Infidelity and The Nanny

nanny 3

BuzzFoto - This A/B list celebrity couple with kid/s is currently in couples counseling to address some issues of marital infidelity. Both cheat on a regular basis and it was quietly accepted between the two. Until [More...]

Her Spoiled Child Rules The Roost

child bratty

BuzzFoto - This famous celebrity mom is a sl*ve to her child. The daughter calls all the shots, makes diva demands, and swears and yells at her mom. At a recent play-date, a source says that as the mom was showed up to pick up her daughter and the little girl threw a fit on [More...]

The Custody Battle Begins


SOLVED! UPDATED! BlindGossip - Here comes the custody battle! But before you decide that the kids need to be taken away from Husband and given to Wife, there's something you should know. Selecting which of these two parents is best is like choosing the lesser of two [More...]

Child Will Legally Fight Parents

child angry

BuzzFoto - This famous family is pretending solidarity in the spotlight, but for the last year and half the biggest celebrity in the family not only refuses to speak to everyone else behind the scenes, they also are taking legal action against the parents. 492 [More...]

Nasty Fight Between Split Couple

couple fighting 2

BlindGossip - This celebrity couple is splitting, but we hear that some of the more recent  arguments continue to be jaw-dropping. The couple was originally pushed into marriage due to an untimely pregnancy. However, it seems that not even having a child has softened Wifey's [More...]