Promising Career Goes Up Her Nose

EOnlineRelationships are hard, nobody know that more than I do, as I divorced last year. Certainly one big reason why I started smoking again (a habit I will no doubt kick, yet again. It’s hideous!). So, it’s with more than a bit of sympathy I present to you the sad, sad tale of Vicky Vamp-Void, a gal who knows her way around c*caine far better than she does how to make a successful marriage (or career?) work. » Continued

Twilight Actor Can’t Spread His Seed

CDAN - According to his celebrity ex-girlfriend, this Twilight actor is impotent due to steroids. Huh. This might be true, but I tend to think that despite her boyish appearance she is not a boy.

Odd Girl Gets Some Head Help

CDANThis used to be B list actress, but now probably a C. Our actress has always been kind of odd. She was on a very hit show. Like one of the most hit shows ever. It ended last year and since it has ended she has spent some time in a mental health facility.


Movie Star Has Charlie Sheen Syndrome

CDANSorry this is late, but how about I tell you Charlie Sheen has the herp. That should make up for it a little. Anyway there is a former A list movie star who is still a solid B and beloved by a blogger to the north. Anyway it turns out our actor recently caught the same disease. Wonder if that played a part in his most recent breakup.

Third Time Was Not A Charm

StarMagazineWhich starlet had a breakdown over the holidays after ending this with her ex once and for all? Turns out he wasn’t just cheating on her. He » Continued

No More Brazilian Waxes for CBS Actress

CDAN – This B- list actress from a CBS comedy had to stop getting a Brazilian wax done professionally because » Continued

This Celebrity Couple has Trust Issues

CDAN – I guess there must be some serious trust issues. This foreign born, A list (barely) always movie actress got into a huge knock down drag out fight with her celebrity husband. Our actress took an insurance physical and was told she had » Continued

Diagnosed as a Closeted Lesbian

EOnline – So while our fabulously vexed, killer closeted lesbian Butter Pussy has shown she has what it takes to defend herself, now it’s her turn to be defended. Though you’ll never guess who’s sticking up for the megatalented star (who just happens to prefer girls, not boys, in bed). » Continued

She is Sneaking Food On Set

Which host of a TV Weight loss show is struggling behind the scenes with her own food addiction issues? This woman is sneaking food on set and secretly munching away on high calorie treats while contestants battle the bulge.

Comedienne Gets an Unfunny Gift

CDAN – This comedienne and author is sweating the fact that she may have » Continued

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