More Fake Rolexes

rolex watch

[Blind Gossip] John Mayer bought several Rolex watches from a dealer he met through Charlie Sheen. He didn't know that the watches were fake, but as soon as he found out, he sued the dealer. However, there is another celebrity walking around with a Rolex on his arm... and he [More...]

Fashion Week Heist

diamond necklace and earrings

SOLVED! [Blind Gossip] This under-30 celebrity has been photographed a lot lately. She hasn't really done anything important yet, but she is young and beautiful and comes from a famous family, and thus is watchable. How would her family feel if they knew that [More...]

One Upsmanship

engagement ring 19

[Blind Gossip] There is a professional athlete who was going to propose to his celebrity girlfriend during the holidays. He had already purchased a beautiful engagement ring and planned out what he was going to say in his proposal. Then [More...]