Younger Women Are Dangerous

[CDAN] Speaking of aging Academy Award winner/nominee actors, this actor is going through some rough times and barely leaves his house at this point. The actor is said to have » Continued

Cult Movie Actor Is Very Sick

[BuzzFoto] This A list actor from several cult-favorite movies is dealing with a rare health condition that is affecting his work. He’s terrified for anyone outside of his camp to know that he is sick because it could affect future roles. 642

Better When She Was Fat

[BuzzFoto] After losing a lot of weight and working hard to get herself healthy, this star is in a really good place right now. Unfortunately, her partner is not and is becoming clingy and jealous. He told her he liked her a lot better when she was fat and refuses to be supportive of her new lifestyle. 641

Rap Star Hooked And Hepped

[CDAN] This A++ list rap star who has been quite of late is not only hooked on h*roin, but also has hepatitis. Hopefully that is all he has since he keeps having unprotected sex with as many fans a day as he can.

Keeping Quiet About Medical Insurance

[Buzzfoto] This starlet has a lot of siblings. The oldest sibling has a couple of kids and just recently lost their job. The starlet doesn’t have a ton of cash to throw around but is helping the older sibling (who is not famous) pay for medical insurance for the family. She doesn’t want anyone to know because some of her business dealings are with staunch Republicans, a rarity in H-town. 630

Singer Interrupted

[CDAN] What young, foreign born singer who is A list and a big winner in her country and a B here disappeared for about a month. Most people would suspect r*hab, but in this case, it was actually » Continued

Chutney Jones Gets the Last Laugh

[EOnline] You ready for a game of six degrees of Blind Vice separation?

Poor vanilla Chutney Jones never has any fun, right?

Right. Except that she did, for like one second there after sl*tty Jerry Rock-Butt dumped her snooze-worthy (but expertly toned) tush to bed a more sexually adventurous T-town chick—Kiki Doheny, of course. So what did old Chut do? » Continued

Germaphobic Rock Star

[NationalEnquirer] Which iconic ’70s rock star is driving his band mates and family crazy with his newly developed germ phobia? The Lysol-spraying, antibacterial-wiping musician won’t even kiss his wife until she first gargles with Listerine!

Jersey Shore Star Needs Two Things


[CDAN] This Jersey Shore star has had a rough year. They need r*hab and Valtrex now. » Continued

Giving Birth Was A Pleasure For Him

[BuzzFoto] When his wife was in labor at the hospital, this B list musician was getting pleasured by a nurse in a nearby room. This isn’t the first time he’s done this to her. 609


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