Actress Is Starving Her Children

[BuzzFoto] This C List Actress mostly from film and a few network TV cameos is such a health nut, her kids are starting to suffer. After years of hopping on what ever the latest fad diet is popular, she’s forcing her unhealthy habits on her children. Her daughters are underweight and school officials finally complained to the authorities about it out of concern for the girls’ health. 557

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TV Star Can’t Leave Wife Alone

[NewYorkPost] Which TV star’s wife is seriously hampering his ability to work because her dr*g habit is so bad that he can’t leave her alone for even short periods of time to film?

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Baby Problem Is Her Fault

CDAN – This almost newborn baby to this B list actress was born with a birth defect. The reason? She did c*ke most of the way through her pregnancy.

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Actress Is In a Sad Relationship

Buzzfoto – This very depressed C list actress is doing her best to find a way to survive her crushing mental illness. She’s engaged in very self destructive behaviors in the past as a coping mechanism, but her new dr*g is diving into one relationship after another. We recently heard about her breakup and now we’ve heard about her new relationship. We hear the relationship is not a good thing, because it’s abusive. On both ends. 547

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Cheating Makes Everybody Crabby

EOnline – Ever wonder why hunky heartthrob Rick Danger-Zip split with his long-time gf Sunny Sweet-Cheeks? They seemed just perfect for each in that whole Britney and Justin sort of way, which is why it absolutely broke our hearts when they called it splits.

Well, here’s the » Continued

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Candidates for Gift Giver

BG Note: This EOnline’s speculation on a previous blind item originating from TMZ.

EOnline – Did a Blind Vice All-Star Give Somebody $20 Million H*rpes?

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Blind Vice to weigh in on yesterday’s scandalous celebrity lawsuit.

Which megaceleb is getting slapped with a $20 million lawsuit because he gave his sex partner h*rpes, and videotaped the whole unsafe-s*x act as it was going down?

Hmm. We’re just going to call this guy Schm*ck-Wad Stupid-*ss, and we might add, he sounds an awful lot like some contenders from our Blind Vice Hall of Fame, right?

At the top of our guessing game would have to be… » Continued

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Rich A-List Celeb Gave The Gift




TMZ – A new lawsuit obtained by TMZ alleges that  “An A-list celebrity of substantial fame internationally” has knowingly exposed a sex partner to the h*rpes virus.  But here’s the rub — » Continued

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He Has An Orange Penis

NewYorkPost – Which actor is suffering from a skin disease that requires him to use bronzer on his nether regions?

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The Reason for His Weight Loss

BuzzFoto – This C list celebrity has been getting a lot of attention for weight loss lately. While he’s claiming it’s the result of healthy living, it’s really because » Continued

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Actress Lying to Producers for Time Off

BuzzFoto – This B List actress is silently battling a serious illness that affects her work. She doesn’t want producers of her film to know that she might not be able to do her job so she » Continued

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British Actor Has An Equipment Problem

BuzzFoto – This very handsome British actor with a reputation with the ladies has a little problem with his equipment. One thing’s for sure, he can’t be accused of not using it often, just not in the way you’d think. He has prostatitis which among other things has him running to the bathroom so much his former costars thought he had a drug problem. 521b

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Actor Forgets to Strap Up

Bossip – We all know that marriage isn’t always happily ever after — especially when one person is in the industry. Dating a baller seems all good…until you have to handle the consequences. Apparently, Cookie Johnson isn’t the only woman who has had to deal with the very real repercussions of a cheating spouse. According to a well-placed source a popular entertainer’s significant other recently paid a visit to doctor’s office to get some things checked out.

Rumor has it that this actor scored a seven-figure deal » Continued

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Lastic Continues Downward Spiral

EOnline – Crotch Uh-Lastic’s Getting Careless: Crotch Uh-Lastic is continuing his downward, totally bizarre spiral.

As if tweaking out in the day and running on zero sleep wasn’t damaging enough to that pretty bod of his, now Crotch is tampering with something we never used to worry about: his career.

Seems those concerned friend’s of his have reason to worry after all…

Recently CUL agreed to make a guest appearance on a friend’s website. Crotch is really quite funny, especially in skits like this. At least he used to be.

A source on the scene dishes that » Continued

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Your Shrink is Selling You Out

BuzzFoto – This highly recommended NY based therapist to the stars has been selling secrets to fund her dr*g habit. Her older husband has lost a majority of his fortune in a Ponzi scheme and neither are willing to tone down their lifestyle. Celebs on the East Coast might start wondering why their personal stuff gets out into the mags. Don’t be surprised if the gossip this year seems to be a little bit more on target. 508

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Actress Lying About Volunteer Work

BuzzFotoThis aging actress who was B list in television in her time, has been going into a medical clinic to be treated for several STD’s. She tells friends she’s volunteering at a local Women’s shelter but it’s only to explain her weekly appointments.

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Not Just Money and Narcissism


BlindGossip – It’s easy to criticize an out-of-control celebrity. Their wild behavior is practically a spectator sport. But sometimes there is more going on than meets the eye. In the case of this celebrity, it’s not just fame or narcissism or too much money. It’s » Continued

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Mild Couple Had a Wild Marriage

BlindGossip – Both members of this acting couple appear more mild than wild, so it probably didn’t surprise you when they married. The reason they split up, however, would probably shock you. Its not because they are of different religious backgrounds. Had she taken the relationship more slowly and done some research about his last relationship, she would have discovered that he had a long history of » Continued

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Promising Career Goes Up Her Nose

EOnlineRelationships are hard, nobody know that more than I do, as I divorced last year. Certainly one big reason why I started smoking again (a habit I will no doubt kick, yet again. It’s hideous!). So, it’s with more than a bit of sympathy I present to you the sad, sad tale of Vicky Vamp-Void, a gal who knows her way around c*caine far better than she does how to make a successful marriage (or career?) work. » Continued

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Twilight Actor Can’t Spread His Seed

CDAN - According to his celebrity ex-girlfriend, this Twilight actor is impotent due to steroids. Huh. This might be true, but I tend to think that despite her boyish appearance she is not a boy.

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Odd Girl Gets Some Head Help

CDANThis used to be B list actress, but now probably a C. Our actress has always been kind of odd. She was on a very hit show. Like one of the most hit shows ever. It ended last year and since it has ended she has spent some time in a mental health facility.


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