Narcissistic Guy Thinks Rules Don't Apply to Him

man black eye 1BlindGossip – Who’s been behaving even more badly behind the scenes? This guy! He’s been famous for such a long time, he’s become quite the narcissist. He just doesn’t think the rules of life and scandals apply to him. Everyone loves me! Nobody will believe an opportunistic cocktail waitress over me! Well, Dude, what about two cocktail waitresses, two club hosts, a couple of hookers, and a porn star or two? Oh, yes, they’ll be crawling out of the woodwork now. You can’t blame the media for your bad behavior. You can’t shill for millions of dollars of consumer goods as the epitome of a good guy and then claim privacy when it comes to light that your good guy act is a sham. Take your lumps and quit blaming everyone else, and you’ll get past this scandal a lot faster.


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Oscar Winning Actress Got a Full MOT

man lying on backHolyMoly – Which annoyingly boring movie actress/blogger took a runner by surprise when he poked his head round her trailer door to call her up for a scene? Her fiancee’s (at the time, also a famous star) feet could be seen poking out from underneath » Continued

Actor Plans to Break Up His Friend's Relationship

matt damon 2BuzzFoto – These two actors have always had a friendly rivalry in the press. We hear it’s more friendly for one than the other. The bigger star, who has had more high profile movies and relationships does not know that the lesser celebrity is » Continued

Newsreader Had a Pill Scare

pills 2DailyMirror – Which newsreader had a recent close scare? » Continued

Actor Actually Knows How to Read a Book

twilight new moon 2BuzzFoto – This Twilight star has joked about their big role before to the press, downplaying the appeal of the plot and movie and books. The star revealed to our source that they have now actually read the books and now has become a huge fan! Not Rob Pattinson.

He’s More Open Than Ever About Dating Men

nicolas cage 1EOnline – It seems like Lloyd Boy-Toyed is just one example of an über-famous celeb playing the I-dare-you-to-out-me gay dance. We’re bringin’ back » Continued

Famous Brother Behaves Badly at Party

prince harryHolyMoly – Speaking of Prince Harry, which lesser famous brother and son of a showbiz family turned up at a party with his mate dressed as a » Continued

What Happens Away from the Table

dave martin chefDaily Beast – Dave Martin/The Culinary Loft, Top Chef contestant: So I did the birthday party for a very, very famous celebrity who shall remain nameless. It was great; we had all this food. And then everyone » Continued

Lloyd Has Started Asking Out Reporters

news reporter 3EOnline – Good news: Ever since Toothy Tile decided to permanently bury himself in the proverbial Hollywood closet, it’s almost as if Lloyd Boy-Toyed has decided to up his bent for » Continued

Child Star Wanted More Media Attention

corey feldmanBuzzFoto – Which D List Celeb/Former Child Star recently tried to » Continued

Don't You Dare Gossip About Her Plastic Surgery

face – Which west-coast plastic surgery addict is furious over one of Suds Report’s blind items, and demanded that » Continued

Black is the New Camouflage

soldier camouflage 2NYPost – Which hunky news anchor wore a special black helmet to go with his tight, black T-shirt for his reports from the front? The dark get-up made him really stand out among the troops in their camouflage fatigues.

Media Guy Should Expect Poolside Surprise

poolsideEOnline – There’s a pretty successful media dude who’s become awfully adept at peddling the gossipy side o’ life via his electronic media kingdom. His name is » Continued

Fashion Mag Experiences Twitter Interruptus

twitterStyleList – Which prestigious fashion magazine had its Twitter feed temporarily hacked into by a por nographic web site, because its password was “password?”

News Guy Loses His Private Cell Phone

cell-phoneNYPost – Which cable news anchor should be more careful with his cellphone? After he recently misplaced it, a co-worker opened it up and found a nude photo of the anchor’s girlfriend.

This Actor Wants the Fan Experience

applause-1BlindGossip – This under-40 primarily film actor is unmarried, so he certainly can date whoever he wants. However, the kind of girl he prefers » Continued

Aggressive Web Columnist Told to Beat It

NYPost – Which online columnist is so aggressive about getting on TV that one network warned its male talent to keep a distance from her while she visited LA to cover the Michael Jackson story? She’s already slept with several men who could help her career .

Media Star Has More Than One Pregnancy

women-two-pregnantNYDailyNews – Which media star who impregnated his mistress is said to have another girlfriend infanticipating?

TV Teen is Spiralling Down All Alone

girl-alonePopBitch – This American teen TV star’s fall from grace has been documented all over the celebrity weeklies recently. But perhaps the saddest thing behind-the-scenes is that the actress doesn’t think she has any real friends so her entry into the London party scene was to try to lose her loner’s reputation – instead she descended into a drug spiral.

You’re Chopped Liver if Page Six Ignores You

page6-logoNYPost – Which self-important, philandering writer who was dumped recently by his long-suffering wife is complaining that his jerky behavior is no longer covered on Page Six, moaning, “You start getting used to it. And then you pick up the paper and you’re not there and you think, ‘Well, what am I, chopped liver?’ “

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