He Chose Champagne Over Chicken Soup

champagne-cork-poppingDaily Mirror – Which celebrity is facing the wrath of his bosses after he called in sick and then was spotted swigging champers at a fancy bash?

Actor Keeping Quiet About Surgery

tongue-1CDAN – This up and coming known for his very good looks C list actor with B list name recognition who is right on the verge of becoming huge, has a major medical issue he is facing. Apparently he needs to have some oral surgery to remove a growth on his tongue. It could impair his ability to speak properly and permanently derail his career. For now he is keeping the upcoming surgery quiet, so as to not jeopardize any further opportunities from coming his way while at the same time hoping it doesn’t cost any lasting damage.

Actress Mom Partied and Passed Out

CDAN – This former B- list television actress and sometime film actress who was not shy about taking off her clothes took so many drugs and drank so much champagne on New Year’s Eve that she spent a good three hours throwing up before announcing she had to get home to her kid/s, whereby she took about three steps and passed out for the rest of the night.

Bad Breath Intervention Needed

Which female singer has halitosis bad enough to take the paint off the walls? There were so many complaints about the singer’s bad breath that the choreographer actually had to rearrange the blocking during her performances so that the singer wasn’t face to face or sharing the mic with any other person on stage. Since she doesn’t seem to get the hint when offered breath mints or gum, the singer’s friends and fellow performers are half-joking about staging an intervention.

Family Will Face Medical and Legal Scrutiny

Which celebrity family is soon going to come under serious attack from both law enforcement and the medical community? A loss in their family may have been preventable had the family sought proper medical treatment for the victim. Instead, they publicly denied the true condition, and privately refused treatment that could have prevented the tragic demise. A District Attorny is now consulting with medical experts and officials to determine jurisdiction and to see if charges can be brought.

Why He Looks Ten Years Younger

A year ago, this film star looked bloated, wrinkly and just plain old. Although he strikes you as an egomaniac who couldn’t care less what other people think, he was really genuinely hurt by the negative press. So, he has spent the past year or so buffing up his body. However, since he face was still looking old, he finally succumbed to the scalpel. Something called a thread lift to his face, a neck lift, plus some collagen in his laugh lines and just a touch of botox. Result: his body is in top physical shape again, and his face is far and away the most natural plastic work we’ve seen in a while.

Actress in the Doghouse with Director

Which young actress should have left her sick dog and bad manners at home? At a recent party attended by Hollywood bigwigs, she brought along her adorable puppy, claiming that she couldn’t leave him at home because he was sick. She passed the dog around to lots of people to snuggle with, most of whom did not know that the dog was not in good health. Unfortunately, he wound up getting very sick on the very expensive outfit of the very unhappy wife of a very famous director. The unapologetic actress simply grabbed the pup and walked away, thus ensuring that she will never appear in one of the director’s films. bg

Smoking More Than Cigarettes

Which celeb is struggling to give up cigarettes but can’t give up smoking drugs? TheDailyMirror

Competitive Skeletons Love the Attention

Which two female entertainers are actually competing to see who can weigh the least? They are both looking scary skinny, but lie about the reasons why. They say that they never diet, or that they are into fitness, or that they are naturally thin, or that they find it difficult to keep weight on because they are working so hard. Not true. Food is never near their mouths unless someone films them. They are both publicity hounds, and absolutely love all the attention a shrinking body brings, including magazine covers. The girls compare weight on a daily basis. They are actually competing to see who can weigh the least. As long as their weight keeps them in the news, expect the madness to continue. bg

Singer’s Weight Halts Concert Tour

This former A list R&B female singer was a really big thing back in the day. Well after she stopped performing so much she gained weight. Well, more than a few pounds actually. So, when she finally came back and did a new CD, she was a little concerned about the photo on the cover of it. The record label offered to airbrush the photo and make her look as skinny as she wanted to be. Well, she said no, and that she would just go ahead and get some photos taken on her own. A few weeks later the label got some photos of her in the mail. They were great photos. The problem was they had all been taken fifteen years and fifty pounds earlier. She insisted that the photos were taken all in the past week or so and those were the ones she wanted on the cover of the CD. With no choice in the matter, the label did as she said. Then she also decided that she couldn’t do any concerts because if she did, people would see she looked nothing like the cover photo, so she did no promotion for the CD at all.

Beauty is Now Just a Hot Mess

She’s gone from sweet as pie to a hot mess! This former American beauty gets “so drunk and out of control it’s disgusting,” a security guard says. “Two years ago, I got a limo from a friend’s company to take her to an event, and she threw up all over the car. I ended up on my knees scrubbing up. It was the last time I will ever work for her – period!” sm

Smoking Little Girl

Who could say no to this blonde moppet? Not her bodyguard who is often tasked with providing her with her favorite brand of cigarettes, American Spirit. So what’s the problem? This smokin’ little girl is only 15! sm

Singer is Starving and Snorting

Daily Mirror – Which singer is worrying friends by not eating? She inhales nutrients through her nose.

Tween’s Tantrums and Trips

CDAN – Some very odd behavior from this tween star. Outside of the tween world probably B- list, but in the tween world and A lister for sure. All of the missed interviews, plane flights, and screaming fits and repeated bouts of the flu over the past few weeks make a lot more sense when you realize that our little tweener has a big problem with heroin. A big problem as in trips away from LA have been a real challenge and has made life miserable for everyone she encounters. With no steady supply our actress has been getting worse and worse. A quiet “vacation” is no doubt in the works in the very near future.

Why Mommy’s Breast Milk Tastes Funny

Star Magazine – Which new mom is having a little too much fun when her baby’s dad is out of town? Booze and coke aren’t quite the best diet for someone who is still breastfeeding.

Diary of a Sad Black Woman

Panache Report – This black female celebrity is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her career has slowed down and she’s being made to feel guilty because she was once the breadwinner of her family… Her attempts at a comeback never materialize although she is involved with several low scale projects to stay visible… She is so desperate for male companionship… she was even seeing a banger on the sly until he roughed her up… She’s offering men money just to keep her company. She’s not broke due to past deals but she spends foolishly… You normally don’t see this type of behavior from a “young” woman in Hollywood.

Performer Steals Millions from Fans

Which music maker is being accused of ripping off millions of dollars from fans? Fans plunked down their cash and credit cards and purchased tens of thousands of tickets for this performer’s tour. The performer suspiciously canceled the concerts, making vague and changing claims about their health or family issues or some such nonsense. The fan’s money was refunded for the face value of the tickets. However, management kept the hefty non-refundable fee that fans paid to purchase tickets. Millions and millions of dollars worth of fees, without the performer ever having to step foot on stage. bg

Little Blue Pill Doesn’t Help Mr. Noodle

BlindGossip – He is an actor who has been called one of the hottest men in the world. However, she is less than thrilled with the relationship. He has a problem in the bedroom. Even the little blue pill doesn’t work. She calls him “The Limp Noodle” or “Mr. Noodle” behind his back. Frustrated, but reluctant to leave him because being part of a celebrity couple has its perks, she has resorted to seeing an old boyfriend on the sly to satisfy her carnal needs.

Songbird Sicker Than She Says

Billy Masters – Could it be that a certain sophisticated lady is sicker than she’s letting on? So say people in the know who tell me that although she’s been receiving treatment for one illness, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Her malady is of a more everlasting nature. While it’s not genetic, she would not be the first person in her family to have it. The songbird is fighting with everything she’s got, and plans to go public with her condition any day now.

Needed to See a Doctor While on the Road

CDAN – This married A list country singer has a very jealous wife. She has toned it down lately [but the jealousy might] come raging back when she discovers why her husband saw a doctor twice while he was on the road recently.

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