The Feisty Firee

nikki finke

SOLVED! [Blind Gossip] While we normally talk about actors or singers or models, we have a little variety for you today. We're going to take you behind the scenes of the nasty war between two prominent female entertainment reporters! One is claiming that the other is getting [More...]

The Anchor And The CEO

[Blind Gossip] He is one of the biggest anchors on a television news show and is instantly recognizable to anyone who watches television. He has never come out as a gay man, and likely will not as long as he has his job. His current boyfriend is also a big shot. He is the [More...]

Anchor Witch

witch on a broom

[Hollywood Street King] This week’s blind item is a television news anchor for Detroit’s Channel 4 WDIV. She’s the ex-wife of an American football running back who’s listed as one of the greatest players in the game. Our blind item is said to have dated a slew of people – and [More...]