Newscaster Pays For It

[BuzzFoto] This famous news broadcaster has now fired one of his staff members after the staff member witnessed the newscaster trying to pay for sex in New York City. We’re not sure what his wife would say about it, but maybe we’ll see a tweet about it? 560

Attention Hog Wants to Convince You

[NewYorkPost] What attention-starved star has been trying to convince the media she’s finding romance with a hottie who everyone in the business knows is gay?

Married News Anchor Is Having An Affair

NewYorkPost – Which married TV news anchor is having an affair with a news assistant?

Hated Director Gets Kissed

CDAN – Cannes: Person hated the most by the press? This up and coming director who is about to move from film festival darling to the mainstream. He did accomplish what many people would love to do when he got kissed by this almost A list movie actor at a press event.

Ungrateful Actress Walks Away

CDAN – Cannes: Lets see. You are a B- list movie actress, who has come this close to having no career and then Cannes brings some big life back into it and you are off to talk to the reporters. You take two questions from the television reporters with radio and print waiting their turn. After the two questions, you turn to your publicist and say no more and walk away. Way to turn diva in two seconds.

Siblings Getting Revenge

BuzzFoto – These sibling stars are currently so full of resentment towards one another after one sister slept with the other’s » Continued

TV Personality is Coming Out

NewYorkPost – Which prominent TV personality is about to come out with the help of public relations guru Howard Bragman, who has helped dozens of celebs announce their sexuality? The media blitz will begin next week.

SOLVED! » Continued

Brit Caused Network Tug of War

NewYorkPost – Which British royal expert caused a tug of war when he was booked by one US network for an exclusive interview, then started offering himself to rival nets once they escorted him inside the media compound outside Buckingham Palace?

Katie’s Price

PopBitch – Which tabloid recently requested to do a Q&A with Katie Price only to be told that her rate per question was ten grand?

Singer Isn’t So Squeaky Clean

rubber ducky 3SOLVED!


JanetCharlton – This squeaky clean sensation has an ugly side captured on tape! While recording a new album he broke into an impromptu rap – dropping derogatory terms about » Continued

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