Her Mousy Sister is Talking

mouse girl

BuzzFoto - This actress has a little sister who is mousy and shy and is her assistant. The actress (foreign born) can’t figure out why all her good secrets keep spilling over the web. It might be because her little sister is sleeping with a well known (foreign) gossip reporter. [More...]

Trying to Escape Their Religion


BlindGossip - When a celebrity is seen as one of the prominent members of their religion, it can be difficult for them to choose a different path for themselves. This is especially true if another member of their family is still actively involved. This celebrity has been trying [More...]

Snorter Wore a Pink Tank Top

pink tank top

SOLVED! RadarOnline - The drama surrounding a young Hollywood actress caught on camera snorting c*caine may be moving into the legal arena. RadarOnline.com broke the news that a mystery star was seen snorting c*ke in a sensational video that made a brief appearance on [More...]

The Bigger The Better

woman Plus Size Model

BuzzFoto - This actor, known mostly for his great hair and good looks over his acting ability, might surround himself with stick thin supermodels at times, but we’re told he has a ‘big girl f*tish.’ He scours the internet for listings and photos of lovely, big, and curvaceous [More...]

He Mocked Her on Facebook

BuzzFoto - This celebrity couple who broke up recently (not the two singers, which are the subjects of another previous blind) did so because of Facebook. She found out he was repeatedly sending messages to his famous ex via Facebook. It wouldn’t be so bad if almost all of the [More...]

Two Year Penalty for Looking

man looking at computer screen

BuzzFoto - This C List celebrity caught her celebrity B List husband “in the act” while enjoying some online p*rnography. She allegedly considers it next to ‘cheating’ and denied him sex for two years as penance. He complained often to friends about it, but by all accounts didn’t [More...]

Actor Denies The Baby is His

mother and baby 5

Downfront2 - This Actor is slowly explaining his actions for an abrupt breakup with his Girlfriend. It seems the two no longer live together after she gave birth to a child. When the tabloids starting to pick up the story, he declared….. via the social networks…..The Kid Is Not [More...]

Her Online Dating Secret

girl laptop 1

BuzzFoto - This C list actress that is in a movie that just left the theaters is having trouble adjusting to her new-found fame. She’s always been a little socially awkward in the men  department, and although people are linking her with her co-star, she’s secretly dating a woman [More...]

Oded Pulls a Toothy

will smith 1

EOnline - So last time we checked, multi-talent stud dude Oded Good-Head gave his manager the surprise of a life-time by getting serviced in his dressing room by a male fan. Could that be—as we correctly predicted—why Oded was soon thereafter seen going on (and on) about the joys [More...]