Jersey Shore Star Needs Two Things


[CDAN] This Jersey Shore star has had a rough year. They need r*hab and Valtrex now. » Continued

Her Amazingly Bogus Weight Loss

[CDAN] What celebrity who lost a bunch of weight supposedly off her diet program and never stops talking about it actually had surgery to achieve her amazing results.

He Had A Meltdown Over A Cell Phone

[NationalEnquirer] Which iconic Oscar-winning actor/director may be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s? The star recently had a meltdown at a Hollywood restaurant when he couldn’t find his cell phone to call his wife. Turns out he had accidentally tossed the cell into the men’s room toilet!

Yellow Soap

[NewYorkPost] Which soap opera star is using growth hormones and other supplements that are turning him a weird shade of yellow?

Can’t Get It Up While Juicing Up

[CDAN] This reality star turned celebrity turned lead actor in really bad movies should really stop juicing up. Apparently when he made the moves on his much younger co-star (who is an incredible foreign born actress you have never heard of but has terrible taste in guys) he was unable to go from six to midnight. He blamed being tired, but it is because of the roids. They tried again the next day but still nothing.

His Freaky Face Has People Talking

[NationalEnquirer] Which Grammy-winning singer is battling a serious MRSA infection due to his numerous plastic surgery procedures? The entertainer’s botched face has been the talk of Hollywood and Las Vegas for years, but now his thin frame and freaky features have people whispering louder than ever!

Her Own Form Of Bridal Boot Camp

[BlindGossip] This future bride is now in full panic mode about her wedding day. Her dress doesn’t fit. Rather than spend the next few weeks exercising and dieting, she has decided on more drastic measures, and has a three-point plan at the ready: » Continued

An Excuse For Viagra

[NationalEnquirer] Which famous game-show host’s wife believes he’s cheating because he takes Viagra religiously, but is rarely intimate with her? He denies that he strays and says he pops the pills to curb his mood swings.


Tattoo Girl Is A Dirty Girl

[CDAN] An easy one to start. This television tattoo artist who seems to be more famous for who she dates rather than her tattoos does not have much respect from many of her fellow artists. They think she gives the industry a bad name because she has posted photos of herself doing tattoos without gloves or other safety precautions which is pretty scary when you are talking about blood and needles.

Why He Can’t Remember His Lines

[CDAN] This aging Academy Award winning actor is having trouble getting parts for the first time in his life. Not because there are no offers, there are lots, but our actor cannot remember his lines and is showing first stage signs of Alzheimer’s.

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