Rock Star Has Household Troubles

BuzzFoto – She is a non-famous and very insecure wife to this lead singer of a Top 40 Rock Band who lives outside of LA. The couple have only been married for a few years, but she is so worried about affairs and losing him, she’ll do whatever she can to keep him happy. The trouble is, she » Continued

Why He Is Still So Bitter

BlindGossip – Why is this talented Guy still so bitter about his Ex? The explanation goes back to one particular event:

Guy and his Ex – who is a celebrity in her own right – were each at their respective homes in Los Angeles. He asked her to come over to his house for a little afternoon snack of frank and beans (which she did quite often). On this particular occasion, though, Ex she said that she couldn’t come over because » Continued

A Room Full of Hairy Secrets

BuzzFoto – You’ll never believe this, but the A/B list movie actor who is quite handsome and talented has a secret that only a few people know about- he’s completely bald and wears a wig. A housekeeper leaked the news after finding a whole room in his house dedicated to his hair creations. 538

Politico Has Two Apartments

NewYorkPost – Which host of a political show has one apartment he keeps with his wife, and another in the same building for “special guests?”.

We Smell a Rat

BuzzFoto – This “Vegetarian” Television actress constantly criticizes her cast mates and lectures them on eating meat. She then goes back to her home and spends thousands on ‘rodent control.’

How She Copes in Her Gilded Cage

BlindGossip – This award-winning actor has always led a double life. He married his beard, but it was never a real marriage. Just a business partnership. Then he got a new » Continued

He is a Celebrity Hoarder

CDAN – This former A list movie actor. I mean he was A+ not that far back in the day is in talks to be the first celebrity on Hoarders. You cannot even get into his house despite the fact even Camille would think it was large.

Rich Actress Has Visitors Waiting

BuzzFoto – Picture this female actress, born in the early 80′s, surrounded by all her money. She’s known for being super wealthy and bringing in the big bucks at the box office. Now picture seeing several cars parked outside her house each day. » Continued

Shrooms for The Child of Divorce

StarMagazine – Which twentysomething daughter of a divorced Hollywood Couple ( both are now remarried) is experimenting with drugs? At a recent House party, we hear she ate quite a few hallucinogenic mushrooms- something she has been doing a lot lately!

The Black Dog Runs at Night

BuzzFoto – While having dinner with friends, this C list actress – who started out as a singer – got very drunk and tried to drive home. Her friends wouldn’t let her and ended up » Continued

TV Star Needs Hygiene Help

TheGloss – What actor from an award-winning ensemble TV show might need some help in the hygiene department? When a reporter showed up at his LA home to interview him, she wasn’t sure if the stench was from the actor’s lack of bathing or copious weed smoking.

Peter and Horebart Like to Watch

EOnline – Rich Celeb Likes to Watch Boys Man Their Rockets: Never really understood the more voyeuristic side of Hollywood, like Petered Metered, the Hollywood star who lives to watch p*rn or gay boys doing it » Continued

White Beverly Hills

BuzzFoto – This foreign born star who made it big in a movie last year was contemplating a move to Los Angeles to be closer to more roles and opportunities. When she put down the cash on some real estate in a posh Beverly Hills neighborhood, this C list Actress (who really hasn’t done anything but cameos lately) gave her a phone call that went something like this, ‘We’re sooo glad to hear you’re moving here… but I should probably warn you that you’ll be the only person in the neighborhood who isn’t white, except for the help of course. You might be more comfortable somewhere else.'”

He Has a Cristal Super Shooter

BuzzFoto – This B/C list rapper is always careful to mention the plight of those trapped in poverty, but was shooting very expensive Cristal out of water guns at party guests at a recent house party. Nothing too salacious, but a little wasteful don’t you think?

Cast and Crew Save a House

CDAN – Recently while shooting a movie, this B- list mostly television actress who had one big career role for a network and is on a current hit show, discovered that her makeup artist was having her home foreclosed. The makeup artist has four kids and her husband had died about 18 months earlier. Anyway, our actress could have written a check to cover the amount, but when other members of the cast and crew heard what had happened they decided to make the movie shoot also one big fundraiser. With the help of this B list actor/comedian and this B list Academy Award nominee/winner actress, they organized bake sales, dunking booths, bowling tournaments and anything else they could think of doing. It made the set fun and everyone participated and the woman received enough money to save her house.
#1 – B- list actress:
#2 – B list actor/comedian:
#3 – Academy Award nominee/winner:
#4 – The name of the movie:

She Couldn’t Move Fast Enough

BlindGossip – We’ve talked about this celebrity before. She gave some odd reasons as to why she was moving overseas, and then she moved. So the story is over, right? Oh, no. She and Mother totally brawled before the move. As you may recall, Daughter is writing a “Mommie Dearest” tell-all, much to her mother’s chagrin. To make things even worse, she told some people about her mother’s earlier promiscuous behavior. Her mother responded by sending a note to the daughter that read “You no longer exist in my life”.

Oscar Guy Gardens with His Kids

CDAN – This A+ movie star and Academy Award winner/nominee is a do gooder. He is considered extremely straight laced. No swearing and no cheating rumors. You barely even see pictures of him drinking. Well, in his backyard he grows his own pot and loves nothing more than spending a day sitting and smoking all day long. He even encourages his kids to do the same thing.

The Actor and The Golf Cart

CDAN – This C list television actor on a very hit network show has had some really good luck when it comes to television. Despite being only C+, he has been on two very hit shows. A very lucky guy. Oh, except for what happened last week. Our actor was at a party and was » Continued

Why Agency Keeps Tall Girl as Client

CDAN – This almost almost former A lister on television from a very hit show who is now just a very tall C list television and movie actress got really » Continued

Crazy Actress Invites Grandma Home

CDAN – This finally working again former B+ movie actress who dated some of the biggest names in LA and also tended to get a little crazy at times, spent last night comforting a lost Alzheimer’s patient found wandering the neighborhood. Upon realizing the elderly lady spoke Russian, the actress called up a friend to translate and they were able to get enough information for police to return the senior safely to her family. In the meantime, the lady was all smiles as she relaxed in the actress’s living room with the family dog on her lap.

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