Married Actor Likes Groups of Three

[Blind Gossip] This sexy actor has been married to his beautiful actress wife for several years.

Last year, a month or two after one of his movies opened, he and a group of his friends (including another well-known actor he’s been known to wrestle around with) visited a bar » Continued

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Big and Little

big man little woman 1[Blind Gossip] This is the most unlikely – and shocking – celebrity pairing of the year! We’ll call them Big and Little.

Big supposedly has a steady girlfriend. He used to be good, but he is definitely behaving badly now.

Little is married. She wants everyone to think she is a very good girl, but she is definitely a very bad girl.

Big and Little » Continued

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Busted Baller And Brawling Baller

man fist fight[Downfront2] Certain Professional Ballers need to learn from history.

In this corner, one engaged Baller decided to run some game on Twitter to a now famous woman, who is also involved with someone else. Busted!

In the other corner, » Continued

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How This Married Honcho Lets Off Steam

[NewYorkPost] Which married hedge-fund honcho has been trying to let off steam with the help of a ho*ker and a lot of p*rn?

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Wife May Not Know About The Redhead

[CDAN] This recently married male singer says all the right things about his wife and marriage but I wonder if he told her about » Continued

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Shouldn’t Have Bothered To Get Engaged

[CDAN] I don’t even know why this couple even bothered to get engaged. You would know the female. Actress/model/foreign born. Oh, and getting older. She is cheating with her ex-boyfriend who is an A list actor and of course was having » Continued

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Married Pop Star Is In Love

[BuzzFoto] This Foreign-born Pop star recently met a woman at a promotion event and became fast friends. Even though the star is married she is spending a lot of time with this woman and a source is claiming the two women are in love. 588

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Their Relationship is a Fabrication


BlindGossip – This is one gorgeous young couple. She is the sweet, talented star of a popular television show. He is the petulant up-and-coming film lead. They are so close that » Continued

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Actress Looking to Replace Hubby

CDAN – Over the weekend, this married B list movie actress was out everywhere and drinking and drinking and flirting with every guy she saw. I think she is looking for a replacement for that B list actor from a hit network comedy who dabbles in really bad movies. She definitely was not shy about looking and hinting.

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Married Cable Actor is Having an Affair

CDAN – This supposedly happily married B list actor on a very hit premium cable show sure has been spending a lot of time having sex with this former B list movie actress and now a strong C who has had some great roles in her past.

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