Baby Intentions are Questionable

BuzzFotoThis famous celebrity baby mama is currently trying to adopt a child from another country. She’s doing it with good intentions mostly, but we hear she will be trying to broker a deal with the mags for the first photos in order to use the money to fund her already existing children’s college funds.

Actor is Far From Single

BuzzFoto – This B/C List actor never goes to a Red Carpet event or a club with a date. He never talks about his love life is hardly ever seen with a lady on his arm… but he is far from single. He allegedly has » Continued

This is My Half of the Room

BlindGossip – These two female celebrities are approximately the same age. Both have starred in multiple films, have been married more than once, and have more than one child. They also share the same religion and some significant business contacts.

You would think that with so much in common, they must get along, right? » Continued

Her Spoiled Child Rules The Roost

BuzzFotoThis famous celebrity mom is a sl*ve to her child. The daughter calls all the shots, makes diva demands, and swears and yells at her mom. At a recent play-date, a source says that as the mom was showed up to pick up her daughter and the little girl threw a fit on the front porch and yelled » Continued

Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven Payoffs

BuzzFoto – We want to thank our good pals over at Blind Gossip for always having our back and promoting us! Check them out for all your Blind Item needs!

This little known star on a children’s network just had a hush-hush moment after getting so drunk this week that she threw up on the floor of a local 7-Eleven. It was all made right when mommy manager swooped in and saved her with a stack of twenties in the cashier’s pocket. 501

Naptime Wasn’t Very Private

BlindGossip – This relationship between an actress and athlete is over, but here are a couple of the more interesting details. Their relationship was purely » Continued

The Custody Battle Begins



BlindGossip – Here comes the custody battle! But before you decide that the kids need to be taken away from Husband and given to Wife, there’s something you should know. Selecting which of these two parents is best is like choosing the lesser of two evils.

He has told people that he believes he’s managing his sobriety well if he “only binges on cr*ck twice a month.” » Continued

Child Will Legally Fight Parents

BuzzFoto – This famous family is pretending solidarity in the spotlight, but for the last year and half the biggest celebrity in the family not only refuses to speak to everyone else behind the scenes, they also are taking legal action against the parents. 492

Nasty Fight Between Split Couple

BlindGossip – This celebrity couple is splitting, but we hear that some of the more recent  arguments continue to be jaw-dropping. The couple was originally pushed into marriage due to an untimely pregnancy. However, it seems that not even having a child has softened Wifey’s attitude towards her soon-to-be-ex husband. “I should have had an ab*rtion when I had the chance!” she screamed at him during a recent fight. We wonder what Justin Bieber would think about that. We also wonder if the couple has put aside money for therapy for their child in the future.

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Marriage

StarMagazineWhich B-list married-with-a-child couple may have an open marriage? Over the past few months, Star eyewitnesses have spotted them out separately — on dates with other people! Says an insider: ‘Some think they have a don’t ask don’t tell relationship.

Oscar Girl Fights Aging

BuzzFoto – This A list actress with an Oscar or two is married with kids and still working, although by Hollywood standards she is “old.” She has been desperately trying to stave off menopause with a combination of Chinese herbs she purchases secretly in downtown LA. She’s so scared of ‘the change’ that she’s now seeing a spiritualist that is giving her tips from beyond the grave about holding on to her youth. 484

The Almost Perfect Baby Name

BlindGossip – It will be baby season soon, and you can expect a lot of stars to add to their families in the upcoming months! This group includes a very famous actress, who we hear is expecting a little bundle of joy. No, she hasn’t announced it publicly yet, but she is already making preparations, including the selection of a name. If everything goes as planned, she will be naming the baby » Continued

Why The Wife Stays With Pervy Actor

BlindGossip – This actor from a network show has gotten all fired up and pervy at the clubs over the years. He purposefully » Continued

Pregnant Actress Has Cheating Hubby

CDANThis pregnant almost A list movie actress who only does cameos on television just found out her A list movie actor cheated on her with this A list movie actress who is not pregnant, but has kids with her husband.

Actor Denies The Baby is His

Downfront2This Actor is slowly explaining his actions for an abrupt breakup with his Girlfriend. It seems the two no longer live together after she gave birth to a child. When the tabloids starting to pick up the story, he declared….. via the social networks…..The Kid Is Not My Son!

Pro Baller is a Changed Man

Downfront2A Pro Baller is declaring himself a changed man because he met the right Woman who offered a dash of reality. Problem is that woman isn’t the Babymomma of his three children with whom he had a long time relationship with that never resulted in marriage.

Two Singers Are Gay In The UK

HolyMoly – So there’s the openly gay UK indie band/solo singer who is boasting to all and sundry about the bl*w job he recently received from another male UK lead singer. The interesting part is WHO the bl*wer was… massively successful, massively famous and most definitely married with several children. No Way!

Caring Father is Really a Phony

NewYorkPost – Which TV star is so desperate to milk his image as a caring father that he tips off fotogs to catch him being a doting dad in public places — then hands the kid back to its mother once the snapper has his shot?

An Actor Goes to WeHo


[BlindGossip] This actor has been under a lot of scrutiny about his sexuality. While he has been keeping a very low public profile (with the exception of a magazine cover here or there), he isn’t exactly sitting at home with the wife and kids night after night. In fact, he recently made an appearance at a WeHo gay bar with some male friends. They were swigging down drinks and cracking jokes about a certain organization to which he belongs. No, the organization is not The Hair Club for Men.

» Continued

Kids Love Barbie and Bondage

BuzzFoto – This D list star from a cable competition show was recently asked to leave a grocery store after she was seen donating to the poor, er, sort of. The store had a bin where you deposit toys for underprivileged kids and the star decided to » Continued

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