She Gives Xmas Gifts at Sundance

BuzzFoto – Several years ago at Sundance, we told you about a Reality Star that gave a local the gift that keeps on giving for Christmas » Continued

Find That Wedding Ring

CDAN – This almost A list television actor from a very long running hit network series and who is also a B+/A- movie actor is scrambling fast and furious. He told his wife that he lost his wedding ring at the gym but really lost it at his girlfriend’s house. The problem is his girlfriend is married too so they need to find the ring before her husband discovers it.

She’ll Dump Fiance for a Richer Guy

CDAN – What do you do when your network reality star fiancee lets it be known to a very very wealthy businessman that she could be persuaded to dump her current fiancee if the businessman was to make her an offer. Oh, and she did it while her fiancee was 15 feet away.

Having an Affair for the Jewelry

CDAN – I have to say when I heard this I felt really bad for the husband because you know his friends always have said he is not good looking enough to marry this woman. Anyway, this former A list television actress who has been in a couple of big shows » Continued

His Love Was as Real as Cubic Zirconia

BuzzFoto – This actress with a movie out this month just found out that the man from her second long-term relationship gave her a diamond ring that wasn’t real. She is pissed she wore it for so long. Everyone always wondered how he could afford such a big rock- they just assumed she paid for it. Not Sarah Jessica Parker.

Singer Has Removed Her Wedding Ring

CDAN – This married couple is still married but it is pretty much for show. She is an A list singer who drags her husband out of the house for shopping and things. The only reason she is keeping him around is because she has a new album coming out and doesn’t want to talk about marriage. She doesn’t wear her wedding ring even when they are out together. She makes him sleep in the guest house or at his friends. Meanwhile she has “friends” who come stay with her.


» Continued

She Lied About Losing Her Wedding Ring

CDAN – This Academy Award winner/nominee actress recently sold her wedding ring to pay off » Continued

She Should Watch Out for Regifted Jewelry

BlindGossip – This film and television actor’s newish flame will be getting a lovely gift of jewelry for Valentine’s Day. How sweet and personal, right? Not really. We wonder how long it will take for her to figure out that he » Continued

She is Expecting a Valentine's Day Proposal

engagement ring valentines dayBlindGossip – While it may be a bit early, this young star is already predicting what will happen on Valentine’s Day. She is telling friends that she is sure that her boyfriend is going to propose, and she has already started picking out her wedding gown. The only person who doesn’t know about this is » Continued

Her Boyfriend Gave Her an Earful

womans ear 1CDAN – This actress/member of band/reality star recently had an operation to restore a good portion of one of her ears. » Continued

His Wealth is Just an Illusion

money 5PanacheReport – He’s a ladies man and he’s known to lavish his women [with gifts,] but when the newness of the relationship wears off, he’s abrupt and kicks them to the curb. He gives the impression he’s a big time baller and he’s had some recent big paydays. This is nothing but an illusion. Allegedly, four of his luxury cars have been » Continued

Three Reasons for a Fast Wedding

bride and groom runningBlindGossip – Don’t believe the stories you hear about how happy her family is that she is marrying her boyfriend. Exactly the opposite. Yes, they are publicly supportive of the relationship. Privately, though, they are desperately scrambling to figure out a way to get through to her that she should wait. Why is she so insistent on getting married so quickly? She is a very competitive girl, and actually has three reasons for running to the altar: Attention. Money. Baby.

Sponsor Has to Watch Out for This Musician

wrist watch 2StyleList – Which internationally famous solo musician, who is paid a small fortune to be a face of a luxury watch manufacturer, actually prefers to wear one made by the competition? His endorsement contract includes a handler whose sole job it is to stop him before he goes on stage to replace his wristwatch with one made by the sponsor.

She Thinks Her Meds are Glamorous

diamondStyleList – Which senior L.A. socialite, known for her fabulous jewels, almost seems to enjoy being treated for » Continued

Handsome Guy Needs a Little Extra Help

bradley-cooper-2EOnline – Handsome enough, Fruzzy Tuna-Stench has never really had much of a problem with the ladies—that’s because they usually don’t tip each other off! Take a recent conquest of Fruzzy’s, a babe who was so delighted to have found herself in Mr. Tuna-Stench’s Hollywood Hills home, she wanted to » Continued

Fashion Designer Has a Date for Cartier Party

cartier-watchesPopBitch – Which fashion designer was set up on a date with a model by an actress who used to be nicknamed The Coke Fairy at Cartier Polo day? The designer left with the model in his limo, looking very happy.

Actress Forgets to Wear Her Wedding Ring

wedding-rings-2CDAN – This married B list actress from a hit network drama who dabbles in movies is cheating on her unsuspecting husband with a producer from her most recent movie. That relationship isn’t that serious, but it is still cheating. You would think her husband would catch on since the only time she generally wears her wedding ring is when she is physically with her husband.

Hollywood Legend’s Bling Bling Goes Bye Bye

necklace-2BlindGossip – This Hollywood legend had a very successful career as an actress. She also treated herself well by buying only the best: gorgeous homes, cool cars, expensive jewelry. However, her finances must be a little shaky as of late. Her assistant has been going around to pawn shops looking for loans against some of the star’s jewelry. The homes and the cars will stay for now, but we don’t know how many pieces of jewelry she has left to keep up the pretense that all is well.

This Actor Fools with Jewels

jewelsBlindGossip – This young couple turned a work relationship into a romance. There is lots of paparazzi evidence of the two spending their off-screen time together. So there was naturally a  considerable amount of buzz when the actor was seen shopping alone for a very beautiful and rather expensive piece of jewelry. A few weeks later, the jewelry was spied being worn… by another actress on the same production. Oops.  It looks like the couple we all think is a couple isn’t very exclusive.

Baller Doesn’t Want You Mocking His Wife

basketballDownfront2 – This Basketball Superstar doesn’t get along with his teammates. He doesn’t like the way they clown his crazy wife. Here’s a hint, he has many championship rings.

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