Baby Baby Baby Thanksgiving

BlindGossip – Oh baby, baby, baby! Well, to be more precise, no baby and two baby boys. This multi-hyphenate is not pregnant, which isn’t surprising given that she hasn’t had sex with a man in months (including her husband). This reality star isn’t wigging out over her first boy. She is actually thrilled. She’ll never have to worry about money again! And finally, it’s a healthy baby boy who will magically be birthed within the next 48 hours, just in time for the gullible to marvel at the poetic irony of a Thanksgiving arrival.

She Likes a Man in Uniform

BuzzFoto – On Halloween, this C list actress/singer was so drunk at a club, she mistakenly took a group of men dressed as sailors for the real thing. She followed the four men back to their hotel room, because they joked they were servicemen on leave with a weekend pass, and she » Continued

She’s Not Too Old for Halloween

BlindGossip – This actress loved Halloween as a kid and complained to friends that she really missed the ritual of Trick or Treating. So she did something about it. » Continued

We’re Going to Disneyland

NationalEnquirer – Which TV and film star took the ashes of a dearly departed relative to the Magic Kingdom?  The woman spread some of the loved one’s ashes without permission throughout the California theme park – and even around The Haunted Mansion!

Halloween Produced This Little Treat

BuzzFoto – Last year at this time, we told you about a crazy Halloween party where drugs and sex were pretty much the only things going on. Now we’ve come to find out that this couple who had a baby this year, conceived it the night of the party. You want a clue? Do the math. 410

Fireworks With a Playmate

CDAN – So, how did you spend your 4th of July weekend? Friends? Family? Arms of a Playmate? Well on Friday night this married Academy Award nominee/winner actor spent two hours at a “business dinner” (that is what he told his wife) with » Continued

He Can’t Talk to Regular People

BuzzFoto – This celebrity that everyone loves (including many actresses) has been famous for so long, he is out of touch with the real world. He has gotten so used to not talking to ‘regular’ people, he doesn’t know how to do it. During a recent holiday weekend which most of his staff had off, he had » Continued

Delusional Dorothy Celebrates Memorial Day

TheGossipBoy – If you remember Delusional Dorothy, you remember that it doesn’t take much from a guy for her to make him her point of interest.  Dorothy’s old crush had gone stale for the vixen since he was not a willing participant, not like that has ever stopped our star before.  But this guy had gotten lucky only because Dorothy had met a new guy.  Someone more powerful and more influential than any A-List actor. » Continued

Valentine’s Day Gifts for All The Ladies

StarMagazine – Which TV and movie star has been cheating on his wife for years? His makeup artist was his latest conquest, but he owes many other ladies Valentine’s Day presents!

Amy’s Actress Friend Wanted a Natural Blonde

HolyMoly – Which actress shagged some woman at Jordan’s fancy dress New Years Eve party then spent the rest of the time going around the room looking for both c*ke and ‘a natural blonde with hair’ to join in with her and her bedmate? People are blaming this behaviour on her bizarre new friendship with Amy Winehouse.

BG Notes: Jordan = Katie Price. Fancy dress = costume party

She Should Watch Out for Regifted Jewelry

BlindGossip – This film and television actor’s newish flame will be getting a lovely gift of jewelry for Valentine’s Day. How sweet and personal, right? Not really. We wonder how long it will take for her to figure out that he » Continued

She is Expecting a Valentine's Day Proposal

engagement ring valentines dayBlindGossip – While it may be a bit early, this young star is already predicting what will happen on Valentine’s Day. She is telling friends that she is sure that her boyfriend is going to propose, and she has already started picking out her wedding gown. The only person who doesn’t know about this is » Continued

Actress Got a New Face for the New Year

woman facelift 1BlindGossip – This actress was very quiet during the entire holiday season. Although she has a big project coming up this year, she simply disappeared over a month ago and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. We haven’t seen a single photo of her shopping for gifts,  or dishing up food for the homeless on Thanksgiving, or gathered with the family round the Holiday Tree. We found out that she’s been keeping a low profile because she just had her face freshened up. It was a major overhaul and she bruised pretty badly. When you see her, you will know it. It’s a pretty good job. She simply looks like a slightly surprised younger version of herself. Let’s just hope, however, that she doesn’t behave like the younger version of herself.

Pancakes and Hot Cocoa and The Guest House

pancakes 1BlindGossip – They will spend Christmas morning together with their child/ren, opening gifts and having a family breakfast of pancakes and hot cocoa. Sweet, right? Not really. Their Christmas present to each other is several uninterrupted hours » Continued

She’ll Fake Christmas Reunion for a Reality Show

christmas tree 1NYPost – Which lady who recently filed for divorce is trying to lure her husband to a Christmas reunion? Friends suspect she hopes to generate footage for a reality show.

Her Gifts Came Wrapped with a Candy Cane

candy cane 1BuzzFoto – A bunch of stars were at a party over the weekend. They were all supposed to bring gifts for a sort of “white elephant” exchange. One of the stars (a C list actress) took the “white” part a little too literally. They brought three little packages of white powder, neatly wrapped in Christmas ribbon and tied with a candy cane. Because there were children at the party, most of the guests were offended and asked the actress to leave. Not Rachel Bilson.

Fake Family Will Gather Round the Tree

family christmas treeBlindGossip – This a traditional “shopping” weekend for this established celebrity couple. She will likely be combing the aisles of every exclusive store, looking for that perfect flat panel TV or watch or digital camera or set of golf clubs for him. He will be busy too, but not in the way you think.

» Continued

TV Actor is Meaner Than Mr. Grinch

mr grinchCDAN – If you were at The Mall Of America this weekend in Minneapolis you might have seen this very good looking B- list actor from one of those network initial shows. He was walking through the mall when a woman » Continued

Botox Man will be Breaking Up with Actress

man botox 1CDAN – This D list funny guy/B list television actor got his first Botox recently. It was at the insistence of his A list television actress girlfriend who said she was tired of going out with a guy who looks 100. The funnyman went reluctantly but since the first didn’t need any prompting to return for his second. It doesn’t really matter anyway though since the relationship is going to be toast about a week after Christmas presents are pretended to be exchanged.

Model Will Be Having a White Christmas

christmas whiteCDAN – This very attractive and popular female model and sometime reality star thought she had the funniest joke the other night. While at a Christmas event/party she kept saying, “Oh it will be a White Christmas.” She then would » Continued

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