Oscar Girl Catches Hubby Cheating

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar-winning actress caught her then-husband in the middle of » Continued

My Husband’s New Assistant

[Bossip] Basketball Wives may have a reputation for drama, but this NFL wife puts them all to shame. She’s been known to pitch a hissy fit if her baller hubby has to do business with any attractive woman. So » Continued

Married Film Stars Don’t Sleep Together

[CDAN] This A list movie actress married to a B list movie actor was overheard saying, “I have not slept in the same bedroom as my husband for years.” The foreign born B list movie actress married to a B+ television actor on a hit network show replied, “I wish for that everyday, but he keeps figuring out how to unlock my bedroom door.”

First Couple:

Second Couple:

Besties Couples Are A Little Too Close

[CDAN] This could be very awkward. This pair of celebrity couples are best friends. They hang out all the time. Each member of the celebrity couple is actually a celebrity. One married couple features an A list comedian and the other celebrity couple features an A list television host. So, what happens when the husband of the television host is » Continued

Pop Singer Forgets He Is Married

[CDAN] This newly married male A list pop singer really needs to remember he is married. Of course he has had problems with cheating in the past. Famously so. Anyway he was spotted getting really flirty and touchy feely with this reality show singer/actress who continues to hang on to fame by a thread.

Laughing At The Kardashians

[NationalEnquirer] This Oscar winner was having a good laugh over the bustup of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries until she accidentally bumped into Kim at an event. The non-confrontational blonde high-tailed it away from Kim in order to avoid a showdown!

While TV Actress Was At Home

[CDAN] While his B list television actress wife on a long running hit network medical drama was at home with their child, her husband was at the Roxy this week hitting on women and getting as many phone numbers as he could.

If His Trophy Wife Only Knew

[JanetCharlton] This actor is still A-list but for name recognition only. Lately his career is more of a solid C-. He’s been happily married to his trophy wife for years, but behind her back he’s been having » Continued

Housewife Husband Suspects A Filthy Rich Affair

[NationalEnquirer] This Bravo “Housewife’s” husband thinks that his spouse is having an affair with his filthy rich best friend! The untrusting hubby is so suspicious that he’s had secret surveillance monitors installed in and around their huge home! Who is he?

Action Star Becomes A Life Coach

[NationalEnquirer] What former Hollywood action star has turned into a life coach – for his ex-wife’s new hubby!? The former A-lister has been counseling the much younger actor about his rocky marriage and recent over-the-top public blunders!

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