He May Bite You if You Touch His Hair

man long hair

BlindGossip - This hot young actor has all the girls swooning over his good looks, his cool manner, and his gorgeous hair. Too bad the latter isn't all his. Yes, even men have their hair enhanced to make them always look like they're a few weeks late for a trip to a barber. Don't [More...]

Actress is Busy Between Interviews


Defamer - Which A-list actress has a habit of politely excusing herself for c*caine binges between interviews at press junkets? The actress, with lustrous blonde hair extensions, indulged so much at one recent event, the rest of the day had to be canceled because her extensions [More...]

What She Looks Like Under the Extensions

woman hair loss

BlindGossip - It's not uncommon for women these days to get hair extensions to rapidly change the length and style of their hair. One multi-talented star, however, relies on them as more than just a beauty enhancement. For her, they are a necessity. A bout with an eating d*sorder [More...]

Crescent Kumquat is Cruising Craigslist

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EOnline - We're clearly not in the match-making business, but if we were, these two closeted stars could totally be a good thing together: Remember Crescent Kumquat and Topher-Hairy Tuchas? Both equally gorgeous studs who have equally big...secrets? If it weren't for their [More...]