Pop Star Is Goal Oriented

[CDAN] This foreign born pop sensation is making his way through the teens of Hollywood. His goal is to have sex with as many as possible. So far he has had sex with the following teen actresses » Continued

Pass The Sweet Potatoes

[BlindGossip] Well, it should be an interesting Thanksgiving at this family’s house.  Everybody is mad at everybody else! Parent is unhappy with Child for continuing in a relationship that is sure to end in heartbreak. Child is annoyed that Sibling is scoring more work than Child and not including Child in the most lucrative projects. And Sibling is unhappy with Parent’s management of their career. Perhaps Child can lighten the mood by spilling the news that » Continued

No Effing Halloween This Year

[CDAN] This actor is probably a C list. He has definitely had times where he has been a B or B+, but that was when times were good and he was getting some good roles in some very popular movies. Now, he basically is a fringe guy. Movies, television, whatever it takes to earn a buck. If you saw him you would know exactly who he is, but would probably not remember his name. Anyway, going from making a million bucks a year to significantly less than that has transformed him from more of a happy kind of guy to » Continued

Sabotaging Thanksgiving Dinner

[BuzzFoto] This A list singer has decided to cook and host her own Thanksgiving dinner at her home for the first time, this year. Her jealous sister-in-law has a different plan. She told friends that she’s planning to sabotage the meal because it’s not fair that the singer ‘gets to have everything.’ 651

Ballistic At The Halloween Party

[BlindGossip] This diva had a little too much to drink at a recent Halloween party. She was fine until someone brought up the name of another female artist. Our diva began mocking her rival. When someone made the mistake of coming to the rival’s defense, our diva went ballistic, and started screaming at them: » Continued

Company For Halloween

[BuzzFoto] Last Halloween this B list, male television actor spent the night in the arms of his wife and children. This year, (since he was kicked out of his home two weeks ago) his friends plan to help him spend it with several pr*stitutes. 632

He’s Doing His Best Friend’s Wife

[StarMagazine] Which two celeb couples may soon be embroiled in a scandal? The superclose group spent holidays and vacationed together for nearly seven years, and now rumors are swirling that one of the hubbies and his best pal’s wife are involved in a heated twosome.

A Valentine’s Day Surprise

BlindGossip -This will be their first Valentine’s Day together, and boy, will he be surprised! He may be responsible for the flowers and dinner, but our actress just had her assistant purchase about $500 worth of gifts to bring some excitement to their private time together. Her purchases included » Continued

Housewife Wouldn’t Let Her Assistant Eat

InTouchMagazine – Which reality housewife from east of the Mississippi made her assistant miss her own family’s Christmas dinner to cook one for her boss? And she wouldn’t let her eat a bite!

A New Year’s Eve Bacchanal

NewYorkPostWhich well-known moneyman had sex with four young and attractive Asian women within five hours at his New Year’s Eve bacchanal?

Glee Actor Parties in Borocay

PopBitchWhich member of the Glee cast was partying over the holidays on Boracay island in the Philippines and managed to mistakenly pull a ladyboy (male homosexual)?

Lovebirds at the Holiday Party

BuzzFoto – These on-again, off-again celebrity lovebirds are back on for the time being. They are driving everyone around them crazy with their excessive » Continued

Merry Break Up and Happy New Relationship


BlindGossip – Lots of celebrity break up announcements this holiday season, but one more  is supposed to be coming in the next few weeks. This couple has actually been split up for months now, but you may not have even noticed since – like Scarlett and Ryan – they are » Continued

You Can’t Curl Up With a Good Ring

BlindGossip – This actress’ boyfriend has been hinting to her that he got her a very special Christmas gift… and that it’s even better than the one she wanted. She has been excitedly telling friends that she is sure it’s an engagement ring with an even bigger diamond than she requested. Who wants to be the one to break the news to her that her not-ready-for-marriage boyfriend actually bought her a Nook instead of a Kindle? Hope it’s aerodynamic, because she is totally going to throw that thing at him.

Chemistry with his TV Love Interest

LaineyGossip – I mentioned yesterday that there are a few more details about one of the recent splits announced in Hollywood this week. Turns out there was someone else: his love interest this season on his TV show. Their chemistry was so crazy and so evident to everyone that » Continued

She Gives Xmas Gifts at Sundance

BuzzFoto – Several years ago at Sundance, we told you about a Reality Star that gave a local the gift that keeps on giving for Christmas » Continued

She Threw a Holiday Party

BlindGossip – She was disappointed that her husband lusted after another woman. Disappointed that none of her relationships since have worked out. So this actress organized a cheerful holiday party for the crew of her recent film. But after a horrible phone conversation with her ex, she was so depressed that she disappointed everyone by not showing up at her own party.

Her Husband’s Getting Two Xmas Gifts

BuzzFoto – This B list star from TV and film is said to be giving her famous hubby a surprise Christmas gift this year. This is a gift that will benefit him and her. Can you guess what it is? Something he’s been » Continued

Twelve Step Mistletoe

BlindGossip – This actor is in more than a bit of trouble. There’s a reason for his cheating and other bad behavior. It’s the bottle. He’s always had a problem, but now it’s out of control. His wife (who is also a big celebrity) will stand by him as long as he agrees to go to rehab, which we hear will happen soon. The plan is to have him disappear over the holidays when everyone will simply be too busy to notice that he’s gone. Personally, we hope the wife will go with him. Rehab can be so romantic.

SOLVED! » Continued

She Delivered Thanksgiving and Christmas

CDAN – Many, but not enough celebrities help out on Thanksgiving by feeding the homeless or doing some other kind of good deed. This C+ list actress, who has made her first television show a hit network show decided to take her good deed a step further. Not only did she deliver meals to people’s homes all day Wednesday and Thursday, but she did so without drawing any attention to herself at all. It was only after people kept recognizing her when she was making deliveries that anyone had any idea she was on a show. The higher-ups in the organization told her she could do something more glamorous or photo op worthy but she refused and just kept delivering meals. She ended up delivering meals to over 100 homes during the two days and also dropped off Christmas presents to the homes she visited who had children.

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