A Wild Film Promotion

wild 1[Downfront 2] Is this successful Filmmaker turning to the lowest common denominator to get you in the theater? A wild promotion and even wilder casting is not this Director’s usual M.O.



Stunts To Market A Movie

[Hollywood Dame] The marketing for this blockbuster movie is struggling. Fans aren’t as rabid as they were for the first installments of the saga. The film will make box office history, but that studio is aiming to dethrone ‘The Avengers’ opening weekend sales. A new take on marketing will attempt an emotional association with the new installment. One planted stunt has already happened and there’s more to come.

Housewife Refuses To Promote Show

[NationalEnquirer] Which wacky “Real Housewife” has Bravo executives furious because she refuses to do any promotion for the popular franchise? But the blonde reality star has nothing to worry about – fans love her crazy ways.

Another Use For Twilight Movie Posters

[CDAN] What Twilight actor had a bunch of the movie posters cut up so they only have his picture remaining. He then uses them as the base for » Continued