Fireworks Are Coming to Ten-Year Affair

[CDAN] This married A list singer/rapper extraordinaire may want to be very careful right now. There is a French model he has been with for the past ten years and as they approach that first decade mark, she wants much much more out of their partnership. If our singer says no, the fireworks will be loud and spectacular.

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Keeping A Promise To His Non-Wife

[Bossip] Okay, so we always hear stories about how dudes love to dog chicks out, but today we have a goodie. According to a very well-placed source there’s a popular entertainer who recently got hitched and is keeping a woman on the side — but not banging her. Apparently, the dude was dating two main chicks at the same time, picked one, but decided to keep his promise to take care of the other.

Each month he sends his ex a cushy stipend to support herself and child » Continued

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Spiderman Audience Member Was Juggling Women

[NewYorkPost] Which high-flying audience member at the opening of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was juggling two babes as his dates, neither of whom was his wife?

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Married Socialite Is Secretly Into Girls

[NewYorkPost] Which polished married female New York socialite is secretly into girls? Her husband doesn’t really seem to mind.

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Her Husband Is Hooking Up

[LaineyGossip] I guess if you’re going to cheat, you’re going to cheat. It doesn’t have to be after a year, it can be much less. And you don’t have to wait for 5 either. Also, at that age, is it realistic to expect something to last forever? I suppose you don’t know that until you know it. And by then it’s too late.

She’s more famous. And he’s, well, he’s ok at what he does, but he’s certainly not great at it although when it comes to actual talent, I’m not so sure she has much of it either, and definitely not with the last project she » Continued

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Newscaster Pays For It

[BuzzFoto] This famous news broadcaster has now fired one of his staff members after the staff member witnessed the newscaster trying to pay for sex in New York City. We’re not sure what his wife would say about it, but maybe we’ll see a tweet about it? 560

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Back To His Partying Ways

[NationalEnquirer] Which married-with-kids A-list actor/director/ producer is back to his hard-partying ways with c*caine and h*okers? The diminutive star’s sweet, blonde, talented actress wife doesn’t have a clue!

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They Weren’t Truthful About The Timing

[NationalEnquirer] This Oscar-winning star was seeing his actress girlfriend long before she announced her split from her hunky actor husband. The good-natured hubby knew about the affair, but has decided to keep quiet to avoid a scandal.

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TV Sitcom Actress Plays Counselor

[NationalEnquirer] This TV sitcom actress is playing relationship counselor to two of her co-stars despite the fact that her own marriage has fallen apart. She regularly gives advice to her cast mates – one is married to one of the show’s producers and the other has a movie star for a partner.

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Real Housewife Will Make Life Hell

[NationalEnquirer] Which Bravo housewife is plotting to make life “a living hell” for a new cast member on her show? The diva should be spending more time mending her own crumbling marriage than scheming to make this newcomer miserable!


» Continued

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