Marc Anthony’s First Wife

[CDAN] So, Marc Anthony might have given up on his first ex-wife because she was supposedly making it on the sly with this very handsome B list actor who was supposedly in a very long term relationship with a fan favorite B list television actress who lost her job in a long running series.



This Relationship Broke Up Two Marriages

[NationalEnquirer] This singer/actress’ marriage crashed and burned after she cheated – and so did her lover’s marriage. But things aren’t exactly how they seemed. It turns out » Continued

Jerry Has A Bitter Heart

[EOnline] Über-talented and fab Jerry Rock-Butt is publicly known for being a superstar, but privately, he’s known for his super moods. Most recently? Even though Jerry’s life is currently all roses—professionally and romantically—those who know Mr. Rock-Butt most personally are fully aware that he’s been a bit down, as of late.

Pray tell, why?

Because as he gets closer and closer to sealing the deal with his current girlfriend, only the stud’s best pals know that Jerry’s » Continued

Why This Movie Star Is So Glum

[CDAN] Wonder why this B list movie actress from an acting family has been looking so glum despite the biggest boost to her career ever? It could have something to do with the fact that this A++ list movie actor was » Continued

The Insatiable Actor

[BlindGossip] This insatiable actor is setting new records for decadence. Over the holidays he participated in a threes*me with two women. One of these women was his ex-wife (who is an actress), and the other was just some random girl.

The very next day, he » Continued

Actor Slips Again

[CDAN] This A+ list movie actor has been in this space before when he has slipped. This time though it is way more than a slip. He was at one point probably the most rehabbed actor in the world and now he needs it again. Desperately. He thinks he is hiding it from his wife, but he is not. One talk show » Continued

Her Husband Had An Interesting Affair

[CDAN] This is kind of a mix of old and new Hollywood. New in the sense that not everyone is de*d. In fact, one is very much alive and kicking and working and is known by people of all ages. She is a performer. She is also a B list actress both in movies and in television, but has had her most recent fame come because of television acting. Our actress has had a number of marriages. One of them was extremely interesting. » Continued

You’d Better Not Talk About Her Husband


[BlindGossip] This celebrity has been doing the usual rounds of talk shows to discuss the upcoming awards season and to promote a new project. Because she is married to another celebrity, talk show interviews usually include a couple of standard questions about how her husband is doing. Not any more. They are separated, and talk show producers and hosts are under strict orders » Continued

Oscar Guy Keeps A Stash

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar winner keeps a stash of p*rn flicks in his trailer when he’s filming and invites his co-stars to watch them with him during shooting breaks? The legendary tough guy » Continued

Bragging Manly Man Gets Lost

[BuzzFoto] A “manly-man” actor who comes off as very macho both on film and off went on a hike with some friends last week in the LA mountains. Although he bragged to friends about his expertise in the wilderness, he had to be guided out by his wife as she gave him GPS instructions via cell phone. He was only a half-mile from his car. 678

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