Big and Little

big man little woman 1[Blind Gossip] This is the most unlikely – and shocking – celebrity pairing of the year! We’ll call them Big and Little.

Big supposedly has a steady girlfriend. He used to be good, but he is definitely behaving badly now.

Little is married. She wants everyone to think she is a very good girl, but she is definitely a very bad girl.

Big and Little » Continued

Busted Baller And Brawling Baller

man fist fight[Downfront2] Certain Professional Ballers need to learn from history.

In this corner, one engaged Baller decided to run some game on Twitter to a now famous woman, who is also involved with someone else. Busted!

In the other corner, » Continued

How This Married Honcho Lets Off Steam

[NewYorkPost] Which married hedge-fund honcho has been trying to let off steam with the help of a ho*ker and a lot of p*rn?

Wife May Not Know About The Redhead

[CDAN] This recently married male singer says all the right things about his wife and marriage but I wonder if he told her about » Continued

Shouldn’t Have Bothered To Get Engaged

[CDAN] I don’t even know why this couple even bothered to get engaged. You would know the female. Actress/model/foreign born. Oh, and getting older. She is cheating with her ex-boyfriend who is an A list actor and of course was having » Continued

Married Pop Star Is In Love

[BuzzFoto] This Foreign-born Pop star recently met a woman at a promotion event and became fast friends. Even though the star is married she is spending a lot of time with this woman and a source is claiming the two women are in love. 588

Their Relationship is a Fabrication


BlindGossip – This is one gorgeous young couple. She is the sweet, talented star of a popular television show. He is the petulant up-and-coming film lead. They are so close that » Continued

Actress Looking to Replace Hubby

CDAN – Over the weekend, this married B list movie actress was out everywhere and drinking and drinking and flirting with every guy she saw. I think she is looking for a replacement for that B list actor from a hit network comedy who dabbles in really bad movies. She definitely was not shy about looking and hinting.

Married Cable Actor is Having an Affair

CDAN – This supposedly happily married B list actor on a very hit premium cable show sure has been spending a lot of time having sex with this former B list movie actress and now a strong C who has had some great roles in her past.

She is Living with Her Married Manager

BuzzFoto – It looks like polygamy isn’t just for HBO and religious fundamentalists anymore… This young singer is sleeping and living with her married manager and his wife. Both women know about the relationship and both are still devoted to him. The singer doesn’t have a good relationship with her own family and her manager has been with her for a while so we suppose it makes sense she would look to him for comfort. However, he takes advantage of the women in his life and makes them feel like they should be lucky to deserve him. It seems to be working since this has been going on for months now. Not Selena Gomez.

The Real Reason She Fears Pregnancy

Downfront2 – She is a major star and the baddest chick in the game. She is married to a very powerful man. He wants children but she’s hesitant because if she gains weight she knows he will lose interest in her.

Take His Promise with a Grain of Salt

BlindGossip – A certain famous married director has been filming more than feature films. He has used his own camera to record some of his very personal moments with his favorite actress. She hit the roof when she found out but can’t do very much about it. She knows that if she tries to take any sort of legal action, it would quickly become public knowledge, and she absolutely will not tolerate any hits to either her personal reputation or her current relationship. He has agreed to destroy the footage in exchange for her commitment to a future project of his. Frankly, we would take any promises made as a result of blackmail with a grain of salt.

Female Golfer Gets Schooled

CDAN – This A list female pro golfer is sleeping with a married college professor.

Water Play in the Bathtub

PopBitch – A strange and sordid rumour has been going around Soho that which wholesome, well-fed and happily married TV star picked up a » Continued

Band Members Play Musical Beds

HolyMoly – Which long running feud between band members could have something to do with the fact that one of them has slept with the other’s husband?

Sleeping Her Way from TV Role to Film Role

StarMagazine – Which quirky actress slept her way to a role on a long-running hit show? Now that there’s talk of a movie version, she’s offering the series creator more sex, even though she’s married.”

Real Housewives Girl is Really Gay

CDAN – This Real Housewife who is not currently married but had an intriguing heterosexual relationship on the show is gay.

We hear this wife of a talented athlete is using a recent affair as leverage to get what she wants. What does she want? She wants to be an actress. His PR team are scrambling to come up with a way to give her some press coverage, without revealing her husband’s most recent indiscretion.Not Elin Nordegren.

Roxy’s Man is Not Being Faithful

EOnline – Oh, Roxy Couture! Don’t you know a cheating, h*rny, impossibly sexy tiger can’t change its stripes?

Sorry all, how rude of us not to properly introduce you to today’s BV first! Meet Roxy—a gorg gal who likes everything in life to be of the highest and utmost class. Mainly when it comes to men.

Perky yet shy, vampy yet motherly, Roxy appears as if she’s got the perfect life: cute kids, successful career, A-list friends, and the most hunky husband, to boot.

Only problem is, that hubby o’ hers » Continued

Valentine’s Day Gifts for All The Ladies

StarMagazine – Which TV and movie star has been cheating on his wife for years? His makeup artist was his latest conquest, but he owes many other ladies Valentine’s Day presents!

Meet Me in My Trailer

CDAN – When you are working on a television show the hours are very long and people get to know each other very well. Some get to know each other even more than normal. This new hit network show is one of my favorites and if you have seen it then it is probably one of yours also. Well, on the show there is a C list actor who really has a B list body of work. He is married and has been for awhile. Also on the show is an actress who is much, much younger than our actor but it hasn’t stopped them from spending every free moment together in his trailer. She is legal. Barely.

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