’t Shy And Freddie Isn’t Straight

[EOnline] Oh, what a tangled website we weave, when at first we practice to deceive. That’s what one of those crusty writer guys said, right?

OK, maybe not exactly, but conniving, breasty Harriet Talons sure had that in mind when she backstabbed so many people on her current hit show, her own network’s New York website is currently weighing whether or not to write a scathing exposé on Harriet’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans—they’re that damn impressive. » Continued

Megastar Has Become A Neocon

[PopBitch] Which Hollywood megastar is very keen to keep one story out of the media – that they’ve become a strident, libertarian Neo-Con?

Kind Actor Supports His Fans

[HollywoodDame] This A list actor personally sends out thank you letters to fans who send him homemade gifts. He doesn’t get to all of them, but he attempts to be sincere in his handwritten letters. This isn’t his only positive attribute. He often gives anonymously to charity and even went to personally visit a few fans who were battling life threatening situations. His only stipulation…no media cameras or press. Some might think he is mad for keeping positive press to himself, but he is baffled by their abuse of fellow human beings for personal gain.


Publicist Is Sleeping With Clients

[NewYorkPost] Which publicist has been sleeping with his or her clients while fibbing to the press about their infidelities and indiscretions?


Why Manager Puts Out Stories About The Ex

[Downfront2] The jig is almost up for this manager… take the spotlight off of her and her dirty deeds, she keeps putting out stories about her former client’s ex-husband. All the while, she » Continued

She Will Regret Drinking And Dialing

[BuzzFoto] This C list actress got smashed this weekend and pulled out the old cell phone to make a few calls. She ended up calling a contact at a popular magazine and told a story that she will regret coming out in the mags next week. 622

Broadcast Journos Heading For Divorce


[MediaBistro] Two broadcast journos are currently living apart. Like many people, both have had complexities in their personal lives leading up to their own, now troubled union. Will they divorce? Only time will tell. For now, he has been spotted repeatedly staying at an apartment building with another woman rumored to work at the same network. Unfortunately for him, his new neighbors aren’t too thrilled about it. » Continued

Buxom Blonde Is Buttoned Up

[TheDaily] Which buxom blond local TV newscaster in New York is blaming everyone but herself for her slide in the ratings — including the audio technician whose job it was to clip the microphone to her surgically-enhanced chest? The anchor babe accused the sound man of fondling her. He was suspended for a week. “And now she’s buttoned up, right up to her neck,” said one source.


Family Secrets For Sale

[BuzzFoto] This celebrity family has a rule- if their name is printed in the press, they better be the ones making money off of it. If a story is printed about them from an outside source » Continued

Shocked Actress Is Turning Down Roles

[BuzzFoto] This B list actress has recently been studying feminist theory and saw a documentary, in which clips of her were featured, that discussed the portrayal of women in the media. She was shocked to realize » Continued

Greetings From New Jersey

[VillageVoice] Which cable anchor craftily ships all her designer duds to New Jersey to avoid paying sales tax?

Extremist Actor Is Stocking Up For The End

[BuzzFoto] This once A list, award-winning actor has dropped off the radar in the last few years. A source tells us he obsessively watches right-wing news and radio broadcasts like Glenn Beck, while stocking up on gold and weapons, preparing for ‘the end.’ His friends have tried to offer help, but he complains to our source that they are ‘nothing but Hollywood liberal socialists’ who have an agenda. His family and friends » Continued

The Party Performance

[BlindGossip] This female reality star was at a party with a number of closeted gay actors recently. What the rest of the guests didn’t know was that four people were going to be staging a little play starring the reality star and three of the actors. The objective was to get the guests to buy into the drama and feed the story to the tabloids. The “story”, approved by their publicists, was that the reality babe was » Continued

Media Mogul’s Wife Has A Secret

[CDAN]  One of the most conservative and powerful media moguls in the world knows all, right? So, he probably knows that his much younger wife prefers women right? Apparently there is a big payoff in the works for her latest conquest. Things got a little rough and her conquest got hurt.

Leaking Dirty Laundry

This divorcing star couple originally agreed to an amicable split, but they’ve now gone back on their promise to keep each other’s dirty laundry private. The battling soon-to-be-exes have been having their assistants leak each other’s not-so-pleasant personal habits to the press.

Actress Tells Interviewer To F Off


[BlindGossip] This actress on an acclaimed television show had a pre-Emmy photo shoot and interview scheduled with a magazine last week. In general, when a journalist conducts an interview for a magazine, it’s a puff piece, and things go pretty smoothly. If the actress doesn’t like a question, the publicist usually intervenes, the matter is settled amicably, and the interview continues. Not in this case.

The journalist began to probe some areas of the actress’ life outside of her current project. More specifically, she asked the actress to address a Blind Gossip item that implied that the actress may have been awarded some roles for talents having to do with something other than acting. Uh-oh. » Continued

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