Why He Is Distancing Himself From Yeezus

kanye west yeezus[Hollywood Street King] Like Will, he does “What Thou Wilt”.

This music mogul is distancing himself from Yeezus to keep clear of sharing any bisexuality » Continued

Gift Exchange

gift exchange[The People] Which famous TV personality/model takes gifts from rich men in return for a bit of you know what?


A Wedding Before An Engagement

wedding 6[Blind Gossip] So there’s a rumor going around that they are planning a wedding. We have just two words to describe this: » Continued

Emmy Is A Regifter

[National Enquirer] Which three-time Emmy winner brags about regifting the free swag she gets during awards season? The millionaire funnygal – who was overheard saying she barely has to Christmas shop – picked up extra freebies with pricey eye creams to gift to her equally rich girlfriends!

Not So Comfortable In Her Own Skin

[Blind Gossip] This funny TV actress (and former reality-show contestant) comes across as outspoken and extremely self-confident about her plus-sized body. However,  she showed her true colors at a Hollywood event.

Each celebrity was assigned a thin, pretty female guide – models and beauty pageant contestants from the local area – to accompany the celeb through the gifting lounge. Our celebrity took one look at » Continued

The Swag Regifter

[NationalEnquirer] Which A-list actress has an entire storage room to hold all the free swag she’s accumulated over the years? The thrifty TV-turned-movie star rented office space in Hollywood that she’s filled with designer handbags, electronics and beauty products that she then re-gifts to friends!

Movie Star Gives A Personal Wedding Gift

[CDAN] This movie actress used to be on the cusp of A list. Now, she is still a B, but, will probably stay there for the rest of her career. Always attracted to and dating musicians, she recently decided to give one newly married rocker a special wedding present. » Continued

No Birkin No Wedding

[NewYorkPost] Which socially savvy P.R. director who professes undying love for her husband almost broke up with him before the wedding because he didn’t get her a Birkin handbag for her birthday?

Preggo Star Gives a Daily Gift

BuzzFoto – This non-famous husband of a famous pregnant star has been receiving s*x toys and p*rnography at least once a day. His famous knocked-up wife has sworn off s*x until she has the baby and has been compensating by sending him naughty little gifts each day. Trouble is, he’s actually starting to enjoy the gifts more than his wife.

Flowers Won’t Save His Marriage

BuzzFotoThis A list celebrity husband is so afraid of losing his wife to a good looking costar that he is really stepping it up in the romance department. Just last month he sent his wife several dozen flowers ‘for no reason’ and took her on a trip. He hired a life coach to give him ideas on how to spice things up and he’s really trying hard. Little does he know that » Continued

Taking Credit for Secret Santa

BuzzFoto – When this A list actress told her B list costar that she wanted to do something special on Christmas for all of the cast and crew of the film they were finishing, the B lister couldn’t be bothered and made excuses so she wouldn’t have to help. The A lister did an individualized Secret Santa for everyone involved in production and tried to personalize the gifts as best as possible.

When everyone got the presents and people tried to find out who to thank, the B lister decided to start dropping hints that she was the one that gave out the gifts. It is generally known on set of the film that the B lister has a kind and generous heart, even though it was the A lister who did the giving. 498

Having an Affair for the Jewelry

CDAN – I have to say when I heard this I felt really bad for the husband because you know his friends always have said he is not good looking enough to marry this woman. Anyway, this former A list television actress who has been in a couple of big shows » Continued

Why This Small Rapper Gives Big Gifts

DailyMirror – Which rapper is secretly dating a member of his all-male entourage? The small fella in question gets big favours in return for showering him with lavish gifts.

Bachelor Thinks a Headshot is a Gift

PopBitch – Which ever-typecast aging bachelor actor sent his God-daughter a birthday present consisting of a signed photograph of himself?