Almost Arrested In Italy

northern italy[Blind Gossip] This guy is one of the most famous musicians in the world. We always thought he was one of the richest, too. Not necessarily! » Continued

He Curses His Boss Behind His Back

PopBitch – Which England star told friends over dinner that Fabio Capello was “a f*cking wanker…can’t wait for him to get fired”?

Trainer Out and Pretty Boy In

PopBitch – Word from a certain lake in Italy is that this heavily closeted Tinseltown actor has ditched the personal trainer/hairdresser/assistant he’s been having a relationship with for years in favour of a very pretty 17-year-old. He’s said to be besotted but even his regular entourage are worried the lad
in question may not have the purest motives. Sorry, no more clues.