More Tragedy Avoided

boy sad 1[Blind Gossip] This one is both sad and scary. A close friend of a troubled celebrity tells us that they are actually very happy that the celeb’s child/ren didn’t live with them.

The celeb had » Continued

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Babydaddy Tension

fathers and babies[Downfront 2] Will the Babydaddies of this R&B Diva cause a problem for her comeback plan?

The Diva is preparing to return to the spotlight, but her Babydaddies are » Continued

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Married Baller Is A Cheater

couple bed kids[Mouth To Ears] This marriage is clearly breakable.

This couple wishes they could wake up to a bed full of children but that wont happen anytime soon. Why not?

Because this reality star is » Continued

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Still Sniffing

woman coc 4[Daily Mirror] This celebrity may have a young daughter, but it hasn’t stopped her » Continued

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Yelling Match Confirms Affair

parents fighting 3[Blind Gossip]  A meal out for a celebrity family over the weekend in Los Angeles turned ugly, with two celebs swearing and leveling accusations at each other.

All during the meal, she picked off her child/ren’s plate while he picked at her. It wasn’t until they got out to the car, though, when the real fireworks stated flying. With the kid/s tucked safely inside, they were accusations of infidelity flying across the hood of the car.

He blamed her for » Continued

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He Never Initiates

woman flirting 6[Blind Gossip] This over-35 actor stars in one of the big films that came out in December. He works hard to maintain his image as a good husband and father. Fans might then be surprised to learn that, in his entire married life, the longest that he has ever been » Continued

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Why These Friends Are Fighting

[Blind Gossip] This famous actress and her husband filed for divorce, but they have been able to remain friendly throughout the process. Part of the reason is that he still holds out hope of getting back together with her.

However, that doesn’t seem likely. The actress is » Continued

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A Disciplined Tug Of War

[Blind Gossip] This celebrity family is going through some troubles, with lots of rumors floating around about who is doing what, and who is siding with whom.

Well, here is the real story.

This argument isn’t about money or fame. It’s about the child/ren.

The father recognized from the beginning that he doesn’t have much control over » Continued

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Either They Go Or I Go

[Blind Gossip] This celebrity couple – both actors – has been married for several years, has one or more kids, and usually gets along pretty well. There’s an exception to that, though, and it is terrifying the wife.

He sometimes drinks. When he drinks, he sometimes gets argumentative. When he gets drunk, he sometimes gets angry. And when he gets drunk and angry, he tends to blame his wife for whatever is bothering him.

It gets worse. » Continued

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Hot Scandals Brewing For Fake Housewife

[Reality Tea] Reality TV Star Is Faking Wealth And Success

I know, I know, this could describe almost every single one of the reality TV stars of late, right?! Being rich seems to be the exception and not the rule. This little blind item tidbit has to do with a more up and coming Housewife/reality TV star and that’s all we can say about that.

The alleged dirt:

“Mrs. X has » Continued

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