He Begged Press to Drop the Story

HolyMoly – Which TV presenter was once accused of a crime he insists he didn’t commit (A team music please). The problem was he DID commit it and immediately went to a tabloid doing a full on confession, along with the tears and shame and promise of retribution. They received £100,000 » Continued

More About Summer Camp


CDAN – This is a little different than what I normally do, but it is still good. So, yesterday many of you were speculating about the LaineyGossip blind regarding a guy who lost his virginity through the back door of a an older woman. » Continued

Reality Show Has Its Own Democracy

BuzzFoto – We’ve been saving this one for US Election Day. This group of Reality celebrities performers have a democracy all on their own. Before they compete, five of them meet and take a little vote who will be in charge of » Continued

Global Pop Star Blackmailed

DailyTelegraph – The ‘instantly recognisable’ celebrity received a series of threatening letters from the blackmailer demanding cash in exchange for 27 images stored on one of two Apple Mac laptops » Continued

Roxy and LeBeouf Doing Damage Control

EOnline – Remember Roxy Couture? The babe who had all of Hollywood laughing behind her back while that gorgeous hubby of hers, Stud-Bucket LeBeouf » Continued

Snitching on the Judge’s Nanny

NewYorkPost – Which Bronx Supreme Court judge has an angry neighbor sending anonymous letters to the news media? The snitch alleges the judge has been paying a nanny/housekeeper for 13 years off the books in cash.

Blame This Parent

BlindGossip – Despite chronic denials, the ugly habits of this young star are finally coming to light. What is still surprisingly quiet, though, is the role that one of the star’s parents had in all this. A rather interesting case is currently being built against the parent for a variety of infractions including evidence tampering and possible drug charges.

Phony Phone Hijacking Claim

DailyMirror – Which A-list star mistakenly texted a journalist asking for some “high grade marching powder” after hitting the wrong name on his iPhone? Cue big panic… and some quickly invented “phone hijacking” claims.

Caught Shoplifting at Topman

PopBitch – Which risible “trendy” DJ and teen TV presenter was caught shoplifting a tracksuit from Top Man, but was able to keep thing hushed up?

May is Hurting December’s Career

BlindGossip – In the case of a couple where there is a considerable age difference, the older half usually controls the younger half. That’s not the case with this couple. The older half is getting a little desperate about maintaining their career, and has started taking advice from the younger half about everything, from wardrobe to roles to public relations. However, this couple’s strategy is backfiring on them. Magazines, talk shows, and producers are starting to balk at featuring the older one. Why? Because the younger one is so obnoxiously vocal and litigious, they fear that any wrong move they make will result in the young one blaming them and creating a very public spectacle.

No, it’s NOT Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones.

SOLVED! » Continued

News Girl Forgets Her Underwear

NewYorkPost – Which early-morning cable news anchorwoman is in such a rush to get to the studio some nights, she forgets to put on her undergarments? Co-workers say the oversight may explain why she’s able to charm her way out of speeding tickets.

Seymour is More Careful Than Travolta

EOnline – What Would Seymour Plow-Me-More Do? Heard the latest goss on John Travolta? Of course you have, because gay-sex-in-the-sauna allegations don’t fall on deaf ears, even if they’re printed by the National Enquirer, of all places. And geez, with details like those the NE is “exclusively dishing,” you’d think they’re trying to earn John a top spot in our Blind Vice Hall of Fame! So, how would our own happy-ending humper, Seymour Plow-Me-More (you remember him, don’t you) handle this whole mess? See, Travolta has » Continued

The Contract Rider of an Oscar Girl

CDAN – Something a little different today. A copy of a rider. Of a B list movie actress although she did some television back in the day. Oh, and she is an Academy Award winner/nominee. » Continued

Please Don’t Squeeze the Flight Attendant

CDAN – This aging still A list Academy Award winner/nominee was on a plane recently when he repeatedly kept groping one of the female flight attendants. A hand here a squeeze there and the flight attendant finally told our actor that she did not care who he was that if he did it again she would tell the pilot and have the plane met by police. Our actor stopped groping her but soon found a willing partner when he did the same thing to another flight attendant.

Fired by Abercrombie & Fitch

PerezHilton – What revengeful TV star who was fired back in 2007 from Abercrombie and Fitch in Valencia for “theft”? Not to mention, effing another manager while on the clock who had a 2 year old son!

A Chip in Her Pocket for The Trial

SOLVED! (Partially)

BlindGossip – This celebrity couple is close to a final agreement over how everything – including the child/ren – is going to be divided in the divorce. However, the wife’s legal team is having her keep one chip in her pocket for the divorce trial. If the husband’s team tries any last-minute maneuvering, the wife is not afraid to reveal an incident where she (along with their child/ren) caught her husband in bed with a family friend of theirs. The friend is a professional athlete. In case you’ve been wondering why the couples rarely get together for more than an hour and a photo op – this is the reason. » Continued

Bad Hairdo and Bad Temper

VillageVoice – Which ex-supermodel once threw a pair of scissors at her hairdresser because she didn’t like her ‘do? (She wisely handed him some settlement cash on the spot to avoid any judicial vengeance.)

The Actor and The Golf Cart

CDAN – This C list television actor on a very hit network show has had some really good luck when it comes to television. Despite being only C+, he has been on two very hit shows. A very lucky guy. Oh, except for what happened last week. Our actor was at a party and was » Continued

Cougar Lawyer Moves for Love

NYPost – Which divorced lawyer, a regular talking head, moved from New York to Los Angeles with her children because of her love for a much younger suitor?

Crime Drama Actor Turns Criminal

CDAN – This married B list actor on a hit network crime drama was filming on location. Most of the day he had been just sitting in his trailer » Continued

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