Singer Manages to Mess Up a Patch Up

DailyMirror – Which singer – who is already struggling to patch things up with the mother of his child – slipped up at London’s Mandarin Oriental by snogging a gorgeous brunette publicist?

Sweet Girl is Actually a Party Girl

StarMagazine – Which oh-so-sweet actress is a secret party girl? She and her boyfriend recently hosted a dr*g and bo*ze bender at a hotel. Looks like her ex isn’t the only scandalous one!

Oscar Nominee is Less Gay Than You Think

PopBitch – Which nominee is less gay than you’d think? They annoyed their London hotel minders by inviting a different girl to their suite (and sometimes more than one) on a film junket.

She’s Got a Reputation for Sticky Fingers

StarMagazine – Which starlet’s rep for having sticky fingers precedes her? While hosting a recent bash at a hotel, she had to put down a credit card, although she was only using the room to get ready. No mini-bar is safe from this girl!

Hamptons Man Drinks Alone

NYPost – Which Hamptons hotelier was at his bar drinking with more than 20 patrons one weekend night at 12:45 a.m. when he suddenly stood up and ordered everyone out, “Now!” — told them they didn’t have to tip or pay their tabs, just get their coats and go, and ‘then sat there drinking by himself,’ said our source?

Celebrity Couple Brawls at Miami Hotel

CDAN – What celebrity couple who are famous for more than just their reality show and their arguments generated about 50 noise complaints over the weekend in Miami. It turns out that the wife was extremely jealous of the time her husband had been spending with this A list model and » Continued

Socialite’s Dad Gets Booted from Home

NewYorkPost – Which socialite is distraught over the plight of her alcoholic father? The old man has been barred from his apartment because of the street people he brings into the building and is now in a hotel.

Pilot Tells Star to Mind His Own Darn Cockpit

EOnline – We haven’t heard much about Fey Oiled-Tush since he dripped (not enough) jewels all over Hollywood’s leading vamp movie star. So thought you all might like to know what the closeted big-time celeb’s been up to—besides getting it on with gorgeous young men up in his private plane, that is.

He’s getting very nervous. » Continued

Golfer's Dad Picked Up Women at Tourny

CDAN – This father of a famous golfer always had a hotel room set aside for his use at tournaments where he could bring women he met while his son played. Sponsors were also known for providing him women in case he could not find his own.

Her Teen Boy Needs Some Manners

teen boy 3NYPost – Which etiquette expert needs to teach her own kids some manners? Her 13-year-old son crashed the bar mitzvah of his prep school classmate—in jeans and a T-shirt, no less—and rented a room at the hotel where the event was held for an unsupervised after-party.

He Must Have Really Good Rhythm

drum set 3BuzzFoto – This A/B list singer/performer has slept with the drummer from a popular rock band at least three times now. Both are married or with partners, and both are famous, and both have been secretly » Continued

He Used to Record Scripts for Chat Line

men kissingHolyMoly – Long time readers of Holy Moly may remember a story we ran in 1996 about an up-and-coming actor earning a crust by recording scripts for » Continued

A Day at the Beach With a Bearded Actor

man beach 1CDAN – Apparently this former B list movie actor and now probably a C, although with close to A name recognition has been scrambling because his beard relationship with his C list movie actress could be sinking quickly. The reason? Our actor thought he was » Continued

How to Help a Man Get Over His Dog

st bernard 1PopBitch – Back in the 80s, Bernie Winters was staying in the same hotel as a hard-living rock band. He got talking to one of the female members, who ended up in reality TV. » Continued

Dinged Five Times at the Hotel Counter

credit card cut upDailyMirror – Which over the top spender is so skint that all five of her credit cards were declined when she tried to pay her hotel bill? Your extra clue: We dread to think what’s she’s been buying.

Supermodel Must Have Been Super Tired

eiffel towerHolyMoly – Which Supermodel, in Paris with her boyfriend for Fashion Week, got so ‘tired and emotional’ in the Hemmingway [sic] bar of the Paris Ritz on Tuesday night that she passed out on a banquette in front of all the guests and had to be carried out?

Clumsy New York Socialite Goes to Paris

broken vase 2NYPost – Which New York socialite went into a shop near her five-star hotel in Paris and accidentally broke something, causing a huge scene? After police detained the philanthropist, she was thrown out of her hotel.

Torchwood Actor Had a Private Party

torchwood castHolyMoly – Which Torchwood actor has been up to no good? This guy (who is very attached) had a private party in his hotel room on Saturday night with another actor mate and a couple of girls – at least one of which received the torched wood?

NBA All Star Scores Two in Hotel

nba2CDAN – This NBA all star was seen going into his hotel room with two women while his B list television actress significant other was nowhere to be seen.

Hotel Bell Hop Knows Her Secret

bellhop 1StarMagazine – Which party-girl turned entrepreneur never leaves home without her stash? » Continued

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