Fashion Girl Says Goodbye to Food

BlindGossip - These two well-known fashionable women were dining out together. Girl A makes her living directly from fashion, while Girl B has dabbled in the business but is more recognized for treating the world as her personal catwalk. Both have been under chronic body [More...]

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

BlindGossip - Which rising young film actor should get himself to a doctor pronto? Turns out that a casual fling he had a couple of months ago was recently diagnosed with a treatable STD. We don't know who gave the STD to whom. What is interesting though, is that although the [More...]

Actor Keeping Quiet About Surgery

CDAN - This up and coming known for his very good looks C list actor with B list name recognition who is right on the verge of becoming huge, has a major medical issue he is facing. Apparently he needs to have some oral surgery to remove a growth on his tongue. It could impair [More...]

Family Will Face Medical and Legal Scrutiny

Which celebrity family is soon going to come under serious attack from both law enforcement and the medical community? A loss in their family may have been preventable had the family sought proper medical treatment for the victim. Instead, they publicly denied the true condition, [More...]