Hair is More Important Than Sex

NYPost – Which famous men are putting their scalps before their sex lives? Their hair-loss drug of choice has the unwanted side effect of reducing sex drive.

He May Bite You if You Touch His Hair

BlindGossip – This hot young actor has all the girls swooning over his good looks, his cool manner, and his gorgeous hair. Too bad the latter isn’t all his. Yes, even men have their hair enhanced to make them always look like they’re a few weeks late for a trip to a barber. Don’t run your fingers through this guy’s hair, though. If you get caught in the Virgin Indian Remy, he might bite you.

Actress is Busy Between Interviews

Defamer – Which A-list actress has a habit of politely excusing herself for c*caine binges between interviews at press junkets? The actress, with lustrous blonde hair extensions, indulged so much at one recent event, the rest of the day had to be canceled because her extensions were falling out and her nose was bloody.

Blonde is Back to Blow

PopBitch – Which once-hot Hollywood blonde has kick-started her lapsed c*caine habit so well that she’s seldom seen without one of New York’s top dealers at her VIP table? “Let them eat c*ke!” is her motto.

She Demanded Hair and Makeup for Phone Call

HolyMoly – Which American TV actress (huge TV show. HUGE) demanded that their UK PR company paid for them to have their hair and make up done for an interview? Cheeky thing was that it was for a transatlantic phone call. Could they *be* any cheekier?!

Golden Globe Girl Gets Her Thrills in a Wig

CDAN – This Golden Globe nominee/winner actress is probably C list. Despite the Golden Globe nod and being in one of the more famous movies of the past 20 years, she doesn’t get much attention. She does however have a very, very » Continued

MTV Girl Afraid She Will Be Struck By Lightning

BuzzFoto – This MTV reality star thinks she’s pretty hot stuff. So hot in fact, that she believes that if she goes out into the rainy Los Angeles weather right now she just might melt. She refuses to let the rain touch her and is holed up in her home. She’s canceled several appointments (which is how we heard about this) and if the sky is even cloudy, she won’t step outside. She doesn’t want to be photographed with moisture in the air, believing it turns her skin colors and ruins her hair. We think no one really cares that much. She also has an extreme fear, bordering on paranoia that she might be struck by lightning. She is said to think that because of her fame, the lightning is more drawn to her than to ‘normal’ people. We’re not joking, she thinks fame is some sort of lightning rod and it’s looking to get her. Not Tila Tequila.

What She Looks Like Under the Extensions

BlindGossip – It’s not uncommon for women these days to get hair extensions to rapidly change the length and style of their hair. One multi-talented star, however, relies on them as more than just a beauty enhancement. For her, they are a necessity. A bout with an eating d*sorder caused her hair to fall out in great clumps. While her locks look thick and luxurious in print, her real head reveals thin, sad, irregular tufts of hair. The good news is that she is eating again and the extra nutrients are believed to be leading to a much healthier body and scalp.

Reality Girl Expects Free Hair at Sundance

CDAN – This former A list reality star with a couple of her own shows to her credit was at Sundance. While there she rang up about $6000 in hair styling bills. When presented with the bill she said, “Umm, I usually get everything for free.” The shop was not impressed with her cries that she would bring them fabulous publicity and they wouldn’t even give her a discount.


» Continued

Angry Girl Could Make Big Bucks on Short Video

BlindGossip – This post will be short, just like this woman’s temper. She acts like she’s putting it all out there on her television show, but there is actually one secret she would rather keep a secret. It’s a very explicit video of her. And if someone is going to be put out there, you can be sure that she will want a piece of the profits. That girl will rake it in until her 15 minutes are up. We suspect that much of her earnings will go toward the purchase of quantities of hair accessories.

Amy’s Actress Friend Wanted a Natural Blonde

HolyMoly – Which actress shagged some woman at Jordan’s fancy dress New Years Eve party then spent the rest of the time going around the room looking for both c*ke and ‘a natural blonde with hair’ to join in with her and her bedmate? People are blaming this behaviour on her bizarre new friendship with Amy Winehouse.

BG Notes: Jordan = Katie Price. Fancy dress = costume party

Crescent Kumquat is Cruising Craigslist

EOnline – We’re clearly not in the match-making business, but if we were, these two closeted stars could totally be a good thing together: Remember Crescent Kumquat and Topher-Hairy Tuchas? Both equally gorgeous studs who have equally big…secrets? If it weren’t for their large-ish age gap, we would totally predict these two guys to be swapping gorgeous hair secrets and then some behind closed doors. Why, you ask? Because » Continued

This Star Takes Manscaping to an Extreme

man hairy backDailyMirror – Which portly star shocked his girlfriend on a recent holiday by unpacking a » Continued

Reality Star Pulls a Britney

britney spears  bald shaving headStarMagazine – Which fading reality starlet recently pulled a Britney? She shaved her head and was involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital in early December, but cameras missed the whole thing.

Don't You Dare Touch This Actor's Toupee

bald man 2CDAN – I always knew this B list Golden Globe nominee/winner television actor was self conscious about his hair. But, what I didn’t know is that although he has a few plugs, he covers 95% of his extremely bald head with four different very expensive toupees. He tells his many one night stands not to touch his head and he has four models in his bedroom where he keeps them when not wearing them.


» Continued

Unique Hair Style was Not On Purpose

strange haircutCDAN – This female singer has a very unique hair style. She said she came up with the idea on her own. I’m sure she did after the fact. It was necessitated though by the fact she got into a fight with her idiot A list singer/producer boyfriend who took a pair of scissors and cut huge chunks of hair off our female singer’s head.

Her Boyfriend Gave Her an Earful

womans ear 1CDAN – This actress/member of band/reality star recently had an operation to restore a good portion of one of her ears. » Continued

She Could Extend Her Hair But Not Her Fame

hair extensions 2BlindGossip – A few years ago, it seemed this actress was cast in nearly every project. However, after an initial burst of fame, she wasn’t very discriminating about which roles she picked. » Continued

She Propositioned a Big Boobed Blonde

DailyMirror – In today’s Daily Mirror, we asked: Which star propositioned » Continued

Coffee Tea or More Than One of Me

flight attendant 3CDAN – This recently deceased D list comedian was huge back in the day. On a flight to Trinidad & Tobago our comedian asked one of the flight attendants out that night for dinner. » Continued

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