Things Went Very Wrong in Vegas

BuzzFoto – On a recent trip to Vegas for a fun get away, this cable show cast decided to hit up the casinos and party together. (Two costars are publicly involved on and off the set.) The romantic leads on the show agreed to » Continued

Cheap Jock at Sundance

BuzzFotoWe’re getting lots of good blinds from our Sundance source this year. Our source has another interesting piece of info about the Olympian we told you about earlier. This time, she claims that whenever he and his ‘crew’ are in Vegas partying at a famous club the athlete only tips 2% of his bill. The owner of the club is very frustrated with him and has told the servers to avoid his table when he comes in. He expects freebies and gives very little for what he gets. 476

Premier League Star Goes Wild in Vegas

DailyMail – A Premier League footballer is caught up in a bl*ackmail plot after an *rgy with three Swedish blondes in a Las Vegas hotel room was filmed on a mobile phone.

Police are investigating the report that film and and photographs were made and that they form the centre of an attempt to bl*ckmail the star.

The player, who is in his 20s and enjoys a clean-cut image, is » Continued

Where the Actor Buries His Treasure

BuzzFoto – Someday this elderly A-list-in-his-day Actor is going to make some treasure hunters very happy » Continued

The Actor and The Vegas Dancer

CDAN – This B- list television actor from a very hit network crime show recently had a birthday. He took advantage of the whole having a party in a Las Vegas club and getting paid. Well, part of the deal was that our actor wanted some » Continued

Super Duper Cooper Needs a Pooper Scooper

EOnline – It’s a good thing Super-Duper Cooper, whose bedroom habits stink to high heaven, is pretty hot. Otherwise, what you’re about to read would be virtually impossible to fathom. I mean, k*nky sex is one thing, but totally debauched, gross-out nooky with an ever grosser-looking partner would be just beyond hideous, right?
» Continued

Vegas is More Important Than His Kids

CDAN – This B-/C+ list television actor has been in this same space before. This time it is because although he earns five figures an episode for the cable show in which he stars he only pays about $375 a month in child support. Where does he spend the rest of his money? Lots of trips to Vegas for str*ppers.

Funnyman is Both Engaged and Married

CDAN – This out of control funny man B list movie actor is engaged to be married to a celebrity. What his fiance [sic] doesn’t know though is that our funnyman actor got married about two years ago when he was drunk in Vegas. He kept meaning to get it annulled but never did. Meanwhile since it happened he has lost track of the woman he married that night. His people are searching frantically for her so they can get the marriage annulled before his fiance [sic] finds out about it and before he gets married to her.

Black Comedian's Antics in Las Vegas

man black woman whitePanacheReport – Las Vegas. A married black comedian was in the corner surrounded by blondes. He could be overheard telling them how » Continued

He Aimed for the Girl in the Red Dress

woman-red-dress-11EOnline – Man-Slut McNugget Returns! Crawley McNugget is back, but don’t worry, his sleaziness hasn’t gone anywhere. Remember Crawley? The little TV star that could? He racks up bedroom conquests about as fast as he » Continued

He is Sneaking Off to Vegas for Excitement

rouletteEOnline – Our superfamous naughty couple today is by no means as interesting as Hard-N*pple Nick and his megastar wife. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sorry! But get this:

It’s high time everybody met Jerry Rock-Butt and Chutney Jones—an insanely gorgeous duo. The stars » Continued

Calendar Boy’s Career Takes a Dive

calendar-boy-1StyleList – Which former male model and calendar favorite’s career switch into being a singer doesn’t seem to have worked out? He’s currently listed on a gay prostitution web site serving Las Vegas.

One Night in Vegas

las-vegas-sign-nightNYDN – Which odd couple better hope their mutual spouses don’t discover that they shared a recent night of passion in Las Vegas?

Turkey Chooses Vegas Over Family

Which celebrity is acting like a real turkey this Thanksgiving holiday? He and his wife, who are both actors, have been sparring lately over a variety of issues, the most serious being his getting a little too friendly with a co-star.  The wife had hoped that a traditional Thanksgiving gathering in their home would reawaken those feelings of love for her and the kids.  She has prepared tons of food, and will be hosting more than two dozen relatives, most of them his. However, at the last minute he told her that he couldn’t get away from a project he is working on. It’s not true though. He is actually with a friend in Las Vegas. While his wife didn’t know until he called, the airlines and hotels have known for weeks that he was going to Vegas. bg

Gambling Author Loses All to Shylock

This female best selling author got into some serious debt because she is addicted to gambling. With casinos hounding her for payment, she turned to a “friend” to help her out. The friend gladly paid off the entire debt to the casinos, but in return got our author to sign over any and all future rights from her books. This author has always been reluctant to have her books appear as films because of some bad previous experiences, but now, she really has no choice because she gave up all the rights. I would predict a flood of made for television type fare over the next few years all based on her books. Oh, and she is still gambling. cd

He Spent the Mortgage Money on Fun

This recently divorced B list actor on a hit network show lost most of his money in his divorce, bought real estate he could barely afford, spending every night out and not saving a penny. When the writer’s strike came along, all of the furniture he had been leasing was taken from him. He was living in a 5,000 square foot home with a television and a chair. When his castmates heard about his plight and that his house was going to be foreclosed they took up a collection and raised enough to pay his mortgage for the next year. Instead of paying off his debt, he has been spending all their kindness money on hotels and travel to Las Vegas, just thinking that his next financial payday is right around the corner.

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