Behind The Superheroes

comic books 3[Bleeding Cool] Here are six blind items from Bleeding Cool about stuff going on behind the scenes of your favorite comic books!

1. Which comic book » Continued

Blockbuster Actress Is Doing The Director

[BuzzFoto] This B list actress who doesn’t have a lot of titles under her belt, but is still known for a few blockbusters, is currently sleeping with the director that she is said in the tabloids to despise. 687

Dorothy Plans to Lose It to Coffee Stud

TheGossipBoy – Meet Delusional Dorothy. When Delusional Dorothy lived in her ho-hum life, she always dreamed of what life would be like when she escaped and got to live in the technicolor world. She already had some fame, but nothing like the needy girl really wanted. She seemed like a sweet girl, but we all know things are not as they seem.

One sunny day, Hurricane Hollywood swept the girl away and landed her in the magical land where she felt that she belonged. Poor Delusional Dorothy had no idea that » Continued