Reality Guy Overshares with Teen Boys

teen-boys-1BuzzFoto – This C list Reality Celeb was volunteering for a youth group and invited a few cameras for photo ops. The pictures were taken, and the cameras went home but the Celeb stayed and » Continued

Arguing Over Divorce Via Text Messaging


BuzzFoto – At the gym with a Network Television Actress from a popular show who was texting her husband back and forth. The Actress argued with her hubby through text and oddly enough, kept sharing it with our source and several other people in her group. » Continued

Rocker is Ratting Out Her Friends

rat-1StyleList – Which messy tabloid favorite who thinks she’s a rock-style icon (actually she just married shrewdly) is known for calling journalists in a pill-haze and ratting out her celebrity friends? She has some especially good stories about her famous pals The Shoplifter and also The Godmother Of Her Child.

Parent Forgot to Pick Up Their Child

school-houseBuzzFoto – Which East Coast Resident Star forgot to pick up their child from school and had to be called and reminded from school staff? Our source claims the whole mishap was not a matter of memory, so much as it was of Methamphetamine. It’s not Ms. Fey, she’d never do something like that!

Last Night We Baked Lots of Yummy Cookies

cookiesDaily Mirror – Which celeb parents tell their kid coke marks on the table after dinner parties are lines of baking powder used for cookie baking?

Why She is Always Seen Carrying a Child

woman-carrying-childBlindGossip – This top celebrity makes a big deal out of talking about motherhood and how much time she spends being a good mom. She would lead you to believe that she dotes on her children and takes an active role in thier lives. Not so. When the kid/s were little, she only changed about one out of every hundred diapers. The kid/s are being raised by a small army of nannies. Our star has limited contact with them except during photo opportunities, which are always staged with her carrying the child/ren, even if they are big enough to walk on their own. Why? Because she thinks that carrying a child makes her look motherly and “likable”.

Drama Character Will Announce Pregnancy

pregnant-belly-pinkEntertainment Weekly – Congratulations are in order! A major female character on a popular and highly rated hour-long drama series will learn that she’s pregnant next month. Come to think of it, hold off on the congratulations. This is far from a happy occasion. You see, the expectant mom will be none too thrilled to find herself with child. For starters, the timing couldn’t be worse — both professionally and personally. And then there’s the baby daddy. He’s been, um, going through some stuff lately. Personal stuff. The kind of stuff only a psychologist and/or a surgeon can fix. A kid is an extra dose of crazy he probably doesn’t need right now either. On the other hand, maybe a new life is exactly the kind of game-changing event these two do need. As the saying goes, good things come in initially small packages. Of course, there’s an added wrinkle I have yet to mention. The bun in her oven? It may have company.

Eighties Guy Abandoned His Kids

baby-3Downfront 2 – This 80’s Heartthrob is finding out the hard way you should never abandon your kids. When they grow up they come back to haunt you and make you look like a fool!

She’s Off the Pill on Purpose

birth-control-pillsBuzzFoto – This C-lister has been dating a C/B-list co-star on the sly for a couple months. Our spy overheard her telling a friend that she’s been off her pills for several months now. Wonder if the dude knows that there’s a possible baby on the way?

It’s not Cheryl Burke.

Stepford Steps a Little Closer to Freedom

nicole-kidman-2BlindGossip – This celebrity couple’s  pre-nuptial agreement required the wife to stay in the relationship for a certain amount of time. However, the Stepford Wife’s law firm has decided that it may be difficult to impossible for the husband to enforce this. It seems that the wife knows much more than she should about the husband’s long-time and very personal relationship with another high-profile man. She is using that knowledge to get her sentence reduced and to to gain custody over the couple’s kid/s.

It’s still not Nicole Kidman.

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His Wife Talks Smack About His Ex Girlfriend

dennis-quaidBuzzFoto – There are so many babies in Hollywood – and we’re not talking about children. So we were happy to hear about this exchange. This actor and actress » Continued

Mommy’s Milk Isn’t So Wholesome

baby-surpisedBuzzFoto – This mummy has been passing stories on the set about how she drinks a glass or two of wine every night. No problems with that, except that she said she did so when she was still breastfeeding. We hope she was joking, but she’s not really known for her sense of humor.

It’s not Jennifer Garner.

This Stepford Wife is Packing Her Bags

stepford-wifeBlindGossip – This Stepford Wife is close to splitting from her husband. She has actually consulted with several high-profile divorce lawyers on both coasts. The main issue here seems to be custody of their kid/s, whom the husband is intent on keeping. Thankfully, she’s gotten her parents involved, even though she had distanced herself from them over the past few years.

No It’s Not: Nicole Kidman.

Mommy Gets Out of the Pool

woman-exiting-poolCDAN – A couple of months ago in this space I talked about the actress who left her coke out while she went to answer the phone and her child found it. The child of course was copying what mommy had been doing. Well, apparently mommy’s habit is getting out of control again because she was at a swim class with her child. She was in the water with her child and several other parents and yet went to the dressing room 3 times in a 45 minute class. Each time she went, she would leave her child to be watched over by another parent or the teacher of the class.

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She Orders Tequila by the Case

patron-tequilaBuzzFoto – Hmm, what would a person be doing with three cases of Patron? A buddy of ours let us know that this sorta-actress, now known more for her reality work often puts in an order for three cases of the stuff, and that she orders the same a few times a year – sometimes once a month. Who on earth drinks that much tequila? We think she’d be better off spending time with the kids.

It’s not Tori Spelling…we love that girl.

Celebrity Loves Adoption but Hates People

adoptionBuzzFoto – This celebrity who is known for being an outspoken advocate of adoption, recently was on set calling another cast member the ‘n’ word. You know which word we mean, the totally disgusting one. We wonder how an adoptive child would feel about that.

Rap Star Loves to Go to Playgrounds

kids-1CDAN – This A list rap star who goes by one name has a photography collection of which he is very proud. What are they? He enjoys going to playgrounds and taking photos of the children playing there. He has thousands of photos he has accumulated from all over the world. He doesn’t try and hide the collection from his friends, although all of them find his hobby and his enthusiasm for it very disturbing. Not Kanye.

TV Actor Buys Lingerie That’s Not for His Wife

lingerie-1BuzzFoto – This is one of the straightest arrows on the small screen – married, with a new baby in the last two years, and seemingly content on his posh network gig. So why does discreetly he keep ordering rather large lingerie from various WeHo undies hotspots? It’s surely not for his wife, she’s much too thin for such a size.

It’s not Charlie…this time.

Actor Gets a Lot Out of His Wife’s Job

secretaryCDAN – Another B lister. He does a mix of television and movies, but he is making his money and fame on this hit network drama. He never had much success in movies even though he used to do them exclusively. Anyway, he has a non celebrity career wife and child(ren). Lately, he has been attending many of her work functions, and one thing led to another and he is now sleeping with his wife’s secretary.

These Actors are Trying Out a New Genre

pon-actressCDAN – Both of these award winning actors are A list. #1 is an A list movie actor, while #2 got his start in movies, and is now an A list television actor. Oh. Both of them are married as well. And both of them also have child(ren). Three or four times a year they » Continued

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