Girl Hedges on Trimming Her Bush

trimming bushes

LaineyGossip - Young star of the moment was getting some action once and things were progressing along nicely until the boy headed down there and discovered that her situation was so unkempt, "like even more than the 70s", he had to tap out. It was how she learned the importance [More...]

Big Attitude with The Little People

better than you

UPDATED! LaineyGossip - Bad with people: Maybe we’re not his species. But he broke hearts recently on a promotional tour and sh*t on all the little people in his way. Of course he turned it on for cameras, of course he was super nice to those with a higher profile, but [More...]

She is Dating her Former Stalker

scissors hair

BuzzFoto - This D List star/model who is always hungry for attention, met her boyfriend in the strangest of ways. He was a longtime fan of hers, bordering on stalking her at some points in her career. He kept locks of her hair and ran a fan site. He sent her fan mail every [More...]

Trainer Out and Pretty Boy In

Loving Gay Couple

PopBitch - Word from a certain lake in Italy is that this heavily closeted Tinseltown actor has ditched the personal trainer/hairdresser/assistant he's been having a relationship with for years in favour of a very pretty 17-year-old. He's said to be besotted but even his regular [More...]

Baldy Just Needs a Hole

CDAN - This follicly challenged C+ actor from a hit cable show is notoriously heterosexual. When he was spotted making out with a male model and his companions started talking smack, he turned to them and said, It doesn't matter to me. If it has a hole, I will f* it." Oh, and he [More...]

Actor is a Serious Manscaper

alec baldwin chest

BlindGossip - It isn't unusual for male stars to occasionally have their backs and chests waxed in preparation for a scene in which they will be shirtless. This one star carried it even further. He insisted that the beauty technician also wax his butt and do some serious [More...]

Rapunzel Gets a Lot of Help

woman long hair 1

BlindGossip - This movie actress is known for her beauty: piercing eyes, full lips, shapely legs, gorgeous hair. Oh, wait. Better scratch that last one off the list. She has been dieting so strictly that her hair has started falling out in clumps. She has a new project filming [More...]