Two Men Getting Kicked to the Curb

woman kickingCDAN – Two marriages. Two cheats. Two men kicked to the curb. Actually from what I heard the first one may have been literally kicked to the curb. The first marriage involves » Continued

He’s More Open Than Ever About Dating Men

nicolas cage 1EOnline – It seems like Lloyd Boy-Toyed is just one example of an über-famous celeb playing the I-dare-you-to-out-me gay dance. We’re bringin’ back » Continued

Stop Questioning My Religion Or Else

katie holmes 2BuzzFoto – We hear this Celeb Couple’s relationship is on the rocks due to religion. Apparently, both were of the same faith, but now one is » Continued

She Propositioned a Big Boobed Blonde

DailyMirror – In today’s Daily Mirror, we asked: Which star propositioned » Continued

Actor is Juggling Multiple Lives and Lies

man juggling 1BlindGossip – This busy guy must be really good at juggling. He is a very successful actor and has more than one high profile project in the works.

And as if he wasn’t busy enough at work, he also has » Continued

He Ordered Up a Hit on His Gay Ex-Wife

hit manPanacheReport – Under the influence of » Continued

Singer is Kissing Outside of Her Marriage

lips 3CDAN – Maybe they have an arrangement. I don’t know. What I do know is that this A list female singer was spotted making out with someone who was most definitely not her celebrity husband.

Athlete and Wife Pick Up Some Company

david victoria beckham 4BuzzFoto – Which High Profile Foreign Footballer and his wife were recently seen picking up two very young looking girls and inviting them into their limo when they made a recent visit to the states? Not David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

Actress Won't Be Laughing Over This News

woman laughing 1BlindGossip – This fun-loving actress on a hit television comedy won’t be laughing over this item. Her husband, to whom she has been married for several years, has been » Continued

Music Mogul Composes a Baby

pregnant belly bw 2NYPost – Which married music mogul is said to have impregnated an unmarried woman who works for his label in marketing? She’s on maternity leave while he’s mulling options.

TV Star Puts His Gavel Where It Doesn't Belong

gavelBuzzFoto – We ran into this writer for a very popular network tv drama that has been around for some time. She gave us some gossip on the set of her show, which is kind of interesting. One of the big male stars on the show has slept with » Continued

Pop Star Joins the Mile High Club

airplane 2HolyMoly – Which mouthy British pop star thought it would be alright to join the mile high club with the » Continued

Singer Needs Her Husband’s Fashion Approval

woman trying on clothesDailyMirror – Which timid singer is so under the thumb of her controlling husband she isn’t allowed to step foot out of the house until he’s approved her outfit? Your extra clue: Well, she’s not known for her great taste in fashion.

Singer's Assistant Does More Than Rub Feet

christina aguilera 3BuzzFoto – This star singer is used to having staff help. She’s got it all from housekeepers and gardeners to handlers and personal assistants. Now a source is saying she’s got assistants to help her out with her marital duties as well. People to rub the feet and back of her hubby when they sit around the fire, people to send in-laws birthday gifts, people to to even help her spice up her love life and help in the bedroom! Not Christina Aguilera.


» Continued

Wave Goodbye to Daddy and The House

waving goodbyeCDAN – This should be a very interesting divorce. This B list actor on a hit cable show recently separated from his wife. The wife who is also mother to one of his kids. Instead of letting them stay in his huge home, he decided to stay in the house himself so he could entertain and kicked the wife and kid down the road to an apartment.


» Continued

This Soccer Star Works It With The Ladies

soccer ball 2DailyMirror – In today’s Daily Mirror, we asked: Which footballer would infuriate his wife after he was overheard » Continued

They No Longer Fight Like Cats and Dogs

cat and dogBlindGossip – This married celebrity couple used to fight like cats and dogs whenever one found out that the other was being unfaithful. However, they have come to a rather unusual arrangement which seems to satisfy them both. She is » Continued

Victoria's Secret is on the Wedding Registry

man lingerieDailyMirror – Which British singer, set to marry his long-term girlfriend, is hiding an embarrassing cross-dressing secret? He’s terrified pictures will emerge before the big day. Your extra clue: Bet his mates up north don’t know about this either.

He Only Married Her for Her Butt and His Career

mariah and nickEonline – Let’s get something straight right now: Yes, I often write Blind Vices that are fairly obvious; this one isn’t. That’s a pretty big clue. And so, too, is Slink-a-Rella Jiggle’s rear end. » Continued

The Real Reason This Actor Quit This Movie

man touching womans kneeCDAN – This A list movie actor recently quit a very high profile movie he was to begin shooting. There was no real reason why he suddenly decided to take a pass. Well, the reason is a pass. It turns out that the A list actor hit on the wife of his fellow A list co-star who threatened to walk out if the offender wasn’t fired. Our A list lecher was allowed to quit rather than being fired.

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